URGENT! Militias Are Mobilizing to the Cliven Bundy ranch

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I salute you. I would go if had transportation from Florida. Will help any way possible. God Bless USA again

I am a 74 year old lady from Florida too.  Even with my leg hurting I would go.  I saw what they did in Cuba and how they took my husband's family farm.  Now, the farmers' children are begging him to go back and put the farm in order because they are starving.  There is nothing we can do.  Obama's administration want to destroy this country.  In God we Trust!

AZ Ranger,

I'm not able to join you physically (6 herniated disks), but I can help post any photos sent me and get the story out as it unfolds.  I will try to get as much out to as many other teat party groups and coordinators as possible.  I'll also try to get info to folks like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Lumbaugh, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc.  We also need to try to get some of the constitutional conservatives in congress educated as to the situation and on Bundys side.  Enough is enough. 

The environmentalists are DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY with the help of a willing corrup administration looking to 'buy' votes. 

I heard Va. has a Militia. What Militia is mobilizing! All we needed was one person to stand up and say, " I am not taking it anymore " to light the fire under the Militia. Every State should have a armed Militia to defend the state starting with Texas at the Border.

Robert, there are already commitments for at least 500 militia personnel from various militia groups from all over the country, and many, many more coming over the next couple of days!

We are still looking for folks to help out with logistics and at the FOB!

Every retired veteran and non-retired veteran should be assigned a weapon and ammunition to keep in their personal homes for protection against any and all enemies who are trying to destroy our American life.  The second amendment gives us the authority to carry weapons but some cannot afford them.  It seems like the present administration found a large number of weapons and gave them to the wrong people.  Remember that!!!!   War has been declared on us.  The enemy will continue with all the resources available to them to change The United States into something that honest citizens do not want and will fight to keep our Constitutional freedoms.  Let us pray for devine help from God Almighty together and that our honest citizens will wake up.  +++ 

I am praying for the people that are gearing up for this. And I ask that God's hands be upon all of them. This sounds like it is being done to cause an issue, I pray no one is hurt in this.

What do you expect, it is Harry Reid country. Good luck to you, and way to go!!! If the system won't outlaw this administration then maybe it is time for the people to do something about them

ABBA was the greatest rock group ever!  Love Agnetha, hope she does well in her new career.

I hope this turns out to be a good example to them to stop treating us like they own us. A lot of people join the police dept, BLM, etc, so they can act like the military, wear the cool gear, and act superior to the people. I hope this changes their minds about the American people and that our necks are not there for their boots.

Wish I lived closer.

This is awesome news. God bless these people for standing up for one of many overdue causes.

Watch the state run media make these true Americans out to be some kind of terrorists or Tea Party whackos though.




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Democrat Disaster! 53% Of Black Voters, 60% Of Other Minorities Say Liberal Media Trying To Help Democrats Impeach Trump

Thanks to President Donald Trump ALL Americans now know the mainstream fake-news media is an extension of the Democrat Party.

In a recent poll a majority of black voters and minority voters say the media is trying to help Democrats impeach President Trump.

And half of FOX News too, by the way.

CNS News reported:

Both black voters and other minority voters are more convinced than white voters that most reporters are trying to help impeach President Donald Trump, rather than report the news fairly – with a majority of each of the three groups holding that view – a new Rasmussen Reports survey reveals.

In the national voter survey, conducted November 12-13, 53% of all voters said most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump:

“When they write or talk about the impeachment effort, are most reporters trying to help impeach President Trump or block his impeachment? Or are most reporters simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner?”:

“Help impeach President Trump”: 53%
“Block his impeachment”: 8%
Report “news in an unbiased an unbiased manner”: 32%

But, 53% of black voters and 60% of other minorities, compared to 51% of whites, said reporters are trying to get Trump rather than report the news fairly.

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