The Sussex Declaration of Independence Update is Important, For many Patriots here they have not had the chance to read;Unique Copy of Declaration of Independence Turns Up In London , here at the Tea Party Command Center. The British Empire is dragging their feet on the document. this is what little "O" me found out.

 Robert R. Livingston was involved in this document, he went to England, the clue is this Sussex Declaration of Independence, Document is one of 2 different drafts. Of the same Declaration of Independence. The difference is,the Sussex Declaration this Document gave the Authority of The States to We The People, and not the States. According to original Documents The States are in Authority Over The United States Federal Government, thus, We The People Govern this Law of Of the Land.

 The facts of this finding is clear, I hope the Pdf here can handle the doc. we will attempt to upload it. NOPE PDF will not up here is the link:

In the middle of the search for the truth two names turned up, connected to the, as I consider it, Sussex Declaration is the first draft and the dating is a attempt to hide the facts. Now the names, just two for now.

 Robert R. Livingston case searched info:

 George  Clinton London England:

George Clinton 1784 London England:

 Clinton is a British surname, indicating one's ancestors came from English places called Glympton or Glinton. Clinton has frequently been used as a given name since the late 19th century. Baron Clinton is a title of peerage in England, originally created in 1298.

Notable people with the name Clinton include:
Family of Bill and Hillary Clinton

    Charles Clinton (1690–1773), French and Indian War colonel, father of James and George Clinton

    James Clinton (1733–1812), American Revolutionary War general, father of DeWitt Clinton, brother of George Clinton

    George Clinton (vice president) (1739–1812), first and third Governor of New York, fourth Vice President of the United States

    DeWitt Clinton (1769–1828), seventh and ninth governor of New York, son of James and nephew of George Clinton

    George Clinton Jr. (1771–1809), son of the vice president

    George W. Clinton (1807–1885), American politician—Buffalo, New York, son of Governor DeWitt Clinton

    Admiral George Clinton (Royal Navy officer) (1686–1761), British naval officer and colonial governor

    General Henry Clinton (British Army officer, born 1730) (died 1795), British general during the American Revolutionary War

    General William Henry Clinton (1769–1846), British general during the Napoleonic Wars
    Lieutenant General Henry Clinton (British Army officer, born 1771) (died 1829), British general during the Napoleonic Wars


    Bill Clinton (born 1946), 42nd President of the United States

    Hillary Clinton (born 1947), U.S. Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, and wife of Bill Clinton

    Chelsea Clinton (born 1980), daughter of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

 I just love the Anonymous Activity of the Elite of England, LOL Tif

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Tif you did a fantastic job, we are proud of you for , Breaking the News Story of The Century

 I can see Hillary and Bill Clinton's face right now

Excellent job you!! But too much reading .. (tired)

Not only was Clinton Vice President but he actually ran for President.

And yet gets weirder:

"Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe in Hope, Arkansas. His biological father, William Jefferson Blythe died in a car accident, three months before Clinton was born. His mother, Virginia Clinton Kelley was a Nurse anesthetist. He took the last name Clinton because it was his stepfather, Roger Clinton, Sr.'s name."

And weirder:

"Winthrop Rockefeller was son of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and Abby Greene Aldrich, and the grandson of John Davison Rockefeller, Sr. who founded the Standard Oil Company. His brothers were John D. III, David, Nelson and Laurence Rockefeller. Winthrop Rockefeller also went to Yale University, 1931-1934.

In 1966, despite the fact that there are less than 20% of registered Republicans in the State of Arkansas, Winthrop Rockefeller is elected Governor of the state of Arkansas and has some notable achievements.

In September 1972 Rockefeller was diagnosed with rare kind of inoperable cancer, and he goes through a devastating round of chemotherapy. When he returned to the state of Arkansas, the citizens shocked at the frail and haggard appearance... of what had been a giant of a man. Winthrop Rockefeller died in Palm Springs, California.

Winthrop P. Rockefeller, Jr. has been the Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas since 1996, and he formally announced that he will be running for Governor of Arkansas.

"In the "The Biggest Secret" we learned that all 42 of the 43 U.S. Presidents have all been related to one another (at least distantly). However, Bill Clinton having been number US President number 42, did not even know who his father was, until the record showed up several decades later? David Icke is absolutely correct in his statement that all 41 Presidents of the United States have been directly related to one another. This has been confirmed by a genealogical organization known as Burke's Pearage, and Gary Boyd from the New England Historical Society, William Jefferson Clinton is the one that who somehow does not fit."

There has been talk that Clinton was a Rockefeller, but I need sleep too bad to worry abut it now. Night all!

To tired, poor baby, so I will leave the riddle of this for ya, how about that..?

George Clinton 1784


Robert R. Livingston, took the original document to London England. Now who did it ...?

George Clinton of the British Empire- Royalty, the great great great, great...exc. exc and so on... Grand Father to Bill Clinton, both of their names are involved in the document, fancy that... and Hank your right, found the mouse and I jumped on it.



Wake -e wake-e Infowars,

 Good morning

Hold the presses - this is why I do better when I'm awake. Clinton was only mentioned in the document once on page 15 where they cite a 1784 New York delegate credential as an example, not related to the document.  :(

However, it is still creepy as hell that Clinton wasn't actually related to the former VP but became President seeing as how they are all related to each other, including Clinton anyway - and their common relation? King John of England.

Can it get creepier? Yes it can:

"The Monarchy of Canada is at the core of both Canada's federal structure and Westminster-style of parliamentary and constitutional democracy.[6] The monarchy is the foundation of the executive (Queen-in-Council), legislature (Queen-in-Parliament), and judiciary (Queen-on-the-Bench) in the federal and each provincial jurisdiction.[10] The Canadian sovereign is the personification of the Canadian state and,[11][12] as a matter of constitutional law, is Canada.[17] The current Canadian monarch, since 6 February 1952, is Queen Elizabeth II."

Which would make NAFTA seem a little too close to uniting the British Kingdoms.

The Colonel is correct - seeing as how they didn't have faxes or laser printers, it would be common practice to send them kiss off documentation as a formality.

However, I already showed you my concerns with the Atlantic Revolutions being the early stages of global domination and it wasn't out of the ordinary for the Rothschilds to have agents in various political positions working for them:

So let's conspiracy theorize for a brief moment: what if the American Revolution was set up where the British still controlled the political power to get the colonialists in debt to put the Rothschild Bank in the US? What if, after the contract expired 1811 and the Congress denied renewal, Rothschild & British Royalty engaged us in the second Revolution to win back control of the financial system by 1816, which is exactly what they did? I mean after all, if they were willing for thousands to die to get the contract re-newed, what would make getting the contract in the first place any different?

Let's go back to pre-American Revolution:

"We are in 1750. The United States of America does not yet exist; it is the 13 Colonies of the American continent, forming "New England", a possession of the motherland, England. Benjamin Franklin wrote about the population of that time: "Impossible to find a happier and more prosperous population on all the surface of the globe." Going over to England to represent the interests of the Colonies, Franklin was asked how he accounted for the prosperous conditions prevailing in the Colonies, while poverty was rife in the motherland:

"That is simple," Franklin replied. "In the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial Scrip. We issue it in proper proportion to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay to no one."

The English bankers, being informed of that, had a law passed by the British Parliament prohibiting the Colonies from issuing their own money, and ordering them to use only the gold or silver debt-money that was provided in insufficient quantity by the English bankers. The circulating medium of exchange was thus reduced by half.

"In one year," Franklin stated, "the conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity ended, and a depression set in, to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed."

Then the Revolutionary War was launched against England, and was followed by the Declaration of Independence in 1776. History textbooks erroneously teach that it was the tax on tea that triggered the American Revolution. But Franklin clearly stated:

"The Colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters, had it not been the poverty caused by the bad influence of the English bankers on the Parliament: which has caused in the Colonies hatred of England, and the Revolutionary War."

The Founding Fathers of the United States, bearing all these facts in mind, and to protect themselves against the exploitation of the International Bankers, took good care to expressly declare, in the American Constitution, signed at Philadelphia in 1787, Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 5:

"Congress shall have the power to coin money and to regulate the value thereof."

But that is not what happened, is it. While we are hypothesizing, what if ALL of the Atlantic Revolutions had nothing to do with the "Age of Enlightment" so much as it had to do with acquiring national banks on a global scale?


"Complete List Of Rothschild Owned And Controlled Banks"

Afghanistan: Bank of Afghanistan
Albania: Bank of Albania
Algeria: Bank of Algeria
Argentina: Central Bank of Argentina
Armenia: Central Bank of Armenia
Aruba: Central Bank of Aruba
Australia: Reserve Bank of Australia
Austria: Austrian National Bank
Azerbaijan: Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic
Bahamas: Central Bank of The Bahamas
Bahrain: Central Bank of Bahrain
Bangladesh: Bangladesh Bank
Barbados: Central Bank of Barbados
Belarus: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Belgium: National Bank of Belgium
Belize: Central Bank of Belize
Benin: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
Bermuda: Bermuda Monetary Authority
Bhutan: Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
Bolivia: Central Bank of Bolivia
Bosnia: Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Botswana: Bank of Botswana
Brazil: Central Bank of Brazil
Bulgaria: Bulgarian National Bank
Burkina Faso: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
Burundi: Bank of the Republic of Burundi
Cambodia: National Bank of Cambodia
Came Roon: Bank of Central African States
Canada: Bank of Canada – Banque du Canada
Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Central African Republic: Bank of Central African States
Chad: Bank of Central African States
Chile: Central Bank of Chile
China: The People’s Bank of China
Colombia: Bank of the Republic
Comoros: Central Bank of Comoros
Congo: Bank of Central African States
Costa Rica: Central Bank of Costa Rica
Côte d’Ivoire: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
Croatia: Croatian National Bank
Cuba: Central Bank of Cuba
Cyprus: Central Bank of Cyprus
Czech Republic: Czech National Bank
Denmark: National Bank of Denmark
Dominican Republic: Central Bank of the Dominican Republic
East Caribbean area: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Ecuador: Central Bank of Ecuador
Egypt: Central Bank of Egypt
El Salvador: Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea: Bank of Central African States
Estonia: Bank of Estonia
Ethiopia: National Bank of Ethiopia
European Union: European Central Bank
Fiji: Reserve Bank of Fiji
Finland: Bank of Finland
France: Bank of France
Gabon: Bank of Central African States
The Gambia: Central Bank of The Gambia
Georgia: National Bank of Georgia
Germany: Deutsche Bundesbank
Ghana: Bank of Ghana
Greece: Bank of Greece
Guatemala: Bank of Guatemala
Guinea Bissau: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
Guyana: Bank of Guyana
Haiti: Central Bank of Haiti
Honduras: Central Bank of Honduras
Hong Kong: Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hungary: Magyar Nemzeti Bank
Iceland: Central Bank of Iceland
India: Reserve Bank of India
Indonesia: Bank Indonesia
Iran: The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Iraq: Central Bank of Iraq
Ireland: Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland
Israel: Bank of Israel
Italy: Bank of Italy
Jamaica: Bank of Jamaica
Japan: Bank of Japan
Jordan: Central Bank of Jordan
Kazakhstan: National Bank of Kazakhstan
Kenya: Central Bank of Kenya
Korea: Bank of Korea
Kuwait: Central Bank of Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan: National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
Latvia: Bank of Latvia
Lebanon: Central Bank of Lebanon
Lesotho: Central Bank of Lesotho
Libya: Central Bank of Libya (Their most recent conquest)
Uruguay: Central Bank of Uruguay
Lithuania: Bank of Lithuania
Luxembourg: Central Bank of Luxembourg
Macao: Monetary Authority of Macao
Macedonia: National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
Madagascar: Central Bank of Madagascar
Malawi: Reserve Bank of Malawi
Malaysia: Central Bank of Malaysia
Mali: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
Malta: Central Bank of Malta
Mauritius: Bank of Mauritius
Mexico: Bank of Mexico
Moldova: National Bank of Moldova
Mongolia: Bank of Mongolia
Montenegro: Central Bank of Montenegro
Morocco: Bank of Morocco
Mozambique: Bank of Mozambique
Namibia: Bank of Namibia
Nepal: Central Bank of Nepal
Netherlands: Netherlands Bank
Netherlands Antilles: Bank of the Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand: Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Nicaragua: Central Bank of Nicaragua
Niger: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
Nigeria: Central Bank of Nigeria
Norway: Central Bank of Norway
Oman: Central Bank of Oman
Pakistan: State Bank of Pakistan
Papua New Guinea: Bank of Papua New Guinea
Paraguay: Central Bank of Paraguay
Peru: Central Reserve Bank of Peru
Philip Pines: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Poland: National Bank of Poland
Portugal: Bank of Portugal
Qatar: Qatar Central Bank
Romania: National Bank of Romania
Rwanda: National Bank of Rwanda
San Marino: Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino
Samoa: Central Bank of Samoa
Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
Senegal: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
Serbia: National Bank of Serbia
Seychelles: Central Bank of Seychelles
Sierra Leone: Bank of Sierra Leone
Singapore: Monetary Authority of Singapore
Slovakia: National Bank of Slovakia
Slovenia: Bank of Slovenia
Solomon Islands: Central Bank of Solomon Islands
South Africa: South African Reserve Bank
Spain: Bank of Spain
Sri Lanka: Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Sudan: Bank of Sudan
Surinam: Central Bank of Suriname
Swaziland: The Central Bank of Swaziland
Sweden: Sveriges Riksbank
Switzerland: Swiss National Bank
Tajikistan: National Bank of Tajikistan
Tanzania: Bank of Tanzania
Thailand: Bank of Thailand
Togo: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
Tonga: National Reserve Bank of Tonga
Trinidad and Tobago: Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
Tunisia: Central Bank of Tunisia
Turkey: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Uganda: Bank of Uganda
Ukraine: National Bank of Ukraine
United Arab Emirates: Central Bank of United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom: Bank of England
United States: Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Vanuatu: Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
Venezuela: Central Bank of Venezuela
Vietnam: The State Bank of Vietnam
Yemen: Central Bank of Yemen
Zambia: Bank of Zambia
Zimbabwe: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

Well your kind of wrong Inforwars, the Clinton family is related to the Royalty of the British Family...

CLINTON Genealogy;

and there are hundreds of sites that share the same historical information, and some share where President Bush is related to the Clinton's Royalty Of England..


I'm never wrong, so get that out of your head right now.

I know they are related, I just pointed that out - the point I was making was this:

"The Loyalists were American colonists who remained loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolutionary War. At the time they were often called Tories, Royalists, or King's Men; Patriots called them persons inimical to the liberties of America."

What if the American Revolution was set up only so the Rothschilds could get control over the colonies financial system? What if .. the "new government" was a false flag JUST to get control over the financial system of the colonies through war debt (which they did) and the Loyalists made sure that England maintained power? Why else would they ALL BE RELATED TO KING JOHN OF ENGLAND? !!!


(Sorry to yell but I want to make sure you get it this time) XD

There indeed is a historical current... underpinning  our Nation's leadership ... attached to Royalty... thru both blood and marriage... Even unto this day.

A new age aristocracy exist... an elite who believe they are entitled to rule and are above the law.  However, the people remain sovereign, as long as they have the will to resist these miscreants of society, willingly checking their power, where and when it counts.

Most citizens are not concerned with the egotistical machinations of such royal usurpers... unless it effects their pursuit of happiness and the general exercise of  liberty.  In the past these royal usurpers were not so bold as to push the people to their braking point... fearing revolution. 

However, with the advent of modern systems and technologies that can be used to control the masses they now believe they have the means to control the masses and too return them to servitude... These elite may well awake, to find they have over stated their position.

Evil will wax worse... deceiving and being deceived... especially, as the day of judgment approaches.  We are seeing this take place, even now, as those in power vie for even greater power... deceiving one another and being deceived, they ignore the signs of the time.  Great delusion has come upon them... and soon ... sooner than they think, God will have them all in derision... As He will soon return to make His enemies His foot stool.

Therefore take refuge in the Truth... knowing the end will bring judgment, and justice to every good work. The evil in this world will not see the next... world.  The meek shall inherit the Earth ... and the wicked their part in the lake of fire.

There is another side to this; prior to the internet, information was much more isolated. Now we can research & share our research with each other, adding to each other's information in a way that humanity has never experienced until now.

It is easy to see why the elite are very nervous, there is no way to predict what the results of of this new technology will ultimately be and exactly what the effect on humanity will be. We are no longer limited to the forms of information outlets that were once easy to control. They realize this and are attempting to combat it:

"CIA-Sponsored Trolls Monitor Social Media & Interact With Users to Discredit Factual Information"

Just how extensive is the government hacking? Previously, 21WIRE has detailed the disturbing GCHQ training documents which outlines a how-to guide for Online Covert Action which, according to journalist Glenn Greenwald, has also been shared with US agencies like the NSA. It reveals the existence of paid government agent/contractor persons lurking on social media using pseudo names, while befriending members of the alternative media. The government training exercise uses language like “befriend”, “infiltrate”, “mask/mimic”, “ruse”, “set-up”, “disrupt”, “create cognitive stress”, “use deception”, “ruin business relationships”, and “post negative information on appropriate forums” – in a malicious effort to target bloggersactivistsjournalists, social event organisers and anyone else deemed to be a ‘emerging leader’ or voice in the public sphere.

If they didn't have something to hide, there would be no reason to respond by passing out disinformation and trolling serious conversations, but even then, people are becoming seasoned to use their discernment and I believe they are generally evolving to differentiate between factual information and false information.

I don't think they adequately predicted this and it is to their great disadvantage.

Ok, seeing how TPP Legislation is on the verge of failing or passing, if it passes, such knowledge will be removed from the internet.

But we have backups all over the place.


What may seem novel or new to this generation has always been understood by former generations... We were taught in school that the States and the People were to be the underlying power and that the Federal Government was the creation of the States and the People... thus, their servants.  The supposed supremacy clause of the Constitution only applies to the ENUMERATED powers granted to the Federal Government in Article 1, Section 8... the supremacy of federal law was limited to those specific elements.  This new generation has just begun their quest for discovery... and their voyage to reclaim liberty lost.

The 9th and 10th Amendments to the US Constitution...  as part of the Bill of Rights, were meant to affirm the People's and State's ultimate supremacy over the Federal Government. These Amendments were meant to keep the Federal Government from USURPING powers not specifically granted to them by the Constitution, the States, and the People.  It affirms the State's and the People as sovereigns... not the Federal Government.

It is no revelation that, the Declaration of Independence, established the right of the individual as Sovereign... Today, we hear the left and the Establishment labeling the Patriot Movement as the SOVERIGN CITIZEN's Movement.  As if, the label of sovereign did not apply or is derogatory and defamatory. 

The American Citizen is sovereign under the Constitution...  The Declaration of Independence famously established that fact with these words: "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among those are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed..."   Government receive their power to govern by the consent of the People... making the people sovereign not the State.

Therein lies the crux of the matter...  the struggle for power between Globalist and the Government Establishment and the people... Who is sovereign?  Who has the power to determine the law by which we live?  The People or Government?  Our founders declared the people to be the sovereigns, not the State.  Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence support a sovereign people... not a sovereign government.  It is the people who have the ultimate right of consent to the laws by which government operates. 




Clinton Donor And Tax Cheat Tied To Russia

“Do as we say, not as we do.”

That seems to be the slogan for Hillary Clinton and her political allies, and it’s especially apt in light of new information about one of Clinton’s largest campaign donors.

While the left is still trying to attack President Trump and his family over unproven business dealings and largely debunked connections to Russia, a new report indicates that it was Hillary Clinton’s team who were doing those exact things.

“Fox News has learned that one of the top donors to the ‘Hillary Victory Fund’ (HVF) in 2016 was a Los Angeles-based attorney who is alleged to have misused company funds to create his own $22 million real estate portfolio,” that outlet reported on Thursday.

“He has also been considered by California to be one of the state’s biggest tax cheats, and allegedly has ties to the (Russian) Kremlin,” Fox continued.

The man’s name is Edgar Sargsyan. His deep pockets greatly benefited Clinton’s campaign, with contributions of at least $250,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund in 2016.

He was also in charge of an elite fundraising dinner to benefit Clinton, where donors paid $100,000 per couple just to attend the ritzy event. But in true Clinton fashion, the money apparently went missing.

Sargsyan is now “being sued by his former company for allegedly diverting those funds to start his own real estate company,” according to Fox.

Now, people are asking hard questions about Clinton’s buddy Sargsyan, including whether his contributions were part of a pay-to-play scheme and if he had shady connections to foreign governments.

“Nobody gave to the Hillary Victory Fund out of the goodness of their heart or some generalized desire to help 33 random state parties,” pointed out attorney Dan Backer from the Committee to Defend the President.

“They did so to buy access and curry influence — something the Clintons have been selling for nearly three decades in and out of government,” he continued.

Trying to buy political influence is sadly common, especially when it comes to the Clintons. What is raising more red flags than normal, however, is the evidence that Sargsyan is no run-of-the-mill campaign donor.

“The really scary question is, what did this particular donor with this strange web of connections hope to buy for his quarter-million dollars?” Backer asked Fox News.

That web of connections is strange indeed.

The Committee to Defend the President is now alleging that SBK, a major Sargsyan-linked company “is an investment firm that is affiliated with United Arab Emirates president, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, and its international affiliate has business interests in Russia,” according to Fox.

“Among its dealings was a bid to finance $850 million for a major bridge project to connect Crimea with Russia,” the group claims.

“He worked for SBK, and SBK appears to have bid on some Crimean/Russian bridge project,” Backer said. “That’s usually an indicator of political favor and connections.”

It raises several chilling questions: Was Sargsyan paying a quarter million dollars to Clinton for political favors, and — more disturbingly — was that money actually from sources in Russia in order to smooth the way for its construction plans?

Nobody knows for sure. What is clear, however, is that there is a pattern of dirty money surrounding the Clintons, with the “Uranium One” and “Clinton Foundation” scandals just two of the most well-known examples.

“It reinforces how fast and loose the Clinton machine was when it came to ‘Hoovering up’ these megadonor checks, not just from questionable Hollywood and Wall Street elites but potentially from foreign influence peddlers using who knows what money,” Backer told Fox News.

“It reinforces the need to take a long hard look at not just the unlawful money laundering process, but the way in which they were solicited as well,” he continued. “The Clintons have never shown a great deal of concern for whomever it was cutting the checks — whether it’s foreign influence peddlers or Hollywood smut peddlers like Harvey Weinstein.”

If those claims are even partially true, then America dodged a bullet in November of 2016 — and it’s worth keeping the pile of foreign-connected Clinton scandals in mind the next time the left tries desperately to tie Donald Trump to Russia. Perhaps they should look in the mirror.


Washington Post Compares
Jeff Sessions To Slaveholder’

The Washington Post compared Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “slaveholders” after he quoted the Bible on Thursday while discussing his department’s policy of prosecuting all illegal immigrants who cross the border.

Sessions made the statement during a speech to law enforcement officers in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

WaPo ran a story entitled “Sessions cites Bible passage used to defend slavery in defense of separating immigrant families” by general assignment editor Keith McMillan and religion reporter Julie Zauzmer on Friday.

Rather than detailing the statistics Sessions cited in the speech that explain the immigration policy, the story quoted John Fea, a history professor at Messiah College in Pennsylvania.

“This is the same argument that Southern slaveholders and the advocates of a Southern way of life made,” Fea said.

Sessions spent much of the speech discussing the numbers behind current immigration policy, including separating families at the Southwest border.

“I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes,” Sessions said.

“Orderly and lawful processes are good in themselves. Consistent and fair application of the law is in itself a good and moral thing, and that protects the weak and protects the lawful.”

“The previous administration wouldn’t prosecute aliens if they came with children,” Sessions said.

“It was de-facto open borders if you came with children. The results were unsurprising. More and more illegal aliens started showing up at the border with children.”

Sessions laid out the numbers in the speech.

“In 2013, fewer than 15,000 family units were apprehended crossing our border illegally between ports of entry in dangerous areas of the country,” he said.

“Five years later, it was more than 75,000, a five-fold increase in five years. It didn’t even have to be their child that was brought, it could be anyone. You can imagine that this created a lot of danger.”

The U.S. has the “opportunity” to fix its broken immigration system now, Sessions said.

“I believe that’s it’s moral, right, just and decent that we have a lawful system of immigration,” he said. “The American people have been asking for it.”

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