Van Jones: If Trump Is Going to Profile Muslims for Mass Shootings, Should Profile ‘Young White Men’ Too

CNN contributor Van Jones responded to Trump’s call for racially profiling with a few pointed statements condemning the new plan. In a Sunday interview, Trump laid out his plan for racially profiling in order to prevent further attacks against the United States

“Well I think profiling is something that we’re going to have to start thinking about as a country. Other countries do it, you look at Israel and you look at others, they do it and they do it successfully. And I hate the concept of profiling but we have to start using common sense and we have to use our heads,” said Trump, in an interview with CBS news.

Jones pointed out this afternoon that Muslims are not the primary perpetrators of mass shootings:

“I just think it’s really interesting that we’re talking about racially profiling in the context of mass shootings,’ he said. “The vast majority of the people who are doing the mass shootings in America aren’t Muslims at all.”

“Young white men,” CNN host Brooke Baldwin said.

“You are seven times more likely to be killed by a right wing extremist — a racist or an anti-government nutjob — seven times more likely than a Muslim,” Jones added.

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Percentages can be tricky. Muslims only make up, hopefully, not more than 2% of the white male American population. Of course the larger percentage will be White males. I wonder what their per capital numbers are?

... and Comrade Jones deliberately failed to mention that Black criminals commit murder at a rate 11 times that of White & Hispanic criminals combined ...

Behavioral profiling such as the Israelis use will pick up signals from people of all races, ethnicity and nationalities ... Comrade Jones, the would-be Commissar Jones, is a racist-Communist nut case.

Van is so silly he is amusing.

He is a communist traitor to this country

spin spin spin, that is what we are all so damn tired of.

Gaslight, gaslight and more gaslighting!
Let no truth go untwisted!
~ Barry O

The Israelis are alive because of this.  We need to remove these troglodytes from our country and protect ourselves from these 7th century savages.  It's a matter of safety which this fool does not understand.

If it is the group of Middle-Eastern, male, Muslims who have committed the overwhelming number of terrorist attacks then it is that group of people who must be subjected to increased observation, however - in today's climate of the neo-liberal who is afraid of "offending" someone (anyone), such warranted increased observation of that group  will not happen.

I challenge Van-Jones to prove the assertion " “You are seven times more likely to be killed by a right wing extremist — a racist or an anti-government nutjob — seven times more likely than a Muslim.”  I wonder which races he includes in the terms racist and anti-government nut-job.  In addition, let us recall that most of the White Nut-Jobs killing people were wacked out leftist, Democrats.

I agree with Van-Jones... profiling should be used to identify and isolate individuals (regardless of their race) who have a high potential for committing terrorist acts. (regardless of their race or religious affiliation)  Profiling is a tool and should be used by law enforcement to identify SUSPECTS... to focus their limited resources on those most likely to engage in terrorist acts.

I take no advice from a card carrying communist.

One isn't taking advice  From Van Jones...  if they happen to agree with profiling as a tool .... it is color blind when properly used.  If Van Jones says the sky is blue and one agrees with that statement does it mean they are taking advice from Van Jones?  Hardly.

So CNN (Communist News Network) why don't you call Jesse Jackson back for his comments?




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Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Angry Dem Impeachment ‘Witness’: Pam Karlan Donated Thousands To Hillary And Was On Clinton’s List For Potential SCOTUS Nomination

Image result for Pam Karlan

The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, kicked off its first impeachment circus Wednesday morning.

The four ‘witnesses’ testifying have never actually witnessed any of Trump’s dealings with Ukraine firsthand — the four witnesses are law professors offering legal analysis.

One of the witnesses the Dems rolled out is an angry Hillary Clinton donor who was on Crooked’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination.

No wonder why this unhinged, dowdy woman is so pissed off!

“Professor Pam Karlan donated thousands of dollars to Democrats and was on Hillary Clinton’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination. So she certainly has no vendetta against President Trump,” GOP Rep. Mark Walker said.

Congressman Walker also pointed out that Noah Feldman, the Dems first partisan witness in Wednesday’s hearing tweeted about impeaching Trump right after he was sworn in.

Rep. Mark Walker   RepMarkWalker

Meet Noah Feldman, House Democrats first partisan witness.

Look at the date of this tweet. He has been trying to get @realDonaldTrump impeached since 46 days into his presidency.

His reason? Trump criticized President Obama.

This is a sham impeachment with sham witnesses. 

Noah Feldman @NoahRFeldman

Trump's wiretap tweets raise risk of impeachment  via @BV

Rep. Mark Walker   RepMarkWalker

The next witness, Karlan, has donated thousands to Democrats and was on Hillary Clinton’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination.

So she certainly has no vendetta against @realDonaldTrump.

These witnesses are as serious as House Democrats impeachment case: not at all.

The entire sham show trial is stacked with partisan hacks who have wanted to impeach Trump from the moment he won in November of 2016.

Norm Eisen, the Democrats’ counsel who is blasting Trump and questioning witnesses in Wednesday’s show trial, tweeted about impeaching Trump before Donald Trump was even sworn into office!

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