The latest Republican attack on Obamacare is powerful and simple: “no insurer bailouts.”

But never fear, Democrats are ready with a response: “Well, that’s not really what it is. The provision in question is actually called ‘risk corridors,’ which is a mechanism for compensating health insurers in case their actual costs are at least 3 percent higher than their projected costs. But it’s only temporary, until they get better data on who their customers are. And if their costs are lower than they expected, they actually pay the government. And besides … ”

You see the problem.

The last thing Democrats want to do, with a law as complicated and full of moving parts as the Affordable Care Act, is explain what the law actually does.

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Emails to your congressman, short and simple: "No Insurance Bailouts"

I think it would be nice to bail me out. But that will never happen.

If this monstrosity is so great why should it need bailing out. I say let it strangle itself.

I distinctly remember that the Dems saying this was going to save the tax payers money and now they will coming to the people wanting to pay the insurers.  Go after the company that screwed up the roll out and get that money back, then give it to the insurers what they get back.

Of course this is a total scam - I actually go over this in the Supplemental chapter of a book I recently published.   But bailouts are really only part of the problem - the scary part is how once bailouts become common (and they certainly will), the government will have a greater degree of control over the insurance companies - effectively migrating to single payer (well, many payers, but all operating the exact same way).  And as that happens, the notion of "for profit" is called into question not only in the health insurance industry, but in the entire health care industry.   And obviously, taking away profit motive doesn't work out well for any share holders.  Again, I try to explain this in my book - but now you don't have to read it.  So yes, I 100% agree that doing everything and anything to expose every democrat that is up for re-election to not only the broken promises of Obamacare, but to the need for bailouts.  And note - we should try to get each of those democrats on record stating that they in fact do support bailouts of the insurance companies (this won't change anything, but it might affect the mid term elections).

Our only hope is that enough seats are lost in November (in both houses) so that Obamacare can effectively be killed by having the insurance companies go out of business.   And don't worry, new insurance companies will come along right after the old ones go bye-bye, and the share holder value can be mostly preserved (other than the artificial hype due to delusional Obamacare money - that never should have been factored into the share prices in the first place).

And BTW, I know that we're labeled as "alarmists", and I tried to highlight positive solutions in the first 11 chapters of my book, but the last chapter (Supplemental) raises some rather scary possibilities.  Non profit in health care would certainly have a trickle down affect to sectors of our economy which touch the medical industry.   So as many have said before, scope creep from Obamacare is really putting our country at a cross road.   But it doesn't really do much good to talk about it on this web site - because we're pretty much like minded people here.  Not sure how to get the message out externally, but that is really what needs to be done.   On a positive note - at least 39 people have downloaded a copy of my book (probably even some on this web site - so hopefully some feedback will be forthcoming - but that should be done on a different discussion thread).

I wish the Republicans would get their act together and quit bowing to the democraps.  Get rid of Obamacare.  It is illegal and it is costing us a fortune and ruining people's jobs and their living.  I suggest we cut congress and Obama's pensions, benefits, and salaries by half and see of they like it.  It is what they have done to us and take away the bill that lets them play the market illegally with insider trading.

If it involves tax money, call it what you will it is still a bailout! That's how he bought the Insurance company's silence to begin with.

Back government out of healthcare, reform Tort & State law, and let the free market sweep up the camel sh*t outside our tent...Semper Fi

once you start an obamacare will become the norm, and we will be bailing out obamacare forever, no matter what name they give it......there will never be enough funding for obamacare, it is the titanic of the democrats.

Frank, they get tax payer support. The producers will have to work longer to support the takers.

Well Frank i am with you on that and the bad news is we are letting it happen
That's right if we don't do that we're in big trouble




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