Trump Signs Orders That Would Allow Police Officers to Enforce Immigration Laws

President Donald Trump had a busy first week in office issuing a flurry of executive actions and orders to kick start his agenda, some of which flew under the radar of both the media and perpetually outraged liberals.

While most of the attention last Wednesday was focused on Trump’s orders authorizing construction of the border wall and efforts to crack down on sanctuary cities, ABC News reported that Trump also ordered the revival of an old program that had nearly been mothballed by the Obama administration.

The program permits the Department of Homeland Security to essentially “deputize” local law enforcement agents and officers to aid in enforcing federal immigration laws, such as by checking an individual’s immigration status through the course of routine contact, and certainly if they’ve been arrested or jailed in connection with sort of crime.

The program had more than 60 various police departments and sheriff’s offices enrolled as of 2009, but President Barack Obama’s administration rolled it back and limited it significantly, to the point that about half of the participants dropped out while the rest were consigned to simply check their local jails for violent violators of immigration laws who needed to be turned over to federal agents.

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona was perhaps the most well-known participant in the program, even as he was repeatedly harassed and sued for taking part in it.

To be sure, civil rights groups and immigration advocates have decried the program and stated that they believe it will inevitably lead to an increase in racial profiling or the rights of immigrants being violated, which is what they accused Arpaio of doing. However, other groups, like the Center for Immigration Studies, cheered the return of the “great program” that at one point accounted for nearly 20 percent of criminal deportations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, according to The Washington Post.

The Post also reported that Trump concurrently revived the Secure Communities program, a program both started and stopped under Obama that checked the fingerprints of everyone taken into custody by law enforcement across the U.S. against a federal database of immigration records, quickly identifying those individuals who needed to be handed over to the feds for deportation.

BizPac Review noted that several local law enforcement agencies have already jumped at the chance to enlist the services of their officers in aiding federal immigration agents, including the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in Texas.

Jackson County Sheriff A.J. “Andy” Louderback estimated that it would cost his department roughly $3,000 to train a few of his deputies to take part in the program, but he wasn’t worried about the cost at all as he figured it would be money well-spent.

“It just seems like good law enforcement to partner with federal law enforcement in this area,” said Louderback. “It takes all of us to do this job.”

Indeed, it does take the cooperation of everyone on the federal, state and local level to effectively enforce immigration laws. This program should serve as a counter to those uncooperative jurisdictions across the nation that profess to be “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants in violation of federal laws.

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Thank you I did not know of this one.

Me neither..............but I sure LIKE IT  ;o)

and may i add a word out to police departments that do not comply with federal law you will be prosecuted and convicted.....san fran pd you are on notice

exactly Michael

As is the Fresno California city Police Department

Excellent, Mr. Trump!

President Trump is correct in this action and I support him 100%

The media can say and try and report fake news all they want, the fact of the matter is , most Americans agree with the president despite what the media say's. American are tired of the bullshit. That's why Donald Trump was elected President( PERIOD)

Yeah, our state legislature here in Texas is currently hearing testimony on Senate Bill 4, which deals with the same issue. I hope they make the right choice and understand that it takes everyone to work together to make our nation secure.

DO IT-!!! Clean house-!!!

This is Long over due  this is what peace officers are supposed to do arrest criminals .





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During media appearances in the UK last month, Clinton twice hinted she may make a belated push on the basis she claims so many people want to see her on the national stage once more.

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