Obominations are Friday features on the RNLA blog that contain the most egregious lawbreaking behavior of President Obama and his administration.  Here’s a recap of the top (or should we say, “the worst”?) antics by the 44th president.

#10: Obama's Recess Appointment Timing: Change We Should Not Believe In

In January, Obama completely ignored the Constitutional requirement that the Senate consent to appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  The Senate was conducting a pro forma session when these appointments were made.

#9: Democrats Muster Up Explosive Plan to Rid Senate of Filibuster

Obama started off this year with unconstitutional behavior, and he ended it the same way.  President Obama supports the “nuclear option” – breaking the rules to change the rules of the Senate.  Just think what terrifying items on President’s agenda that Senate Democrats will rubber stamp if there is no power to the Republicans in the Senate.

#8: The Attorney General Held in Contempt

Eric Holder was chosen by Obama to lead the Department of Justice and became the very first to be held in contempt by the House of Representatives.  Instead of a transparent agency, the Department of Justice stonewalled the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in its efforts to find documents which would shed light on Fast and Furious.

#7: Obama Adviser Threatens Gallup for Unfavorable Poll and Then DOJ Sues Pollsters

Outrageous but true.  The media better watch out because if they don’t publish something Obama likes, he will use the full power of the federal government to sue them.

#6: Obama Tramples on the First Amendment

The HHS mandate threatens religious liberty.  He told a variety of religious institutions that they must violate their consciences or face exacting fines.

#5:  Forgetting the Military

What kind of commander-in-chief has a Department of Defense that does not adequately run the Federal Voting Assistance Program properly to ensure that the military can vote?  The kind that doesn’t think the military vote for him:  Obama.

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I'm sure this list could go on for several pages. This is the worst insidous president that has ever set in the White House! In his first year he had already ignored our consititution and made it clear that his comrades get rewarded with pay off, his enemies get fines and regulations.
I begain to watch Obama closer when i heard he had placed Czars in governement departments, come on CZARS? if that's not slapping America in the face, then we're asleep at the wheel. After the reelection it became clear we are asleep at the wheel. Most Americans watch congress and wonder how this could go on and they do nothing about it! We know the democratic party is now the Obama party, totaly and absolt! They turned over all of their powers to Obama to negotiat a bidget after setting on their hands for three years and allowing him to not file a budget per law of the land.
What it will take to remove this monster from our governement is beyond me. The only hope i've seen is the conservities we elected into the house, they have shown us some hope that congress is being restored to it's once great glory. God help us from our own stupied!

We have had four years of CRAP, now we are set for another four. Mr. Andy Morris, there is enough material from the past four years to write a multi series of books.


True, but I'll bet he could figure a way to BAN the books.  (Un-islamic, anti Communist, ETC)  Freedom of ANYTHING is in extreme danger from him. 

He's gotta GO!  How can we accomplish it?  I'll buy paper for the suit.  Now we need someone to buy the toner for the copies, and someone to prosecute the case. 

Thanks again Dee: Obaminaion I may be mixed up nope not this time. Abomination of Desolation close. I thought the anti christ was here nope close tho, muslum o is just a little puppet whore of satan. I see a light muslum o & the anti christ & satan are killing each other, I see Jesus sending all 3 to the bottomless pit to burn forever

Ok then. If all of these things are illegal, why in the hell is everyone going along with them?


Out of FEAR of the Federal Government.  Our people (300,000,000 of them) have not read the Constitution, and have not been taught about it.  They have been BRAINWASHED, or at least RINSED into believning that 'The Government Is All....Praise The Government'. 

It started about 150 years ago, and has been progressing since.  The 14th amendment has wording in it that was not unbderstood by the people, and the amendment was 'ratified' at gunpoint.  It contains none of the Bill Of Rights, but reserves powers to itself that have finally become all-encompassing.  Everybody, now, it a citizen (lower case) of United States (a corporation), and SUBJECT TO its JURISDICTION. 

How do you like being a SUBJECT?  We stopped being 'subjects' when we tossed King George.   But there are those who love power, and are not satisfied until EVERYBODY is under THEIR power.  The federal power is such now that when they say "sh1t" we ask HOW MUCH?, when they say "JUMP", we ask HOW HIGH?  Now they make our lives miserable under the "NEEDFUL RULES" clause of the Constitution they loathe.  They claim it's needful, make up a rule, then make up a law to enforce the rule, complete with penalties for 'failure to comply'.  It's not supposed to BE that way, but I can't fix it.  You can't fix it.  All of us together might be able to, but when was the last time ten people got together to 'fix' something without SOMEBODY trying to take it ove, and impose their own agenda?  A hundred, and there'll be ten or more. 

They will soon take radio and TV time to carefully explain exactly what to expect, and what will be expected of US in the Glorious Peoples' Republick of America.  And they expect us to roll up like slugs in the sun.  Guess what?  MOST WILL!!

I'm fortunate.  I'm too old for them to do too much damage to.  They stole my home a couple of years ago, and I have nothing left of interest to them.  They can kill me, but that wouldn't accomplish anything. 

Unless we focus and start right now on changing the direction of the way we are headed, Our Nation is  completely gone.  Our only hope was the Republican Party and they let us down completely by putting a person running for President that did not bother to speak up for himself until the first debate, when it was too late.  Did he really want to be President??? Doubtful.  How can a man who made the money he made care about the position?   Did any of you notice Obama did not really want to be at that debate?  He knew something we did not know.  Years in the future when we all all old and gray we will find out but if we do not do something soon we will be in a gas chamber waiting for our turn, as old people are not on Obama's plan.  Was Mitt a plant so that the current Administration could get back in?  A thought that bears attention.  We have to unite, all of us who believe in what we stood for in this great nation.  Just talking about it on this site is great but it is like doing number 1 in a black suit.  No one notices but you feel better.  IN other words this will not do us any good to just talk about it.  Are any of you writing to your Senator or Congress Critters???  Some might say this is a waste of time but we have to do everything we can to get something accomplished peacefully before we have no choice but to take physical action and I have a feeling that will be the only way to regain control of our Nation as our freedom is slippng away right before our eyes.   We have to focus.  In 2013, the world will make drastic changes.  There will be major events happening in the World that some of us knew were going to happen.  This coming year will mark the start of things happening and we will only be able to watch and wonder how we will survive and more importantly How will our Nation survive.  Our leadership is weak when it comes to world events.  Take Benghazi for example.  That is just a tasted of how he handles (or mishandles) events.  Praying helps but action will be necessary.  God Help the USA! ! !

   As for the last one , if the military vote had counted he would not have won even with the MASSIVE fraud perpetrated by the Communists , the mainstream media and the CIA , that covered up his illegality from the first election . ( Also Massively fraudulent ) .

This is a good time to reminisce!

Obama was not responsible for Fast & Furious; he wasn't responsible for Benghazi; he wasn't responsible for this horrible economy, for the disintegration of the Middle East, for the loss of trust by our close friends and allies.

Well, what in hell is he responsible for?

His golf scores.

I guess if your an illegal communist traitor terrorist-- you can do what the hell ever you want to the American people...   it sure appears to be so!!!



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