Trump not just cutting off cash to sanctuary cities, they’re LIVID he’s doing this

One of the biggest drains on Social Security and hospitals is illegal immigration.

President Trump just made three huge moves to plug that drain.

Liberal big city mayors knew Donald Trump was going to cut off federal cash to their sanctuary cities.

But they had no idea he’d go even further, with two moves that have liberals screaming and law enforcement cheering.

As part of two Executive Orders issued Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security will begin issuing a weekly report listing all crimes committed by illegal aliens released into sanctuary cities.

In the text of Trump’s Order is also language authorizing the Federal Government to collect fines from illegal aliens or “those who facilitate their presence.”

“That could potentially include sanctuary colleges and universities that protect illegal immigrants,” The Washington Times reports.

Liberals are spitting with rage.

“We will fight against attempts to undermine our values and the security of our cities,” said the group Cities for Action, which represents pro-sanctuary city mayors.

“The spirit of this executive order runs contrary to our character and our values as a city,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at a press conference.

He and other liberals are planning lawsuits to stop it.

“If an attempt is made to do that, we will go to court immediately for an injunction to stop it,” de Blasio later told CNN.

New York could lose $165 million in Federal funds for harboring an estimated 500,000 illegals, Politico reports.

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Maybe they should remember that are indeed breaking the law.  Therefore this action is very necessary.

just think how much the liberal leaders of these sanctuary cities will cry over all the tourists revenue they will be losing

pretty sad when illegals...especially illegal ctiminals are given better treatment than regular American citizens....especially vets....hop the wall gets put up asap.

There's not a damn thing the Democraps can do about the president's executive orders. They can't sue him or anything legally. It's totally hilarious now that they are getting a taste of their own medicine that O'dumbass did the last 8 years.

As a point of fact Trump needs to indict these mayors for aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise... Illegal Alien Trafficking, Drug smuggling, and Sex trafficking...  He should direct the FBI to investigate the political connections between amnesty mill such as La Raza and MeCha among others... and where there is a connection bring charges of conspiracy to engage in an organized criminal enterprise to support trafficking in illegal aliens.

It is time to hold our local officials accountable for violating the law... by creating policies that harbor... aid and abet illegal aliens.  And, where it is demonstrated that their illegal actions have resulted in rape, murder and other violent criminal acts... they need to be charged with accessories to the crimes... and locked up.

AH, She, and the head judge is also a liberal woman!! Agrees with her!!

Trump needs to make a list and check it twice... of all the ACTIVIST JUDGES together with particular judgments that are egregious... and then forward it to Congress for IMPEACHMENT proceedings.  It is time that Congress and the Administration HOLD the Judiciary accountable for their in-constitutional activism...  their attempts to rule by judicial fiat.

These unruly idiots are so stupid that they might just get want their pressing for and they will lose. I didn't know anybody could be this stupid. Shit happens.

When are the Dems and the left going to see they are no longer Americans because they are against everything that we were founded on and for? They are outrageous communists, leftist and dead wrong!  Do we want another Civil War and us fighting our own too again, as well as the muslims, China, Russia and heaven knows who else?   It is time they open their minds, rejoin the nation and get with it!  We DO NOT WANT the likes of Obama or Hillary....Trump is the best we could  do and he is working hard already to wipe out the insanity of Obama and crew!   God protect him and give him lead to get this nation back into some sort of order before we go into WWIII.....

The lefters are the bane of freedom and are totally ignorant in their pursuit of everything that is wrong about the world and what they are pushing in this country!  They are shameful and ignorant people who are helping to trash this great nation but they will pay and pay dearly before it is all over.  How one earth can they be such fools and so abhorrent of God's will and word?  That makes them the army of satan,as the muslims are,as the communists are, as way too many people are!....Has education not clearly shown the truth?  Apparently not to them!! God forgive them as they are insane.  How have they become so wrong?  Satan works overtime as he knows he has already lost and it is just the end that he has to witness.

"...When are the Dems and the left going to see..."

They NEVER WILL!  Why?  Because they actually believe that they are making PROGRESS!  They have grown tired of what made and will make America Great.  They want to try something 'NEW'.  They don't know how to read, or they would soon find out that their 'new' has been tried before, and has FAILED miserably.  We just must work hard at making sure they don't get in position to over run us.  They make 'progress' in a reverse direction, but they are looking in the rear-view mirror and think they are going forward.  Now where did I put that utility pole....?




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