Vermont’s investigation into licenses-for-illegals fraud spreads to multiple states, DMV offices

MONTPELIER, Vt. — An investigation into fraudulent applications for Vermont’s driver’s privilege cards has spread to multiple states and Department of Motor Vehicle branches, according to the department’s chief investigator.

When the Department of Motor Vehicles first reported receiving a rash of driver’s license applications from out-of-state illegal immigrants, it appeared the problem might be limited to a single license branch and involve one other state.

But the investigation’s chief inspector on Tuesday told Vermont Watchdog the scope of the investigation has widened to multiple states and to all DMV branches.

“It’s a blend of states. It’s been New York, it’s been Massachusetts, and there was New Jersey in there, as well,” said captain Drew Bloom, chief inspector at the Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement Division.

“There’s no one particular branch that’s being investigated. It’s primarily been our branches in the southern part of the state, but there have been numerous branches where people have gone.”

On Jan. 8, the Brattleboro Reformer reported the Department of Motor Vehicles had received 130 falsified applications for driver’s privilege cards. The cases included applicants from New York City who admitted paying a middleman $2,000 for help obtaining licenses.

This week, Bloom revised that number to reflect only cases that have been fully vetted as fraudulent.

“We have confirmed that 103 of those have been fraud. Every single one of these has been falsifying address information,” Bloom said.

While Bloom confirmed those driver’s privilege cards have received suspension requests and “are cancelled at this point,” he clarified the investigation would continue because applications keep coming into the state.

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Vermont is Bernie Saunders land. It should be called the Red Commie state, instead of the Green Mountain state. I hope all the 5 to 20 million illegals move up there and cross over to N.H., and go to Dartmouth College.
Good plan, I second the motion. All those in favor signify by saying Aye.


America is becoming a nation of lawlessness thanks to Obama.



The fall of our nation's integrity and honesty is shocking. These corrupt, lying Democrat/Progressive/Communists will destroy our Republic.

Many Central Americans come here to leave the effects of corruption in their homelands.Then they support liars and the lawless here because they either can't see the cause, or just don't care that they are contributing to it.

Cancel with NO way of getting another one.

YOU aint seen nothin yet.. Wait till the illegals go to vote....

Driver licenses are first, second either citizenship, or voting rights, third the right to run  for public office(i think they are doing that already) Fourth take away our property for their own use, Fifth make this mexico 2.  It is our forefathers who came over here from Europe to make this a country, not south of the border. There country is in poverty from their lack of ability to do anything but leach off of some one else.

The comments attached below were Tea Party plug in on FB.

If we do nothing to stop them, these freeloaders from another country with receive everything Obama promised including social security numbers, legal residence status... Obamacare... Medicaid (at a cost to us of $4.6 BILLION A YEAR!) ... green card work permits (DHS already bought 34 million green cards in anticipation)... food stamps...welfare... free education... tax refunds from the IRS (even if they don't pay any income tax!) All of this—every single step, every single crisis—has been carefully manufactured to play straight into Obama's plan.

If anyone in Colorado knows the whereabouts of Illegals that came into the country on the last wave, I would really appreciate knowing their location here in Colorado, the two Democrat representatives Bennett and DeGette are not letting we the people know how many are here and how much is being spent on their welfare, since it's the Colorado Tax payers who are funding the harboring of these illegals, they deserve to know. DeGette and Bennett are devoted to obuma and his administration of criminals.



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