Trump: Avenatti Should Be Sued For Vicious Lies About Kavanaugh

 President Trump has called for legal action to be taken against ‘creepy porn lawyer’ Michael Avenatti for spreading vicious and filthy lies about Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Speaking to Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday, Trump accused senior Democrat officials of fabricating stories about Justice Kavanaugh in an attempt to prevent his confirmation to the Supreme Court. reports: Pirro praised Trump for ‘sticking with Kavanaugh during his darkest moments.’


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Jeanine Pirro

Part 1 of my exclusive interview with the President @realDonaldTrump, take a look:

‘It would have been very unfair to him [if Trump withdrew the nomination],’ the president told Pirro.

‘He’s a highly respected man. What the Democrats did was disgraceful.

‘These things happened that just came out of the wind. There was no corroboration.

‘There was no anything, Jeanine.’

Trump praised Kavanaugh as a ‘high quality, brilliant man’ who ‘will be a phenomenal Supreme Court justice.’

The president slammed the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee – particularly New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, California Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Trump referred to Booker as ‘the terrible mayor of Newark.’ He also said Blumenthal ‘falsified his service in Vietnam’ while accusing Feinstein of ‘leaking the papers’ – a reference to a letter written by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in which she asked for confidentiality while accusing Kavanaugh of assault.

Trump told Pirro that he thought in the wake of Kavanaugh’s confirmation that ‘the Republicans are going to do very well’ in the upcoming midterm elections.

‘We have these tiny majorities [in Congress],’ Trump told Pirro. ‘If somebody catches a cold, we have to wait until they come back.

‘We need more votes to get it all done.’

Pirro asked Trump about comments he made which appeared to be mocking of Ford during a rally in Mississippi earlier this week.

‘There were a lot of things happening that weren’t true and a lot of things left unsaid,’ the president said.

Michael Avenatti

.@realDonaldTrump - You are an habitual liar and a disgrace to this nation. You again claimed tonight that I have made false accusations against you. Name them! Those felonies that Cohen pled guilty to? The allegations about you having sex with my client with a 4 mo old at home?

Michael Avenatti

And btw, I have never seen a man despised in his own home city more than you. It turns out that the people of NYC knew you were a complete fraud who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a gold toilet under this butt long before the rest of us. You are an embarrassment.

‘I thought I had to even the playing field.

‘It was unfair to the judge, and now I can say Justice Kavanaugh.

‘It was an unfair situation.

‘Once I did that it started to sail through. He was treated very, very unfairly, Jeanine.’

Trump agreed with Pirro’s assessment that the president’s comments at the rally were a ‘turning point’ which cemented Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The president also accused Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Julie Swetnick and Stormy Daniels, of making false allegations against him.

Swetnick claimed that during a house party, Kavanaugh, who was in high school at the time, was present when boys drugged and gang-raped girls.

Avenatti also represents Daniels, who claims that she and Trump had sex over a decade ago.

She then says she was paid $150,000 to sign a nondisclosure agreement barring her from talking about the alleged affair.

‘He made false accusations about me,’ Trump says of Avenatti.

‘It’s a disgrace they are able to do it. I would love to see our libel laws get toughened up.

‘But he made false statements.’

Avenatti fired back at Trump on Twitter.

‘You are an habitual liar and a disgrace to this nation,’ the attorney tweeted on Saturday.

‘You again claimed tonight that I have made false accusations against you. Name them!

‘Those felonies that Cohen pled guilty to? The allegations about you having sex with my client with a 4 mo old at home?’

Avenatti referenced Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal lawyer and fixer who arranged the payment to Stormy Daniels.

Cohen pleaded guilty to financial crimes and is cooperating with federal prosecutors in an investigation that was triggered by news of the hush money payments to Daniels, also known as Stephanie Clifford.

In another tweet, Avenatti took a more personal shot at Trump.

‘I have never seen a man despised in his own home city more than you,’ Avenatti tweeted at Trump.

‘It turns out that the people of NYC knew you were a complete fraud who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a gold toilet under this butt long before the rest of us.

‘You are an embarrassment.’

Trump said the Democrats will pay a price at the ballot box for trying to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination.

‘I think they overplayed their hand,’ the president said.

‘They were dishonest with the leak and other things they did. Look at the lawyers representing certain people.’

Trump was referring to Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz, who was referred to her by Feinstein, according to Fox News.

‘How did they end up with all these lawyers who are always the same ones?’ Trump said.

The president said Republicans stand to benefit when voters head to the polls in a month.

‘I can tell the enthusiasm and love and the feeling in the Republican Party is higher than I have ever seen it,’ the president said.

‘I see polls going up like rocket ships. Races that will be won on margins where the Republicans wouldn’t have won.’

Trump repeated his criticism of Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who was the only Republican to oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

‘I thought it was a sad vote and disgraceful,’ the president said.

‘I appreciate that a Democrat, Joe Manchin voted in favor of Kavanaugh. And that was a good thing.

‘But [Murkowski’s vote] was very disappointing. The people of Alaska, I had tremendous success for them.

‘ I have done so much for Alaska, I was shocked to see her vote.

‘And frankly so were other Republicans. It was a very sad day I think for her.

‘I think it will go down as a sad day for her because he’ll be a great Supreme Court justice.’

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