URGENT! Militias Are Mobilizing to the Cliven Bundy ranch

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Got plenty of both!  Put the bast^^ds down on the ground and cuff 'em!  Then, load them up and deposit them on the doorstep of the county sheriff who is permitting this atrocity by the federal government and is as guilty as them. 

Feds want a "range war", then a "range war" they should get.  Way past time to put a stop to this sh^t!!

Bring rope.

I say bring both! Thy are using dogs, tasers, and pepper spray! Bring a cheap gas mask, a metal garbage can lid and put 2 layers of duct tape on it, and a basebat bat! All this for non-lethal use. Bring your llong rifle and a sidearm for real protection!

Folks none of us predicts or wants a real fight, but as Capt parker sd so long ago, if they mean to have a fight, then let it begin here!

I just have to laugh at the thought of what will go thru what passes for a mind in those thugs' head, when they see hundreds of people w/ gas masks, clubs and shields!

The militia is going to step in front and stop them from abusing the people protesting! If they attack us to get to the protestors, well lets just say they will be in for a very bad day!

Lets get numbers up there

If you are going (Arizona, so you're close) then God Bless you, Sir!

Video today showed people with banners and Rangers with zappers and dogs. They threw a women to the ground and made people back off with the dogs! When the Militia get there, they should be armed, in formation at least 50 feet behind the protesters and the officer in charge unarmed standing with the protesters with a bull horn. If the Feds use force, then call up the Militia. No mater what happens, stay organized! Get news coverage and do not start a crowd riot like LA. No alcohol or drugs, keep your mind clear.

What is being organized in AZ?

A caravan is leaving early Sat Morning to get there near sunrise! There will be plenty of room to ride-share up and back!

Lets try and get as many people to go as we can! I will post the meeting place and specific time tomorrow!  Tentatively, we are going to meet at the Target Parking lot on 19th avenue and Montebello at around 2 AM Sat morning. The ore the merrier!

It is 368.35 miles one way to Bunkerville, NV. It is located NE of Las Vegas. Google map it at:  3315 Gold Butte Road, Bunkerville, NV  89007

Lets make a big showing from AZ there!

See you all SAT morning at 2 AM

I'm think you better get there asap...Friday might even be too late.  It is escalating quickly.

Is there a fund set up to help with expenses?  If so, email me and I'll get it out to folks.

Dee, I, along with 7 of my 'troops', will be flying out of the Baton Rouge Metro Airport in my King Air 250 before dawn in the morning. If I find anyone who knows of a bank set up to accept donations, I will post it here and e-mail you.

This is quite possibly the beginning of our Second Civil War. Everyone please keep us in your prayers, we are going as former Combat Soldiers to do what we know how to do best, FIGHT.

God Bless America!

Rangers Lead The Way.

Lead the way.  May GOD protect and keep you.

Go with Jesus Christ and outsmart them.




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Democrat Disaster! 53% Of Black Voters, 60% Of Other Minorities Say Liberal Media Trying To Help Democrats Impeach Trump

Thanks to President Donald Trump ALL Americans now know the mainstream fake-news media is an extension of the Democrat Party.

In a recent poll a majority of black voters and minority voters say the media is trying to help Democrats impeach President Trump.

And half of FOX News too, by the way.

CNS News reported:

Both black voters and other minority voters are more convinced than white voters that most reporters are trying to help impeach President Donald Trump, rather than report the news fairly – with a majority of each of the three groups holding that view – a new Rasmussen Reports survey reveals.

In the national voter survey, conducted November 12-13, 53% of all voters said most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump:

“When they write or talk about the impeachment effort, are most reporters trying to help impeach President Trump or block his impeachment? Or are most reporters simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner?”:

“Help impeach President Trump”: 53%
“Block his impeachment”: 8%
Report “news in an unbiased an unbiased manner”: 32%

But, 53% of black voters and 60% of other minorities, compared to 51% of whites, said reporters are trying to get Trump rather than report the news fairly.

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