Trump not just cutting off cash to sanctuary cities, they’re LIVID he’s doing this

One of the biggest drains on Social Security and hospitals is illegal immigration.

President Trump just made three huge moves to plug that drain.

Liberal big city mayors knew Donald Trump was going to cut off federal cash to their sanctuary cities.

But they had no idea he’d go even further, with two moves that have liberals screaming and law enforcement cheering.

As part of two Executive Orders issued Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security will begin issuing a weekly report listing all crimes committed by illegal aliens released into sanctuary cities.

In the text of Trump’s Order is also language authorizing the Federal Government to collect fines from illegal aliens or “those who facilitate their presence.”

“That could potentially include sanctuary colleges and universities that protect illegal immigrants,” The Washington Times reports.

Liberals are spitting with rage.

“We will fight against attempts to undermine our values and the security of our cities,” said the group Cities for Action, which represents pro-sanctuary city mayors.

“The spirit of this executive order runs contrary to our character and our values as a city,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at a press conference.

He and other liberals are planning lawsuits to stop it.

“If an attempt is made to do that, we will go to court immediately for an injunction to stop it,” de Blasio later told CNN.

New York could lose $165 million in Federal funds for harboring an estimated 500,000 illegals, Politico reports.

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Start going after welfare cheats. Begin with the OScumBags.

So if “those who facilitate their presence” applies to colleges and universities, WHY NOT MAYORS AND CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS, TOO???

Here is Trump’s Order That Will DEPORT Over 11 MILLION Illegals

Trump promised that he was going to clean up the immigration system in the United States and he has already begun, to every patriot’s deep relief!

Trump recently signed an executive order, called “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States,” which calls for those illegal immigrants who have broken further laws in our country to be deported, via ABC News.

In a 2014 Pew study, it was estimated that there 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. That is an enormous number considering we have laws on the books to prevent them from entering and remaining here. Unfortunately, the previous president did not believe in enforcing laws passed by Congress on this matter.

In his order, Trump said, “Interior enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws is critically important to the national security and public safety of the United States.” He’s right, story after story shows that many immigrants come here to bring in drugs and commit crimes.

“Many aliens who illegally enter the United States and those who overstay or otherwise violate the terms of their visas present a significant threat to national security and public safety. This is particularly so for aliens who engage in criminal conduct in the United States,” he added.

The order specifically says that illegal immigrants are going to be subject to deportation if they have engaged in “fraud or willful misrepresentation”. This means that if you enter the United States without a visa or if you overstayed a valid visa, then you could be subject to deportation.

It’s amazing that liberals are upset by this, because Trump is merely enforcing laws that are already on the books. It’s clear that Liberals simply want people to be able to come here whenever they want despite the risk of potential terrorist attacks. There is a name for that: anarchy.

If immigrants are willing to break the law to get into the country, what would stop them from breaking the law when they are inside of the country? Nothing. We know that many illegal immigrants bring drugs and crime to our country.

Trump is probably not going to be able to deport all of the approximately 11 million illegal immigrants that are currently in the United States, not under this order alone. But, cracking down on new illegal immigrants and enforcing the law on the books may start to ease the burden on the American people.

Nothing that Trump has done indicates that he is in anyway anti-immigrant. He just wants people to come here legally so that American citizens are safe, as his own wife did! A country has every right to control its borders, because without them there is no country at all.

Americans want to have an application system where people can be vetted properly, to ensure that they do not intend to harm a single American. Mostly, we want to make sure that no one is coming here who intends to commit acts of terrorism. That’s not racism– that’s being responsible.

Thank you Marilyn!

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Of course, MANY of us already knew this...

BREAKING – We Now Know WHO Is Behind the Effort to BLOCK Trump’s Refugee Order

Once again, the corrupt Democrats are trying to stop Donald Trump from improving this country. And one man is behind it all.

George Soros is backing the immigration lawyers who filed a lawsuit against the executive order signed by Donald Trump, which has halted immigration from specific nations. (via Breitbart)

The order halted visas for 90 days for both “immigrants and non-immigrants” from the following list of countries: Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Libya.

It also halts the entry of refugees for 120 days, blocks refugees from Syria indefinitely, and lowers the yearly amount of refugees allowed into our country to 50,000. While the pause is in place, Trump’s administration will be working on a better vetting system for immigration.

Many are filing lawsuits against this executive order. For example, one lawyer is representing Iraqi refugees who were held at the Kennedy International Airport. They wanted their clients released and also want to represent others who are being detained “unlawfully.”

These lawsuits have been filed by lawyers from various organizations, including the International Refugee Assistance Project, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Immigration Law Center, the International Refugee Assistance Project (formerly Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project) from the Urban Justice Center, and the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization from Yale Law School.

And many of these organizations are funded by George Soros. The ACLU is funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation. In 2014 alone, they gave the ACLU a grant of $50 million. All of the other organizations have received several Open Society donations.

Another connection is Taryn Higashi, who is a director of the International Refugee Assistance Project, and is on the advisory board for one of Soros’ Open Society Foundations– the International Migration Initiative.

Soros, a huge open borders supporter, has given millions to immigrant causes, and heavily influenced Obama’s immigration policies. Leaked Open Society documents revealed that Soros sent Obama a personal letter on the issue of accepting more refugees.

Obama increased the amount of refugees allowed into the US yearly to 100,000. George Soros, and Obama’s compliance to his wishes, have flooded our country with illegals and refugees who put our nation in danger.

This executive order goes against everything that Soros has been working for. He wants to dismantle this country and create a world without borders. So, now Soros is trying to prevent Trump’s order from taking effect, by channeling his money into the organizations who are throwing lawsuits at Trump’s administration. Who knows, he may have even ordered them to put forth the suits in the first place.

But, Soros will not succeed, not as long as the American people are able to stand up against him. Trump is doing what is best for this country, and we need to support him in any way we can.

Trump, drone strike the santanic George Soros. He is openly attempting to overthrow the govt. of the United States of America. Use the Patriot act NDAA that he helped to pass with his influential $$ and send George Soros to hell.
Russia, Israel, Britain would love to see the sob dead.

me too

San Francisco is definitely in trouble - they will loose approx. [1] billion in Fed. funding......    The "snowflake state" will be bankrupt in one year.....

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Graham: Trump Does Not Violate The Bible By Protecting Americans

"... the president's first priority is to protect the American people ..."

The action of an American president to protect the people of his nation from harm is “not a Bible issue,” evangelist Franklin Graham said this week.

Graham was interviewed by the Huffington Post as part of its coverage of executive orders being issued by President Donald Trump to impose a temporary four-month refugee freeze and begin tough new vetting procedures for anyone allowed in the county. Trump is also expected to sign orders limiting refugees from several nations in which terrorism is out of control.

Graham said there is a difference between showing love and putting lives at risk.

“It’s not a biblical command for the country to let everyone in who wants to come, that’s not a Bible issue,” Graham said.

“We want to love people, we want to be kind to people, we want to be considerate, but we have a country and a country should have order and there are laws that relate to immigration and I think we should follow those laws,” he added. “Because of the dangers we see today in this world, we need to be very careful.”

Graham, like Trump, said that despite the length of the process currently in place for vetting refugees, experience has shown it needs to be better

“I think it can be better,” he said. “There are some very dangerous people in the world today, especially coming out of the Middle East.”

Graham has previously said a ban on Muslims entering the United States should be in place to reduce the risk of terrorism.

After a Muslim killed four Marines and wounded three in Chattanooga, Tenn., in July 2015, Graham wrote, “We are under attack by Muslims at home and abroad. We should stop all immigration of Muslims to the U.S. until this threat with Islam has been settled. Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalized — and they do their killing to honor their religion and Muhammad. During World War 2, we didn’t allow Japanese to immigrate to America, nor did we allow Germans. Why are we allowing Muslims now?” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Graham said the United States should give priority to religions persecuted around the world, including Jews and Christians.

He also noted that the job of a president is to defend the American people.

“We live in a very dangerous world and I think the president’s first priority is to protect the American people and until there is a better system in place for vetting and knowing who comes into America, I believe every person who comes into the U.S. should be vetted,” Graham said. “We need to know who they are and what they believe, if they share the same core values of freedom and liberty.”

Illegals use of the hospital ER and birthing center in the hospital where I worked caused such a big loss that a two year hiring and wage freeze was implemented to recover from the losses. The illegals should have all been deported! Instead, hard working employees were expected to work harder and make not one penny more! The demoncraps caused hardship on my family by supporting these illegal alien invaders instead of sending them back to their countries. NO SANCTUARY CITIES or freebies for illegal alien invaders. No jobs either! Enforce the existing laws.




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Florida Sheriff — “I Will Not Enforce Assault Weapons Ban, Neither Will Most Sheriffs”

Dennis Lemma, who is the Sheriff in Central Florida’s Seminole County, told a group of 2nd Amendment activists recently that he would not enforce an assault weapons ban that could soon become Florida law if the “Ban Assault Weapons Now” amendment passes in the Sunshine State.

According to News965, the ban has the following specifications.

The amendment proposed in the state legislature would ban possession of assault weapons, which are defined as “semiautomatic rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at once, either in fixed or detachable magazine, or any other ammunition feeding device.”

Lemma, an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a first term sheriff who is running for re-election, said this about whether or not he would enforce such a law.

“It’s not only that I wouldn’t, the majority of sheriffs across the state would not do it,” Lemma said in the video. It’s up to the sheriffs what they are willing to enforce.”

Trump Holds Rally in Milwaukee, WI 1-14-20

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