No doubt about it, we have a bunch of Incompetent Pinheads running Our Government.  No one’s minding the store – they’re all too busy covering up their cover ups.  Clinton should have been fired without retirement, perks or a pot to pee in just like she was fired in 1974 from the Watergate Committee. 


Remember her paper shredding party that she had in the White House after Vincent Foster the White House counsel supposedly committed suicide.  Her recent comment about the Benghazi murders (What Difference Does it Make) pretty much says it all about this person.


Eric Holder the Chiquita Banana chump is an expert on gunrunning, he defended a bunch of low lives in 2007 who illegally imported over 3,000 AK-47s and 5 million rounds of ammunition into a country ripped apart by drug wars. His argument for Chiquita International Brands (CIB) was that they did nothing illegal.


He did the same thing with the Fast and Furious gunrunner program, lying under oath and saying we did nothing wrong.  He and Napolitano were Obama’s gophers and they established the gunrunner program in April 2009.


He gave the Black Panthers a “get out of jail free” card. He attacked Gibson guitar because they contributed to Republican campaigns.  He’s the guy that did the Marc Rich two step saying of course, he didn’t know. 


It’s claimed by the IBD that Holder is the one who threatened banks if they turned down a minority for a loan because they were receiving welfare payments and food stamps. Bottom line, this person has a sordid background and never was qualified to be the AG of the USA. 


Show me one human being in the Obama Administration that isn’t a Communist, Socialist, extreme radical and Rothschild Zionist.  It’s impossible so don’t even waste your time! 


Obama the community organizer should have been removed from the Presidential Race in 2008, because he wasn’t vetted end of conversation.  Why did Americans put a man without a past in our White House for two terms?  Why did Americans hand over our Nation to a wolf in sheep’s clothing for two terms?  Messaging laced with distraction, lies, false promises dished out by the greatest orator of our times won the elections.    


The answer is simple – Obama won both terms because he out messaged his opponents connecting with the masses. McCain’s campaign was weak and he couldn’t connect with the majority of the people.  Romney was a nice guy and nice guys don’t win Presidential races.


To say Obama doesn’t know about the scandals is pretty much like saying Obama is useless, uniformed, distracted and unable to hold the position of Commander in Chief.  But then again he’s been AWOL since 2008 and he’s definitely not the smartest kid on the block.  In 2008 he said, "I've now been in 57 states -- I think one left to go." --at a campaign event in Beaverton, Oregon


Here’s a perfect example of Obama’s messaging machine – OFA is but one of hundreds of his social messaging devices.  Here’s the first paragraph of an email from Obama via OFA that I received this AM.


First paragraph reads, “Organizing for Action (OFA) isn't like any other organization. It's based in Chicago, not Washington, and its task is to help restore the balance of power in government.”  Email signed by Barack.  There you go folks that’s a perfect example of why he was elected for a second term – it’s all about messaging.


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by Pat Cross


ALERT --> Florida Democrats Urged Voters To Submit Absentee Ballots After Election Day Using Altered Forms


 Florida Democrats urged voters to submit absentee ballots after Election Day, using an official form that had been altered to make it look like they were doing so within the legal deadline, hoping a judge would later allow the votes.

That attempt to add Democratic votes, which critics say is possible election fraud, was reported Thursday morning by Ana Ceballos of the Naples Daily News, who notes the scheme has already been reported to federal prosecutors.

Ceballos reported:

A day after Florida’s election left top state races too close to call, a Democratic party leader directed staffers and volunteers to share altered election forms with voters to fix signature problems on absentee ballots after the state’s deadline.

The altered forms surfaced in Broward, Santa Rosa, Citrus and Okaloosa counties and were reported to federal prosecutors to review for possible election fraud as Florida counties complete a required recount in three top races.

But an email obtained by the USA TODAY NETWORK-Florida shows that Florida Democrats were organizing a broader statewide effort beyond those counties to give voters the altered forms to fix improper absentee ballots after the Nov. 5 deadline. Democratic party leaders provided staffers with copies of a form, known as a “cure affidavit,” that had been modified to include an inaccurate Nov. 8 deadline.

One Palm Beach Democrat said in an interview the idea was to have voters fix and submit as many absentee ballots as possible with the altered forms in hopes of later including them in vote totals if a judge ruled such ballots were allowed.

Election Day was November 6.

A decision Thursday by federal judge Mark Walker, a Barack Obama appointee, will allow voters to correct mismatched signatures on mailed-in and provisional ballots until Saturday. Republicans have appealed.

Republicans are already crying foul over Democrats’ efforts to overturn GOP victories in the races for governor and U.S. Senate by suing local election authorities to include votes that were improperly cast (or not cast).

Election officials in Broward County and Palm Beach County failed to comply with state laws and court orders regarding the counting and reporting of outstanding ballots, leading to speculation about efforts to tamper with the results.

Democrats have countered by claiming that Republicans do not want every vote to be counted.

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