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I am not forcing my standards on anyone but they are sure trying to force theirs on me or should I say their lack of standards. They can perform any perversion in privacy but they are not happy with that.  

The voice of reason, Dan.  :)  Our Constituion was framed in such a way that no religion was specified.  None.  Not Christianity, not Deism, not any religion.  We would do best to remember that.

Yes Terri and I believe that abortion and gay issues are killing Conservatism because we are aligned with the republican party where many extreme religious groups have attached their agenda's as well . I believe we should have freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion .  Thanks for your compliment Terri .

We cannot have a moral government without morals. Not taking a true stand for what this country was based on and blessed by God for, is missing the main point. The main point is this—the Constitution is our foundation. The Bible is the foundation of the Constitution. Our founders wrote repeatedly that a republic can only be maintained by a moral people with belief in God.

The only difference between some of them an others is whether God is actively involved or not.

If we are too afraid to take a stand, then we do not deserve to be free.

          This EXACTLY what I have fought for and still demand , anything less is not acceptable in any compromise . 

#1. It is interesting that first said on the tea party platform is something that can never be resolved nor should it be part of a platform. Who's God? Who's morals? Many faiths, many different morals. You may as well say the tea party is only for Southern Baptist since surely they are purist of heart, or was that Mormons, no wait must be Catholics, Or possible Look at the eastern regions. It is no longer possible to say " principles based on our faith of God."
#2 Personal responsibility - Most would agree with this. We now have people in their own way taking care of their welfare buy voting in groups that will enslave those that will take care of their needs. Pretty smart.
#3 fiscal responsibility- They are not going to do it , now what?
#4 Rule of law- The legislature is making laws like crazy. Why do they do it? What can truly change. The fix is in.
#5 Constitutionally limited government- It is written. Why is anyone retaining this government? The laws are meaningless, although it would seem that it makes the government and it's soldiers feel justified in getting rid of those that stand in their way.
#6 National security and sovereignty- OK that means no USA soldiers working for the UN or other country. Do you really think safe schools is a Federal concern? Safe cities? Businesses and homes? I do not want a Federal government involved in my schools, just keep the borders safe and let the state an local take care of the rest. What slips through I'll clean up.

James.. I agree with you on #1 whose religion are we basing it on...should Muslim be the religion  ? That's why we need to get away from abortion. Also on # 3 Rule of Law I agree we need to have a sensible amount of Laws but even today our very own Congress don't obey them and they are the ones that sit around all day making new ones . We need to clean out Congress if we're ever going to live by the Constitution again .

Well said! There is a huge difference between morals and religious beliefs and we need people to see that. Religious beliefs will vary by particular religion, or no religion. People can still have good morals and a belief in God without subscribing to a particular revealed religious belief, such as many of our Forefathers did. Keeping ourselves distanced from the issues you mention would do us a huge favor. They have nothing to do with the Constitution.

Our founders all held Jude o-Christian values.  WE must not forget that.  It matters not if you are Catholic, Protestant, or Jew.  These values are what our nation was based on.  Abortion and gay/lesbian issues need not be discussed politically.  " Give onto Caesar what is Caesar's."

No, they're not!  That is 100% false.  Please do some actual research into the fact that our Forefathers framed our founding documents very carefully to make sure no religion was embraced.

Let me help with that research:

Nowhere in the Constitution does it state Judeo-Christian.  In fact several of the Founders were Deists.  Deists meaning most believed in a Natural God but not necessarily Christian.  Then came the First Amendment, which says in part; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Further Article VI states in part; "but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."  This is why the Oath of Office is worded as it is; "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."  Affirmation rather than swearing is an option.

The Framers quite specifically formed the wording of our founding documents, if indeed it were Judeo-Christian based they would have surely mentioned this.  The mere fact that there is no mention, and in fact obvious lack of mention other than not curtailing religious beliefs, should reenforce that.

Further, and perhaps the most compelling, is the Treaty of Tripoli, which was ratified in 1797 which states in part;  "Art. II. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,"  This was ratified unanimously by the Senate.  Surely if this was not true someone in the Senate would have objected to it.

All this basically says is I do not have to have Judeo-Christian beliefs to believe in the God of my choice and still be a true conservative without having your revealing religion be my religion of choice.  That infringes upon my rights.  There are many gods and I don't have to worship yours.

Then how do you explain that everything was signed "in the year of our Lord"?

Through out the course of this Country's early existence, it was pretty much a given that the moral principles were founded on our Faith in God, The One True God of the The Holy Bible. When first settling here the Pilgrims And Puritans had no real knowledge of the cult--islam, the cult of mormonism, the cults: hinduism, buddism and so forth. The first ministers-preachers-missionaries, were all from a Protestant background, except the Roman Catholics which fell under the grouping of  "Christian" Churches, which from what I can find is pert'near to the Protestants, it was under those that this Countries moral and Belief in God came to be. I'm not going to go into a blog about the others, I'm sure you can find  Christian  Reference Books which will go into much more depth then I can. Who's God?  The God of the Bible, The God of Israel, the One True God, Who's morals would, I assume, be based on those morals, principles and laws of the Holy Scripture given to man-kind from God.  I agree with you whole-heartedly that you can't say the Tea Partys Platform is based on the Baptist or the Christian Reformed or Methodists but you can have a Tea Party Platform which is Christian in nature, deeply based and rooted in the Word of God. The Bible is more relevent today than at any time in history.  There should be no reason not to assume that Countries moral principles and Faith in God should be any different today than it was 300 years ago. Abortion and gay partnerships should very much be a part of the platform, the libs make them a huge part of theirs. If the Tea Party or any other Party are going to call themselves Conservatives they must have them a part of their platform or you get exactly what happen to the republicrat party and a large block of the Christian Conservatives won't vote. If your going to be a  "True Conservative Party"  representing "True Conservative Values" you can't be wishy-washy, it's one or the other, you can't be a fence rider. The last two presidental elections, the American people were looking for a true conservative leader, someone who would stand up and take the bull by the horns and say I'm that leader, but no-one did, McCain is almost as un-conservative as you can get, you also remember he told Palin to back off on her attacking obamas job as a senator and his beliefs, and Mr. Romney wasn't much better, there was no conviction--no fire in his eyes when he talked about such things, it was like he was uncomfortable. No, these things must be part of the platform, doesn't matter if the libs don't like it, they aren't going to vote conservative whether it's part of the platform or not, however, it's the Conservative Christian Coalition (of which I'm a part of) which will sit up and take notice and say  "finally, someone with some hair on his face whose not afraid to stand up and speak his convictions".  It should be part of the platform so people don't wonder what your position is.  On #4,  there needs to be a group, not congressmen/women or lawyers but American Citizens given the authority to be a watch-dog group over congress, a group which holds congress accountable to the people of the USA, for lack of a better term--a whistle blower which held them accountable through the Constitution.  I know some of this is -well- not sure except that I'm really really tired and my Mello Yellow is wearing off. Goodnight or morning or what ever it is and have Christ centered day.




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