Two Republican Leaders Make the Same Dire Prediction: The Caliphate Is Coming to America

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has conquered a huge chunk of the Middle East — and inflicted brutal sharia law and persecution of Christians — in a short timespan, and the radical Islamists could be capable of striking a more distant target: the U.S.

Two Republican leaders echoed one another during Sunday morning interviews when they claimed that ISIS posed a credible threat to the American homeland.

“These people that are coming to fight on the side of ISIS are returning to their countries in Europe and there’s 100 of them that we are tracking in the United States,” said Sen. John McCain on CNN’s “State of the Union.” ”As I mentioned to you already, one was in Syria, came back to the United States, and then went back to Syria and blew himself up. Mr. Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, when he left our Camp Bucca, the camp in Iraq, he said, ‘See you in New York.’”

According to McCain, ISIS has the motivation, and is gaining the ability, to attack the U.S.

“If you read what they’re saying, we are the enemy, they want to destroy us,” he said. “They are getting stronger all the time. Their goal, as they have stated time after time, is the destruction of the United States of America.”

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We should fertilize our dirt with traitors that come here for evil. We need a national wake up campaign fast.

you don't have to be a military or political expert to see the writing on the wall. these jihadists have been at war with us, but the American people think that they have a choice to be at war with them.....well we don't have any choice..they are coming to us, and they are not waiting for us to come to them. already they have crossed the borders from mexico....and are already in our country and have linked up with radical islamist here in the united states. everyone thinks that the muslims living here are these peaceful muslims that care about the united states...well you never see them in the street protesting against these terrorists, you only see them in the streets protesting against Israel, or wanting some equality issue...which means they want special treatment for their faith while our government goes against us Christians...and check it out..muslims are exempted from obamacare...gee...what a deal.

The ISIL and the Mexican drug cartels have some of the same brutal killing methods. My guess is that those killing methods will be what wakes some Americans up. When uncle buck is found hanging naked from the local bridge with his head missing, I'm sure that will get someone's attention. All because they want to stay asleep. I don't want to hear the cries of why did this happen from them. Watch some ISIL Youtube greatest hits to see what's coming to our country.

So okay, what do you plan to do about it??  Nothing as usual?  Leave it up to us then, I'm sure we have plenty of people that would love to take them out.  TALK, TALK, TALK.  DO SOMETHING!  I'm sick of hearing nothing coming out of your mouths.  You say nothing of a plan to counter this. We're really interested in what your plans are.  You have a damn nation to protect fools.

First you have to admit a problem exists and then want to do something about it.

That something cannot be put here. I'm sure most here are tremendously active locally and this is making a huge difference.

The value of these discussions is to fine tune our thinking and find ways to spread this info.

I've found bringing people to this site has been HUGE.

Be greatly encouraged. Trevor Loudon said we are having a huge good effect.

Good grief!  Even I have been saying that for years! Anybody with half a brain could figure it out given the events unfolding.  And why just two Republicans speaking out? As a body they should be shouting it out! ISIS is ready to plant their flag over the White House and we have only two guys speaking out? God help us!

Statistically, I have found, we are being scared by 10% - that's it!   The rest?  Some have been implicated innocently because they just do what they're told without question; believing what they are doing is for a correct cause; and only after accidentally helping, did they even realize what they helped... and then freak because now "they're" part of it.  All the others? They're just not willing to take a risk to speak up...  otherwise, they might become a target, themselves.  In a lot of issues it is middle management type figures who have their own selfish reasons for doing illegal things; i.e. - to gain for themselves - they help others who are also "getting" for themselves.  By the time these things are discovered, those at the top have to cover things up otherwise it will reflect badly on them.  The Nixon ordeal, the Clinton discoveries, (not singling them out - just brevity)  - didn't teach the right lesson.  We were naïve.

But it is still only 10%  - the rest are only implicit in, one way or another.  So you keep hope that even if half of the approx. 80% who really didn't do anything wrong except do nothing came forward, that they would become the most important percentage in this equation and could easily be those who would be the turning point in fixing everything.  I'd be willing to give them all of the credit if they would.

IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO SAYS THIS, or who admits it, the cold hard facts are there!!  Who is so blind that they cannot see the main thrust/ purpose of Islam ???    How can Obama and his henchmen --supply Islamic States with money [while he cannot take care of combat Veterans and the Military, and sick people who needs meds in the USA], WEAPONS, food, aid, etc. and yes, I AM talking about Hamas, and others who hate us and want to over run us here in the USA, and the entire world !?   Not to worry guys,  when all else fails, read the "Instruction Book !"  I mean the KJV Bible !!  It alone holds the answers to all the questions, and the solutions.  Right now Father God is shaking and rattling the world by the ankles...  to glean / to collect the last  worthy 'fruit' out of this corrupt, rotten world of Satan,  BEFORE He has His 'only begotten Son, Jesus, come back to Rapture Up the Saints... the true Believers of the Word, the Gospel of Jesus Christ !!  Hey!  We are still living in a Paradise yet, right before the Great Tribulation, guys and gals !  But don't worry,  things are about to get much worse, very soon....   and then, 'where will you all be -- on who's side ?'    The devil has MOST of humankind chasing their own tails, following mere, stupid humans that won't, cannot help us.  No political Party has the answers either!    Start:  by reading the whole books of John, and Romans.     ---Tom Schuckman,  email:  --Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70/  Jesus is Lord.  See:  TOM'S JOURNAL,  my humble Blog.

   These are the same scum bags that infested the White House,(By invitation) in secret meeting with the FIRST BLACK MuSLIMe SYMPATHIZER. As for OMAR tell him to stuff his chewing gum back under his for-skin and get out of MY country.

   Finally Mr. McCain makes some sense. to bad that the spineless GOP elites got rid of the true expert on Islamic turds like CAIR and that would be….. Col. West who the GOP did not support for re-election. Damn fools.




Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Angry Dem Impeachment ‘Witness’: Pam Karlan Donated Thousands To Hillary And Was On Clinton’s List For Potential SCOTUS Nomination

Image result for Pam Karlan

The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, kicked off its first impeachment circus Wednesday morning.

The four ‘witnesses’ testifying have never actually witnessed any of Trump’s dealings with Ukraine firsthand — the four witnesses are law professors offering legal analysis.

One of the witnesses the Dems rolled out is an angry Hillary Clinton donor who was on Crooked’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination.

No wonder why this unhinged, dowdy woman is so pissed off!

“Professor Pam Karlan donated thousands of dollars to Democrats and was on Hillary Clinton’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination. So she certainly has no vendetta against President Trump,” GOP Rep. Mark Walker said.

Congressman Walker also pointed out that Noah Feldman, the Dems first partisan witness in Wednesday’s hearing tweeted about impeaching Trump right after he was sworn in.

Rep. Mark Walker   RepMarkWalker

Meet Noah Feldman, House Democrats first partisan witness.

Look at the date of this tweet. He has been trying to get @realDonaldTrump impeached since 46 days into his presidency.

His reason? Trump criticized President Obama.

This is a sham impeachment with sham witnesses. 

Noah Feldman @NoahRFeldman

Trump's wiretap tweets raise risk of impeachment  via @BV

Rep. Mark Walker   RepMarkWalker

The next witness, Karlan, has donated thousands to Democrats and was on Hillary Clinton’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination.

So she certainly has no vendetta against @realDonaldTrump.

These witnesses are as serious as House Democrats impeachment case: not at all.

The entire sham show trial is stacked with partisan hacks who have wanted to impeach Trump from the moment he won in November of 2016.

Norm Eisen, the Democrats’ counsel who is blasting Trump and questioning witnesses in Wednesday’s show trial, tweeted about impeaching Trump before Donald Trump was even sworn into office!

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