The New York Education Department (NYSED) is scrambling after their pro-suicide bomber lesson plan was revealed by journalists at The Blaze.

The lesson plan, titled “Dying to be a Martyr,” was removed from the Education Department’s website without comment after news of the teaching material starting circulating online.

The material being taught to children was so controversial that NYSED is attempting to remove all traces of the lesson plan from existence. The LAST thing they want is for this flub to reach the public eye — well, too bad. They didn’t count on The Angry Patriot coming along!

The lesson plan was one of many extolling the virtues of Islam to impressionable students funded by taxpayer money through the Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBS). That’s right: We the People funded this atrocity. Sick!

The lesson plan was originally available through the NYSED website in a section titled “Resources for Teachers.” NYSED has removed the material, but it is still available through the New York affiliate of PBS for those teachers determined to destroy our country’s youth.

As we have previously reported, over the last decade PBS has been creating pro-Islamic material for students, including lessons such as “The Five Pillars of Islam” and “Salat: Prayer in Muslim Life.”

However, “Dying to be a Martyr” is the most egregious lesson plan revealed so far, and encourages American students to sympathize with Islamic suicide bombers.

The teacher behind the disgraceful lesson plan is still teaching at Ballston Spa High School in New York. Material from the school website reveals that she teaches World History to students in grades 9 and 10. Her lessons cover the Israel-Palestine conflict extensively, and asks students to understand the motives of Hamas, a designated terror group.

The “Dying to be a Martyr” lesson is one of the largest offered by PBS and contains 40 course materials. In one section teachers are instructed to ask students what Israel has done to deserve the suicidal attacks.

The lesson plan never offers the Israeli perspective, and portrays Hamas terrorists as the victims of Israeli colonialism.

Liberals have become so deranged in their pursuit of political correctness that they are instructing students that suicide bombing is courageous. This is an insult to America and to ACTUALLY courageous people everywhere — like our brave military and law enforcement officers who fight to protect us each and every day. This lesson plan should not be on ANY curriculum, not even in a class on satire.