UNREAL: What I’m witnessing here in Dallas right now is absolutely APPALLING

Tuesday evening I spoke down in Waxahachie, Texas for the Ellis County Republican Women. The focus was on the “Heart of Texas,” and I talked about when I was a little boy and watched the movie “The Alamo” starring John Wayne, Richard Widmark, and Laurence Harvey.

I shared with the audience how that story was so influential — seeing the story of men who made the stand for liberty and freedom, not surrendering in the face of the enemy. All of this, even though those men faced incredible odds, and they fought to their deaths. I challenged the folks of Ellis County to take heart and assume their position on the ramparts of The Alamo facing Texas today. I reminded them that the county where I reside, just north of them, Dallas County, had gone nearly 60 percent for Hillary Clinton in the November election. I reminded them that cities named after great Texas patriots such as Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, and Col. William Travis…and the home of The Alamo seemed to no longer embody the true spirit of Texas, its real heart.

Little did I know that within a day, all of this would come together in a very disturbing fashion.

As reported by the very liberal progressive Dallas News, part of the Dallas Morning News, “Immigrant advocates packed a Dallas County commissioners meeting Tuesday, turning a vote welcoming unauthorized immigrants into hours of emotional, sometimes tense debate over so-called sanctuary cities. 

The “Welcoming Communities” resolution, which is not legally binding, passed 4-1. The commission’s sole Republican, Commissioner Mike Cantrell, voted against it. The symbolic resolution says that unauthorized immigrants are “integral members to our community.” It calls for local law enforcement to “end nonessential collaborations” with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

Cantrell said that language “paints a bull’s-eye on Dallas County” for President Donald Trump and Gov. Greg Abbott to take away federal and state funding that the county needs. Both Trump and Abbott have called for punishing sanctuary cities, a loose term they have used to describe jurisdictions that don’t fully cooperate with ICE. “

This is a resolution that supports open borders and will label Dallas County as a sanctuary county,” Cantrell said. “This resolution is nothing more than pitching a personal and political agenda.” 

Commissioner Elba Garcia, who moved to America from Mexico decades ago, said she introduced the resolution to calm immigrants and make them feel safe in Dallas County. She said local law enforcement officers have told her they want to forge trust with immigrants — not deport them. “The purpose of this resolution is the dream — the American dream,” Garcia said. But she stopped short of specifying what she meant by ending “nonessential collaborations” with ICE.

“We don’t want to do the federal government’s work. ‘Nonessential’ means exactly that.” Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, in a statement, said he agreed with the “overall tone” of the resolution and wanted Dallas to remain a “welcoming, tolerant city.” But he shared Kleinman’s concerns about the “ramifications of any misperception” that Dallas police aren’t cooperating with ICE. He said they are and will continue to do so, regardless of the county’s resolution. 

State Sen. Don Huffines, a Republican representing northern Dallas County, urged the county in a news release to “immediately rescind” the resolution, which he called “dangerous, irresponsible, and reprehensible.””Dallas County should focus on keeping Texans safe from criminal aliens instead of playing politics and taking jabs at the laws that they swore an oath to uphold,” Huffines said. “The resolution is irrational, and it is an affront to millions of law-abiding legal immigrants.”

This is where I live, and honestly I would NEVER have imagined such a thing happening in the state of Texas. However, this is the goal of the progressive socialist left, to take over large urban centers and their governing bodies…such as Dallas and Dallas County.

For the folks in everyday small town Texas, where you find the true heart of Texas, it may just be a matter of time before these large urban centers such as Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso grow so large, and defiant of the rule of law, that it tips the electoral composition of a state like Texas.

Who would have imagined that such a resolution would come from a city in Texas…not California, not New York, not Illinois, but Texas. Now, in all fairness, the Texas State Senate this week was working on legislation against so called “sanctuary cities.” There is no debate about the American dream being attainable for citizens, and that is the operative word — citizens — those legal, law abiding folks who were born here or sought out their citizenship by obeying the law. What the Dallas County Commission has stated is that they have little or no regard for the “Heart of Texas.”

This is the danger of the open borders movement; it will erode the respect of our rule of law, our national and state constitutions. This faux emotional argument is nothing more than the attempt by the liberal progressive socialist left to undermine the very fabric of our Republic…and it’s even happening in Texas — a place that was once a Republic on its own before becoming an American state.

As a resident of Dallas County, I fully support Governor Greg Abbott and President Donald Trump cutting off state and federal funding. There must be consequences to those who would thumb their noses at our laws. We cannot afford to allow this type of misguided legislative belligerence and lawlessness to happen in our nation. I have no issue with immigrants — here legally — and I certainly do not support criminal illegal aliens who pose a very clear and present danger to law abiding citizens. Who are these individuals on the Dallas County Commission to declare the protection of the sovereignty of America and Texas as “nonessential collaboration?” Who are these individuals to determine that the rule of law of the United States, our Constitution, has no standing in Dallas County?

You want to know why the left has been losing elections all over America? Here is an example. You want to know why the left will continue to lose elections in America…here is why. There can no longer be any debate; the liberal progressive left has become totally unhinged and will stop at nothing to undermine our society.

The left loves the word “fairness,” but where is the “fairness” in hard working Texans — Americans citizens — having their tax dollars usurped to subsidize and provide benefits to those here illegally? The American progressive socialist left is showing us who they truly are, and why they represent a danger to the future and survival of this Constitutional Republic.

However, the real lesson to be learned is where did these four people on the Dallas County Commission come from? It lets us know that our local and municipal elections have consequences and there needs to be more attention paid to these electoral processes, just as the School Board is so very important.

All across America we need to take back our city councils, county commissions, and school boards from the deranged and demented leftists. We must no longer disregard these local and municipal elections; they do have dire consequences. Just think about Kate Steinle, and what the county commission here in Dallas County just admitted: “unauthorized immigrants” — the new politically correct moniker —are fine by them, and if there’s a Kate Steinle incident, so what?

For the left, lawless behavior that endangers Texans and all Americans, is more vital, even honorable, than the real honorable action of making a stand for liberty, freedom, and the rule of law — which is what those men did at The Alamo. Spartan King Leonidas stood before tyranny and said “Molon Labe” centuries ago. In October 1835, the Mexican cavalry wanted their cannon back…the Texians of the town of Gonzales replied with the English translation of the Greek words Molon Labe: “Come and take it.” The Dallas County Commission is truly no different than the invading Persians or the Mexicans who preferred the surrender of liberty to tyranny.

The response must once again be, Molon Labe…Come and take it!


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We have got to stop this lie. The 1st Amendment reads:

"Congress shall make no law....regarding an establishment of religion"

So the only ones who can violate the first A is ....Congress.


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Every election is important, these county and town officials are elected by approximately 10% of the eligible voters, yet they have rule over the entire county, villages or towns. People must wake up and vote for people independent of the liberal/socialist/communist ideology. These types of despicable people live all over our country.

The problem with local government is that it often EXCEEDS its authority... the State's need to do a better job of regulating local governments.  Cities don't have the constitutional power to overturn State or Federal Law... or too administer such laws unless specifically empowered by the State or Federal authorities.  We find many cities parlay a whole host of laws to circumvent State and Federal Law as they choose... this must stop.

Agreed...next to my Tea Party sticker, Trump sticker, Don't Tread on Me sticker I have molan labe too.....my husband says I have too many stickers..he can't see out the back window....I just laugh

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