Tucker Carlson sees the real and present danger to our Republic. Do you?

Tucker: Our intelligence services are corrupt, politicized.

Jun. 13, 2017 - 4:04 - Maybe the biggest scandal today is our intel services have been strategically leaking info for political effect and have made virtually impossible to run the US government #Tucker

Listen to Tucker Carlson's opening monolog, as I did, and see if you don't find yourself nodding in agreement. And if you are like me, you, too, have been wondering how come no one has even been talking about this, much less doing anything about it?

  • Intelligence Services are corrupt and politicized.
  • Intelligence Services making it impossible to run the government.
  • Politic revolves around misleading Information

To view this video, Click here.

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The video is unavailable, it says, however the three bullet points are telling enough.

This "Real and Present Danger" did not suddenly appear on the scene due to the Trump win over Clinton. It has been fermenting and rotting for years and has now become obvious rather than hidden behind a sheet of innocence.

Once again, the Progressive Liberal Democrat Party is a Crime Syndicate who will stop at virtually nothing in order to control the minds and behavior of the public. They will lie, cheat, steal, and murder in order to advance their agenda of power and total control. That, plainly said, is the Real and Present Danger, and it is not limited to only the American people, but is Global, and affects all of humanity.

Obama, Clinton and company are known and proven liars, not leaders, and have continually and repeatedly demonstrated their disdain for honor and truth in and out of office.

This mind set and the behavior produced by it will only worsen as time allows. And that is a fact.

For some strange reason, Tucker's video has been removed. However, they missed one, http://video.foxnews.com/v/5470142601001/?#sp=show-clips

We can thank the corrupt Leftist media for causing this;

Police in Alexandria, Va., say the gunman who opened fire on House Republicans, injuring Rep. Steve Scalise and aides at a baseball practice, is in custody. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said the gunman is dead. Complete Coverage at FoxNews.com 


and this;

NBA Champs Join Anti-Trump “Resistance”, will Boycott White House Visit

The ways in which the liberal fringe of the United States have found to insult our President continues to baffle the rest of the nation. The so-called “resistance” movement, which has been adopted and propped up by a number of prominent celebrities in recent months, is truly nothing more than a carte blanche excuse to demean anything and everything related to President Trump, the republicans, or America’s conservative backbone.


I've said it a dozen times. The Left wants an all out war with us and totally destroy the country. I say making a few of THEM disappear is long over due!

As much as I like Tucker Carlson I must say that I find his argument severely  weakened by his refusal to name things what they truly are.  Intelligence Services are corrupt, but it is not due to  being "Politicized". It is because they have become Criminal.

What political party is "Politicizing" the Intelligence Services? Is it the same one rigging the elections? The one that is lead by Liars, Thieves, and worse? The one that favors illegals, open borders, and a Justice System derelict in upholding the very document that charges them with the responsibility, the Constitution?

Of course it is. Because they are criminal. And those compromised agencies are also CRIMINAL, not just innocently politicized.

The truth of a matter is not an extreme view of the matter.

Political correctness is a lie.

And his continual calling America a "Democracy" ticks me off big time. I posted to his FB account but no change. He has promoted that lie every single time that the conversation refers to the type of government that we are supposed to have.

Point well taken, Jea9.

Even Sessions, in his testimony, referred to it as a "Democracy", which some have claimed to be the absolute worst form of government ever devised by mankind.

Words, and names, have meaning and purpose to the meaning. To weaken something by calling it other than what it truly is is in fact deceitful and serves only to water down the truth of it. That is what politicians are known for, and the democrats use it to convince the people that they have nothing but an interest in serving the people driving their entire agenda.

Allegiance to a political party has destroyed good government, and especially so if one party is openly hostile to the notion of American exceptionalism, and the other party is so weak as to  absolutely refuse to confront it.

Who is it that parades in a K-unt costume topped off by a pink pussy hat? Normal People? Sane individuals? Who would present a play, "Shakespeare in the Park" with the graphic portrayal of assassinating  president Trump? Sane individuals? Who promotes terrorism and refuses to secure our borders? Sane individuals? Who endorses violence, looting, even murder using the right to protest and free speech as an excuse? Sane individuals?

Everyone with a brain knows the answer. And the ones who do, and have the microphone and the face time on TV to declare it, don't, won't, because they would probably lose their job if they told the truth.

Tell the truth, and you are considered a radical, an extremist, and unfit to speak at all. 

And that is who we are in TPCC, radically extreme Christian Patriots.

They can and will go to Hell with no sympathy from me. The extreme division that is separating right from wrong in this country (and around the world) and the extreme insanity of their belief systems clearly show the end times that we are in.

The only thing that gives us more time—is—Trump—and what we do with the time given us through his Presidency. And that is why we must speak/act. We must do something, anything at all, to bring truth back into the light.

"What political party is "Politicizing" the Intelligence Services?"

The globalist, the Uniparty, the Washington establishment (GOPe), special interests, I like to refer to them as the sycophants of the U.S. Chamber of Crypto-Fascist, Crony Commerce.

The GOPe (US Chamber of Commerce) is Ruining America 

The Republicans continue to block the Trump agenda. So called Republicans such as McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and others have views that are not much different than the obstructionist progressive/socialist that are the majority force of the Democrats today. The GOPe is nothing more than an arm of the Soros globalist minions.

For more, click here.


This is it.

About 1 minute in, he gets to it. I had to type in a bunch of different variations to find it.

I do agree. He says it straight up and it is frightening.



Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Democrat Busted For Nasty Crime, This Is Shocking


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