Tucker Carlson sees the real and present danger to our Republic. Do you?

Tucker: Our intelligence services are corrupt, politicized.

Jun. 13, 2017 - 4:04 - Maybe the biggest scandal today is our intel services have been strategically leaking info for political effect and have made virtually impossible to run the US government #Tucker

Listen to Tucker Carlson's opening monolog, as I did, and see if you don't find yourself nodding in agreement. And if you are like me, you, too, have been wondering how come no one has even been talking about this, much less doing anything about it?

  • Intelligence Services are corrupt and politicized.
  • Intelligence Services making it impossible to run the government.
  • Politic revolves around misleading Information

To view this video, Click here.

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David   Copy/Paste into the browser window and it should work. Don't know why the link doesn't complete, but the C/P should get you there.

TUCKER--is a good man, a smart man, an intuitive man--AND A PATRIOT.

David   Go to 1 minute in the video.

Thank you.

Click here

I wonder if Tucker hasn't change his mind in respect to telling it as it is, rather than the anemic politicizing term used after witnessing the events yesterday of an open, no bag limit, season on members of Congress, who just happen, by the way, to be republicans.

Or, was that just another example of politicizing.

According to the news this morning it seems to be the consensus of those with access to a camera and microphone that we ALL must tone it down, in speech and on the internet, and try to get along, because we are strong when we are united.

What that really means is that the truth, when told concerning the acts and utterances of the Left, is really nothing but hate speech. Now isn't that just too wonderful for words?

I don't know about you but me sitting with Charley Manson and having a cup of coffee would not lead to anything good as a result. Unification is only possible in respect to having at least something shared, and in the case of the Progressive Liberal Democrats there isn't a damn thing to talk about.

And, of course it is my fault, now isn't it.

NO! They are the criminals, and they act the way that they do in order to advance their agenda. A total change of attitude and behavior is needed, on their part. Period.

Nothing less. And then, and only then, can unification begin. 

Yeah, they know exactly what they are saying.

Unification is exactly what we do NOT NOT NOT NOT need.

Unification to them means for us to STHU and Sit Down and Ask Permission from Tards.


They need to have their so-called faux "diversity" shoved into their orrifices.


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