If you thought you would be able to protect your women from Muslim invaders, you need to read this story.

Two Muslim migrants in Sweden have been convicted for violently raping a young Swedish girl. First, they beat her friend and guardian within an inch of his life. (via Breitbart)

Raised on government propaganda, three young Swedish women and their male companions decided to invite a couple of Muslim migrants to a small party in an apartment in Stockholm.

Impressed by their generosity, the two Muslims, one from Kenya and the other from Liberia, rewarded their new Swedish friends with a violent assault.

The Muslim men used pepper spray to blind the young man. They then savagely beat him. The Liberian even recorded a video for social media, bragging about killing the young man.

Thankfully, the Swedish boy survived the attack, yet he suffered multiple cerebral hemorrhages, plus bruises and fractures. He will have brain damage for the rest of his life.

Once the threat was out of the way, the migrants turned their attention to the young girls. One girl was strangled by the Kenyan when she attempted to intervene.

Another girl was taken by the Liberian to a nearby bedroom, where he proceeded to strangle and violently rape her. The girls were only saved when a neighbor broke the apartment door open, allowing them to flee.

Adding insult to injury, the Swedish court system isn’t taking the case seriously. The Kenyan, who was previously convicted of rape in 2016, was sentenced to only two-and-a-half years in a cushy Swedish prison. Police will attempt to deport him after the jail stay, but he will be allowed to return after ten years.

The Liberian, who has a longer rap sheet, including theft, and causing serious bodily harm, was sentenced to a total of three years behind bars. Alarmingly, police are not seeking his deportation. These African migrants completely ruined the lives of three teenage girls, left a young man permanently brain damaged, and are receiving little more than a slap on the wrist.

It should be clear the Swedish police do not care about their fellow citizens, and they will turn a blind eye to the violent attacks against their youth.

This should be a lesson to all Americans — we cannot accept Muslim refugees and expect a different result than the devastation we see in Sweden. We cannot import millions of barbarians and expect them to follow our customs.