Politics Why Is a Hangin’ Truck Driving Around NYC With President Obama On a Noose?

After two decades of living and working in Manhattan, this average New Yorker believed he had seen everything. Today proved that to be a false assumption.

Walking out of the Blaze headquarters on 6th Avenue in Midtown, I encountered this very strange vehicle driving up the street.

Truck With Obama Hanging In Effigy Spotted In NYC

The flatbed trailer being pulled by the pickup truck appears to have eight bodies hanging in effigy. Of course my eye was drawn to the body in the center of the display and the sign with a Presidential Seal (of sorts) and the name President Obama.

Truck With Obama Hanging In Effigy Spotted In NYC

Carrying only a smartphone camera, I clicked as many photos as I could before the truck drove out of sight. This one offered clues that would eventually explain more about the purpose of this bizarre display.

Truck With Obama Hanging In Effigy Spotted In NYC

On the back of the “Hanging Truck” one of the signs reads:

Obama Is Onboard, Find Out Why. Visit YouTube.com And Search Keyword PatriotPhipps

Wait a minute. Someone is driving around Manhattan with the President hanging in effigy on a truck? Why? The YouTube search proved fruitful (if not more bizarre than the scene above).

Apparently the truck belongs to someone named VR Phipps from North Carolina. Mr Phipps believes that some of his family members were murdered by local law enforcement and a massive cover-up has successfully prevented him from getting justice. So, Phipps did something very bizarre… he built a gallows in his backyard and also constructed a hanging truck. In the early version (pictured below) VR only had six people dangling. The current version seen today has a judge, a highway patrolman, former Attorney General, the current Governor of North Carolina, a chief counsel, and a county sheriff.

Truck With Obama Hanging In Effigy Spotted In NYC

Mr. Phipps phone number has been covered up as a courtesy. We have called Phipps in hopes of getting further clarification of his story. As of this writing, he has not returned our calls. However, we do have a couple of YouTube videos from Phipps explaining some of his issues with law enforcement and “Goverment.”

First – “President Obama Visits The Hanging Truck”

The President also was treated to a close-up visit to the Phipps Gallows.

Mr Phipps also has a blog that presents his case to the public. But, the public may not be that interested in his story as the blog site and YouTube videos have notched less than 500 clicks each.

Considering that the Phipps hanging truck was now spotlighting President Obama, the Secret Service headquarters in Brooklyn was contacted by The Blaze. Agents on duty told us that they were aware of the truck and the gentleman driving it. They thanked us for the call and assured us that they were “on it.”

We will update as details become available.

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Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Michael RamirezPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco


Fact Check:   'Joe Biden Claims ‘We Didn’t Lock People Up In Cages’

CLAIM: Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed, on immigration: “We didn’t lock people up in cages.”

VERDICT: FALSE. The “cages” were built by the Obama-Biden administration.

Univision moderator Jorge Ramos asked Biden at the third Democrat debate at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, why Latinos should trust him after the Obama administration continued deporting “undocumented immigrants.”

Biden claimed that the Obama administration’s policies were more humane than those of President Donald Trump: “We didn’t lock people up in cages,” he said.

In fact, the “cages” were built by the Obama administration to deal with a surge of unaccompanied minors who crossed the border illegally in 2014.

Originally, the Obama administration was “warehousing” children — literally — in overwhelmed Border Patrol facilities. Breitbart News broke the story of the surge, which was partly triggered by Obama’s policy of allowing illegal alien children who entered the country as minors to stay in the country (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA).

Above image credit: AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, Pool, File

The above photo was published by the Associated Press in June 2014, and the photo below is of Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, touring a Border Patrol facility with “cages.”

Above: Border Patrol officers escort Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Gov. Jan Brewer through the department’s Nogales processing facility for immigrant children. (Photo courtesy Barry Bahler/Department of Homeland Security)

The “cages” are chain-link enclosures in Border Patrol processing facilities that are meant to protect children from adults in custody. They are not permanent accommodations.

In mid-2018, as the Trump administration began enforcing a “zero tolerance” policy that stopped the “catch-and-release” policy of letting illegal aliens go after they were arrested. Detaining adults and children meant that children had to be processed separately; the enclosures prevented adults from harming children.

As Breitbart News reported at the time, children were not housed in “cages.” They were processed and then taken to shelters, where they were given medical care, toiletries, education, recreation, and counseling, and where staff attempted to find relatives or sponsors to whom they could be released.

Democrats began tweeting images of “kids in cages” to condemn the Trump administration. Journalists, too, shared those images.

One problem: they were taken during the Obama administration.

Public outrage at the images led President Trump to end the policy, and require families to be detained together.

Democrats keep repeating the mistake, however: in July, they had to delete a tweet that used an image from the Obama era and cited the “inhumane treatment” of children by the Trump administration.

Republicans argue that not detaining illegal aliens is actually the cruel policy, because it encourages migrants to undertake a dangerous journey, often guided by cartels and smugglers.

As Breitbart News’ Alana Mastrangelo noted recently:

But what’s worse than “cages,” however, are reports of migrant children also being handed over to human traffickers during the Obama administration — while Biden was vice president — according to the New York Times. Between October 2013 and July 2015 alone, nearly 80,000 unaccompanied children from Central American countries were detained by U.S. authorities.

It remains unclear how many of the tens of thousands of children were handed over to human traffickers — including sex traffickers — during that span of nearly two years, as those cases are reportedly not tracked.

“Others were ransomed by the very smugglers to whom their families paid thousands of dollars to sneak them into the United States,” reported the New York Times in 2015, during Obama’s presidency and Biden’s vice presidency. “Some lost limbs during the journey or found themselves sold into sexual slavery.”

Biden told voters in South Carolina last month that he would close all border detention facilities, guaranteeing that the migrant flow would continue.

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