Trey Gowdy To Takeover As Chairman
Of House Oversight Committee
by Rick Wells

{} ~ The next chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, replacing the resigning Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has been selected... It is Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who was chosen Thursday by the House GOP Steering Committee. Gowdy issued a statement in response to being selected for the position, saying, “I am grateful to the Steering Committee and the Conference as a whole for this opportunity to serve. I look forward to working alongside the other Committee members, as well as any member of Congress, as we discharge the jurisdiction assigned to us.” The House GOP conference is expected to ratify the Steering Committee’s selection as soon as Tuesday. Gowdy would then immediately take over the duties of Oversight Committee chairman from Chaffetz...Yes, this is great!

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And nothing will come of anything. But maybe, this will be different.

In my opinion, until there is a kick-butt Attorney General, instead of a southern gentleman in that position, nothing will set the precedent for actually "Draining the Swamp."

;' /   Buford Pusser for AG !!


post thought = we could maybe get close to Buford Pusser with Sheriff Clarke


I do like both of these men but lets see if Gowdy will do well.

we'll see. I'll need to see more than barks and growls before I can muster up hope for Gowdy. Kinda w/Jeanine on that one..  but I was responding to her about the AG position, which isn't about Gowdy. The position he is attaining sounds like a bigger podium for barking and growling but having no real teeth still yet. I don't know, maybe he'll actually 'show me' this time.. that would be good.


Don't be surprise when he does

9th  I was referring to setting an example by the "top" dog, which has not happened, and sure became a let-down with Session's recusal.


Yes ok


I do and most do have confident in Gowdy. Lets wait and see.

Gowdy is one of very few reputable chairmen on the Hill. I DO have a lot of faith in him BUT these committees have done VERY LITTLE IN EVEN bringing to light the real crimes and investigations that need to be brought into the public eye. i.e. re-open Clinton e-mail scandal, finding out and charging leakers of classified info to press and charge both Comey and Lynch. Comey's testimony yesterday should be enough to veer focus in the right direction, now, lets' see if he can do it.


I do see your concern and I do agree. Gowdy will do his job and do it well.

I know he will. I'm a fan, His verbal punches are knockouts every time. It's a beautiful thing to see, but, I do also understand 9thA's comment and viewpoint. There are more aggressive tactics the senate committees can do, that they have not done and it's getting really really old. Gowdy is a fighter, a staunch conservative, makes no apologies and a true believer in the law and constitution. Dems have no cake-walk with him there, we just now need to see some bite with that bark.


Good response. I have no doubts. He will do well.



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