the rise of the underground militia, has put a smile on my face...:)-

'Underground Militia' Rise Of Gray State- YouTube

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 Oppps, like Opss there it is.

Just had to watch this video again.

"Just because we want our own house doesn't mean we must be at war with our neighbor..."  Glad to hear that... the right to free association is a fundamental right given by God to every man.  Every man and woman has the right to choose with whom they associate, develop family and communities.  To that end we must maintain the individuals right to act on his personal beliefs … beginning with the right to freely associate with others as we deem appropriate.

Come on man, Mr. Nelson you were to say something to start a debate.

 Hope you are doing well Mr. Nelson. This video above, has started to slowly make its way around into social networks, some people are stuck with their mouth wide open, The Rise of the Gentiles, a new video coming on line.

 About a year ago, a video was posted by Mr. Massingale, around 20 thumbs up, and 126 thumbs down, the video still went viral.

 Of all the intellectual failures of those deemed the elite, the EU YouTube hacked, while the Artificial Intelligence from Israel was to protect the net and most of all YouTube and the EU. Now Hackers have this Artificial Intelligence. They own it !!!  It belongs to them now.

 Use your imagination, of who's lights can be turned off also.

 Have a nice night Mr. Nelson...:)-

One issue, will they allow people to live their life as they wish, or will they force others into our house.

Good question Rosie... we must guard against becoming what we oppose...

 Mr. Nelson I liked my statement better...:)-

 They will not give us the rights to our own house, but we are to their left and to their right, we have evolved, we may not be able to vote them out but they can be removed for treason.




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