University of Wisconsin Students Demand ‘Full and Free Access for All Black People’

Image result for liberals love free stuffThe student government at Wisconsin's most prominent university has passed legislation calling for "free and full access" to the school for "all black people" as reparations for what it describes as "systemic denial" of minorities from the "white supremacist" institution.

The resolution passed at University of Wisconsin-Madison was introduced by a group called "The Blackout Project," which argues that the "school is not inclusive, accessible, or affordable for Black students in Wisconsin" and that it knowingly benefits from "practices of exclusion and white supremacy."

Among the demands in the resolution is "full and free access for all black people," including "currently and formerly people."

"Making reparations for the systemic denial of high-quality education in the form of free and opportunities in the form of free and full access for all Black People—including undocumented and current or formerly incarcerated people—to UW-Madison," it demands.

It also demands the creation of a task force to consider "test-optional admissions and geographically weighted admissions" that would give preference to students in cities.

The goal of the resolution, according to an op-ed written by a student government member who authored the legislation, is to force the administration to attach real action to its use of phrases such as "inclusion" and "diversity."

"As students, we understand that despite the University's rhetoric, this school is not inclusive, accessible, or affordable for Black students in Wisconsin," wrote Tyriek Mack, who sponsored the resolution. "The University is not blind to this reality; in fact, the University’s brand and prestige benefits from their practices of exclusion and white supremacy."

Mack defended the call for free and full tuition to the university for all black people—a demand taken directly from the Movement for Black Lives policy platform—because he claimed the university perpetuates "white supremacy."

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these saps need a big dose of reality...The Freebies are so over....keep it up and you may learn the hard way

Increase each student''s tuition 25%. That should do it, right, students for free black college???

I' m wondering when all this 'you oppressed me'  crap is going to stop. "I" didn't oppress anyone, and neither did anyone who is alive today. Get over it, people. Maybe, since I'm Cherokee, I should ask for free land because they put my ancestors on little reservations. I may be part Cherokee, but I still don't k now who counts the fish to make sure they get their half. We're all people and my Indian ancestry doesn't make me want to demonize white people!!. There's so much bogus crap going on in this country that it makes me want to figure out how to colonize Jupiter!

These issues will soon become of no importance..., since finding an egg, or something else to eat...,will become the issue.

What are you trying to say? That the US under Trump will be such a horrible place to live in that finding an egg will be an issue?

I have never been spit upon by white people. I have never been attacked by white people  but I have been attacked and spit upon by black people. BTW when I was attacked it was always at least a 5 to one ratio. Very brave of the cowardly attackers. I will not apologize for my being white.. BTW idiots do not know the difference between race and culture. I love black people but I hate thugs of any race or culture .BTW  I also hate cowards and racists. All life matters.

You hit the nail square on its head! There are people of all races with no culture. And those with no culture usually have no class, either.

OK. Let's ship all Blacks to Hillary's home in Chapaqua.

Yawn. I'm sure U of W is going to get right on that.

Really? Let them call the DEM Party (who is currently on life support) for free and full tuition to the university for all black people. ...and tell them to hurry, before their official phone line gets disconnected.

Sad situation. What will you think of next.
I think the professor's and staff should donate they're vacation time to teach these poor underprivileged deadbeats. Classes should include begging for cash 101, basic English to properly beg for cash and organ grinding.




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“Do you ever notice they pick on certain people?” asked Trump.

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"Did you ever notice they don't come after Bikers For  Trump?"@realDonaldTrump calls out ANTIFA for the wussies that they are.

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