The only hope for America is God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Bible and the New Jerusalem Calendar.

God Bless America

You can see the New Jerusalem Calendar at the link. It shows the platform to save America from the $23 Trillion debt problem.

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Yep Burn the Banks Baby...:)


From Tif's posts and those of her associates, frequently align with those held by Mormon Danites... a branch of Mormonism... dedicated to the defense of its doctrine and the 10 tribes of Dan. Her cultural ideology further suggests that she may be an acolyte of Lilith... Adams mythical first wife... who was thrown out of the Garden of Eden for being rebellious... too, become a protagonist for promiscuous, libertarian, feminist behavior

 And you dear sir have aligned yourself to protect the Rothschild's banks, the Rothschild Federal Reserve in America.

  These people are not Hebrew, they are none Jews, bloodline does not make you a Jew, if you hate Christ, then you hate God.

 And my family are of the Tribes of Dan, there is only one man and one woman in the beginning, one woman rejected the God of man, it was not the man Lilith rejected it was the imprint of God within Adam, a Christian Goy and she hated the very foundation of the new world.

Let's be clear... I don't support Rothschild's form of banking.  I don't support the Federal Reserve and believe it should be phased out and its functions returned to the US Treasury... where they belong. 

I defend the principle of well-managed Banking... as the providers of orderly commercial and private exchange... expediting monetary settlements... for commerce between individuals and businesses... local and international settlements.  There are no other means by which commerce and consumer exchanges can efficiently take place.

 I do not need you to be clear, your concerns of banks being burned to the ground is noted. Congress will not undo it, the last man who did so, the Jews of ADL had JFK murdered.

 The FBI reports, and news papers clips I sent to Tif listing the ADL as a terrorist organization, is a impressive view of who controls America.

Burning the buildings down will not correct the underlying corruption in our current banking system.  Removing their charters as banks and replacing them by depositer owned and run financial institutions will correct the greed and avarice now driving our banking system.  

The problem is not functional... or the result of brick and mortar ... the problem is firmly rooted in the corrupt and immoral men who own and operate the banking system and its charters.  We need banking to serve our economic system ... banks are a fundamental tool for capital management in a capitalist system.  What we need is service, not profit-oriented banks.

 I only use the word hell no other, this sure the hell will make the right start in the right direction.

 Banishment or Congressional orders will not work while the wrong Jews control America.

 Burning their banks to the ground...

is a fine start☺ 

You do realize that if all the Banks were gone tomorrow that our economy would crash... most transactions at the retail level are done using electronic transfers through the BANKING SYSTEM.

Without a bank many people would not be able to transact business or consumer purchases.. credit and debit cards would not work. Cash may not be an option if there is no supplier/Bank to make change and to provide more cash as needed by those who exhaust their existing supplies.  Retailers and businesses would not have a place to store the large amounts of cash... they accumulate doing business.

Many individuals receive their incomes through direct deposits to their Bank accounts... social security, payroll checks, retirement checks, etc. are often directly deposited to a bank account.  Those with checks may find retail and check cashing facilities run out of cash quickly and are unable to get new supplies of Cash from their bank. 

Burning the banks would create economic hardship beyond belief.

 This is America, the foundation can be reestablished, and banishment enforced, a matter a fact over 1000 times Jews were banished from every country in the world. The sad part is at them times it was people could not see the difference of Christian Jews,  and Jews of no faith in Christ.

 It took Germany only months to save their economy once they banished the Rothschild banks from their country.

 And to even think the army of Germany was not Jewish also, is the foundation of idiots.

Hitler did not burn the banks down... in fact, he did nothing other than eliminating central/international banking and its debt-based system for creating money... by printing his own currency, free from central banks and their usury/debt fees.  

 No one ever stated Germany burned the banks, but they did execute the family of the Rothschild's,  so, I really do not approve of killing, but imprisonment for life is a better judgement.

 The war against Germany was not because of the murders, it was because the Rothschild Federal Reserve was overhauled, and Germany printed their own cash system.

 While this world in America their banks push a cashless controlling depiction against nations, it is more like what do you really think will happen when they start removing cash from America?

 A rebellion is growing, their banking system is no longer welcomed, here in America.

And the Calendar above is not needed by me.

Excuse me... Germany attacked Poland... that started WW-2 not Germany's currency reforms.  Where did you ever get the idea that Hiter's debt-free currency system started WW-2?

First, Hitler installed his new currency model.... in 1933... WW-2 started 6 yrs later in 1939.  If the cause for WW-2 was Jewish banking... Why did it take 6yrs to start the war.

Next, I would also ask who fired the first shot... Hitler fired the first shot and started WW2 over claims he was just repatriating lands lost to Germany in WW-1. Hitler chose to go to war ... not the bankers.




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