There is no such thing as a conservative in the senate, nor the congress. Conservatism in action and or deed has become as extinct as the dinosaur.  There is no such thing as a Republican and no such thing as a Democrat.

What America is looking at square in the face is the new establishment elite who use terms and labels with political correct definitions and the sheeple decide which label best suits what they believe and obediently get in that particular line.  This isn’t a new thing.  It has been taking place for a long time.  It is just that now, (and long overdue) something huge is taking place.  It’s called Trump!

Trump has taken the average American by the hand and exposed how politics work, how votes are cast by politicians for their donors, who are the great merchants of the earth. He has shown us by opening up the discussion in a loud tone that is far from politically correct and calling out the liars.  He has called out the liars on the issues Americans have raised over and over again.

With Trump, the silent majority, and manipulated minority finally has a voice.  They love Trump for he has masterfully, and powerfully, with a strong stance, taken on the establishment and their evil agenda.

The Donald is exposing the political puppets who ignore and or coddle their supporters with rhetoric to deceitfully explain away their betrayal as to why their hands are tied, all the while voting the will of their puppet masters.

They are political whores who have sold their souls for money, recognition, and power that is as fleeting as their oath of office.  Their loyalty is to their greedy puppet masters.  There are a few good people in Washington, but just a few.

So while the con artists are lying to get votes, trying to erase their voting history, screaming when they are vetted, and boldly shouting stupid things at the debates as though they are smart….the people are well educated, street smart and using their God given gift of common sense.

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It's TRUE! Whatever Trump has done in his lifetime to secure his vast fortune, he is NOW exposing the Republican Party for their dishonest and anti-America unprincipled technique of divide and conquer alongside the liberal progressive democrat machine.

What I didn't expect to happen with the democrat machine vote cheat scheme, was to have the Republican Party join in! They have! It's as plain to see as the pimple on Hitllary's lying witch type nose.

Both parties are together splitting the riches both political and economic.

We the People are the losers.

Sooooooo, is it time to Lock & Load????

What is everyone waiting for Lyle??? 


We haven't had a two party system for over a decade. The last two Presidental elections were straw elections to make sure Obama was elected and re-elected. The 2106 election was to be another show straw election with Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, with Hillary winning in a close race. Even if Jeb won it would still be OK. You see the people than fund these elections have buttered their bread on both sides. Funding both sides.

Along comes an outsider Donald Trump with his own money for his campaign. Now that Trump is leading in the poles and will get the Republican candidate unless the news media, the Democrats and the "Good Old Boys" of the GOP can figure a way to stop him. Everything they have tried up to now has only helped Trump in the poles.

Donald Trump wil make a great President because he will pick good people to help "Make America Great Again".

Trump was here in Arizona last week. Even left-wing MSNBC has to admit he had over 15,000 at the Mesa, AZ meeting. 

they are stupid and lazy VOTE TRUMP

Trump for 2016.

john amen this is how i feel everyday 

Don't be deceived the GOP is no longer a Conservative Party... in fact, its quiver is filled with the poison arrows of Big Government, and the progressives socialist agenda. 

The Patriot has no home and the Party of Jefferson and Lincoln... has crossed over, to join the Party of delusion and confusion. The Democrats don't need to hold new elections to expand their hold on government, they already control every Branch of Government. 

The RNC/GOP are nothing more than the other side of a two headed coin... Flip it and it always turns up Pro-Big Government and the socialist agenda.


‘We Are on the Cusp of a Second Civil War’





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