Trump wiretap is the REAL scandal of the US election, bogus Russia story is the real cover-up

Image result for obamagateBack on 10th October 2016, shortly after the US intelligence community published its first claim that Russia was trying to interfere in the US election, I wrote an article for The Duran in which I pointed out that the true story was that for the first time in its history the US intelligence community was interfering in a US election in order to swing the election behind its favoured candidate – Hillary Clinton – and that the practices the US intelligence community had honed to interfere in elections in other countries were now being imported to the US.

In an article for The Duran on 31st October 2016 – just a week before the election – I said that Hillary Clinton and her supporters had a planted a bomb under US democracy by orchestrating a campaign claiming that her opponent Donald Trump was the favoured candidate of Russia, and that the result would be that if Donald Trump were elected his legitimacy as President would be challenged.

In a further article for The Duran on 10th December 2016, in the fraught run up to the inauguration and whilst the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign were actively lobbying electors on the Electoral College to disregard the results of the election and to vote against Donald Trump, I said that the CIA and the US intelligence community by playing up the paranoia against Russia were engaging in what amounted to a coup against the country’s constitutionally elected President.  The word ‘coup’ is now also being used by people like Mark Levin to describe what has been happening.

What we now learn is that the Obama administration, of which Hillary Clinton was once a part, used the US’s federal security and intelligence agencies during the election to spy on Hillary Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump, and on his campaign.  They did so despite the fact that no evidence existed or has ever come to light of any wrongdoing by Donald Trump or by anyone else working on his behalf or for his campaign such as would normally justify surveillance.

This is the true scandal of the US Presidential election of 2016.  By contrast the various claims of Russian interference in the election are unproven and threadbare and almost certainly wrong, whilst the claims of illicit contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia are undoubtedly false and wrong.

Donald Trump is comparing this scandal to Watergate.  On any objective assessment it is far worse than Watergate.  The reason Richard Nixon had to set up his own amateur intelligence agency within the White House to carry out his ‘dirty tricks’ – the so-called “White House plumbers” – was because the federal security and intelligence agencies – the CIA and FBI – refused to do his bidding by acting against his political opponents.  By contrast on this occasion these same federal security and intelligence agencies have actively colluded in taking action against Donald Trump – the Obama administration’s and Hillary Clinton’s electoral opponent – by carrying out surveillance upon him and his associates though there has never been any evidence that either he or they did anything wrong.  That is something which ought to cause serious concern to people, though so far with the exception of a small number of people it does not appear to be doing so.

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So, damn what?  Where are the indictments?  Will there ever be an indictment? Doubtful.

Look we simply must come to an understanding or go nuts... the rule of law doesn't apply to those in Washington, DC.

 I was wanting to know, did Trump bring in his on team to investigate this issue, or did he allow the FBI and the CIA of the establishment look into this for him. Its like, letting the spy team investigate them self.

If I see or hear one more person call them Main Street media I'm going to SCREAM!!!!!!  They are nothing but lefty Propagandist operatives.  So please don't ever call them main street media to me.


You have just raised a point that the Progressive Liberal Democrat Party relies on, and that is the fact that people, in order to be thought of as kind, tolerant, sweetly intentioned, and dressed in their political correct goody two shoes, will not name things what they truly are, but will instead coat them with honey so that their tender little tummies and baby minds can deal with the depraved monsters of menace engaged in the destruction of America.

For instance, Gitmo terrorists are released at the risk of many returning  to the "battlefield."

Battlefield? There isn't any battlefield at all. Terrorists aren't lined up facing opposition across a disputed no man's land. They are terrorists, not warriors. What an insult it is to insinuate that they are something more dignified than rabid rats infected with diseased minds shot to hell with phony religion as the powder.

Main stream media. The name is so wonderful, so innocent, so benign, and all it does is support nearly every ones view, or every ones view that matters that is, so that is why the word "Main" is used in it. So, we all must hop on our tricycles and ride on down the sidewalk in our cute little clothes.   And, above all remember, don't be ugly. Others will notice, you know. Be sweet.

This mind set is what the DNC faces as opposition. Is it any wonder that we are scorned and laughed at?

this CNN obsession with the Trump/Russian fake news story is getting pretty humorous...  when considering that the introduction of fake news being a legitimate concern was done by obie. Correct me here if I'm wrong -- I think Breitbart deserves a bunch of credit for having the foresight to recognize obie's intent in legitimizing the term fake news and the opportunity it provided. As I saw it Breitbart immediately pounced on boomeranging the term on obie's intent. Jumped right up and started aggressively using the term where it belongs.

Now not only has CNN claimed the throne of fake news, the attention it has drawn has also exposed their fake twitter followers... 17 million of them. If Breitbart doesn't let up on their aggression towards using the fake news label where it belongs, which there's no reason to think they will, it looks like CNN is going to rue the day obie legitimized the term.   ....and that has an irony to it that is quite pleasant  ;' /

MEMO to CNN and the rest of the corrupt Media: ...'Your chickens are coming home to Roost!'




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Horrible: Democrats Set The Constitution On Fire With Fraudulent Impeachment

House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning after an investigation that violated fundamental provisions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The investigation of the president began with the complaint of a so-called “whistleblower” who turned out to be a rogue Central Intelligence Agency employee, protected by a lawyer who had called for a “coup” against Trump in early 2017.

Democrats first demanded that the “whistleblower” be allowed to testify. But after House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was found to have lied about his committee’s contact with the “whistleblower,” and after details of the “whistleblower’s” bias began to leak, Democrats reversed course. In violation of the President Trump’s Sixth Amendment right to confront his accuser, Democrats refused to allow the “whistleblower” to testify. They argue the president’s procedural rights, even if they existed, would not apply until he was tried in the Senate — but they also invented a fraudulent “right to anonymity” that, they hope, might conceal the whistleblower even then.

Schiff began the “impeachment inquiry” in secret, behind the closed doors of the Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) in the basement of the U.S. Capitol, even though none of the testimony was deemed classified. Few members of Congress were allowed access. Schiff allowed selective bits of testimony to leak to friendly media, while withholding transcripts of testimony.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), having allowed the secret process to unfold, legitimized it with a party-line vote authorizing the inquiry. The House resolution denied President Trump the procedural rights enjoyed by Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, and denied the minority party the traditional right to object to witnesses called by the majority.

Rather than the House Judiciary Committee, which traditionally handles impeachment, Pelosi also deputized the House Intelligence Committee to conduct fact-finding; the Judiciary Committee was turned into a rubber stamp. Schiff held a few public hearings, but often failed to release transcripts containing exculpatory evidence until after they had passed.

In the course of the Intelligence Committee’s investigation, Schiff quietly spied on the telephone records of his Republican counterpart, Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA). He also snooped on the phone records of a journalist, John Solomon; and on the phone records of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, acting as President Trump’s personal lawyer.

Schiff’s eavesdropping violated both the First Amendment right to press freedom and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. Yet he proceeded undeterred by constitutional rights, publishing the phone logs in his committee’s report without warning, confirmation, or explanation, alleging that Nunes and the others were part of a conspiracy to assist the president’s allegedly impeachable conduct. When Republicans on the Judiciary Committee asked the Intelligence Committee’s majority counsel, Daniel Goldman, to explain the phone logs, he refused to answer,

Ironically, Schiff had done exactly what Democrats accuse Trump of doing: abused his power to dig up dirt on political opponents, then obstructed a congressional investigation into his party’s and his committee’s misconduct.

Democrats’ articles of impeachment include one for the dubious charge of “abuse of power,” which is not mentioned in the Constitution; and one for “obstruction of Congress,” which in this case is an abuse of power in itself.

Alexander Hamilton, writing about impeachment in Federalist 65, warned that “there will always be the greatest danger that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties, than by the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.” Democrats have fulfilled Hamilton’s worst fears.

The Trump impeachment will soon replace the 1868 impeachment of President Andrew Johnson — which the House Judiciary Committee staff actually cited as a positive precedent — as the worst in American history.

In service of their “coup,” Democrats have trampled the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Republic has never been in greater danger.

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