The "Tea Party", Where They Are In The Days Of Donald Trump After They Went Dormant

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Donald Trump is Pro-Israel-Yisrael / Pro-Christian and Jewish People / Pro-USA Capitalism and Constitution / PRO-LIFE!!

Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/


The problem with the silent majority is that it is silent more often than not... Today calls for active, aggressive action on the part of our citizens if we are to save America and its Republican roots... its Constitution and long history of individual freedom.

Now is not the time to rest... it is time to double down on our principals and activism... we must drain the swamp and reorganize the Federal Judiciary... we must strengthen our Constitution and its institutions of law and order.  We must remove the cancer that has infected Congress and the Administration.. our courts and public institutions.

I believe the “Tea Party” is alive and well albeit it appears to be sitting our laurels.  I believe it has actually grown in size and that’s what won the presidency   I truly hope we stand up to soon to the communists in the house and even the Senate 


Good point. However, because we don't march down Pennsylvania avenue with cardboard signs or put our faces in the media then many believe we are dead, nothing is further from the truth. sends out over 1 billion opt-in emails per month to 'silent subscribers' sends over 1 million snail mailers out per month and generated over 8 million votes for Trump and will beat that record next year. 

We also, run a Super PAC - and is breaking all records, except without telling the Lame-Stream Media ;-) 

The difference is we no longer get death threats, have our homes surrounded by Antifa thugs or face acid attacks. Our membership is made up of VOTERS! and that makes the difference not a pile of dead or wounded members. 

I and many others don't need the glory just the results. We are bigger then ever and everywhere. 


Oh my gosh, Hillary Clinton states the Super PAC belongs to her...

Its the end of the TPCC Now...:)

I've always felt at home considering myself a non libertarian "Tea Party" activist. I do know we are still together but right now our new name is, "Trump Supporters" :)


The Patriot remains committed... his flag held high and his hopes higher.  It is good to hear from you Steve... the many need to know, from time to time, that they are not alone and that the fight continues.  This election cycle, like all of the recent elections, is critical... our Nation hangs in the air for the taking by those committed enough to act.

Let our resolve match that of our forefathers... our commitment to one another, a testimony to the blood that flows in our veins; too, our heritage and our progeny's right to call America the home of the free and the land of liberty... That America may reflect the Greatness of her forebearers... of God's hand in the affairs of men.

We are more than flesh and blood ...we are the sons and daughters of the pioneers; who carved this great nation out of the wilderness... we are not about to let the Socialist carve it up, and give it away to those unwilling to work, unwilling to build an even greater society. 

God Bless America with the LEADERSHIP she needs today... God Bless Donald Trump and those willing to risk their lives, liberty, and fortunes, to the cause called AMERICA... this Great Adventure in self-government, the Greatest Nation ever created for the people, by the People and of the People.... shall not perish from the Earth... not on our watch.  Amen.

But but but Ronald that comment was almost a month ago by Steve....:)




Gee... maybe his comment is timeless and just maybe I missed it... I do have lots of work to do and occasionally ... believe it or not ... I miss such comments.

BS!!!! but nice try...:)

We know where your loyalty lies... with the Nazi Party,  the mythical Tribe of Dan, and a host of other discredited and insane conspiracy theories.  We choose not to accept such dribble as true.




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