The NRA Just Sent Obama A BRUTAL Warning That He Will Never Forget

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Obama understands the message and he is not as dumb as many seem to believe. Health Care reform was not about health care and gun control is not about making things safer for you and me.  These things are all about government control of you and me. That is what Obama cares about so he will lie about being able to keep your doctor and he will lie about you being able to keep your gun.  If it were up to Obama you would be able to keep neither and with them goes your freedom. Once your guns are gone, you won't be able to defend yourself from the roving gangs and you won't be able to do a thing about the way the votes are counted and then it will be all over except for the shouting.

Of course he will be laughing his head off as he reflects on who it was that was really too dumb to see it coming!

J. Andrew,

I have been saying what you just said. He is the smart one and the American people are the dumb ones. He is doing EXACTLY what he was put in there to do. And YES, he is laughing his A-- off each and every day. UNLESS the American people WAKE UP and it appears, (which is a word I don't like to use) are waking up. God I pray they are!!

And by the way, they will not take my guns unless they take me out first!!! BUT NOT without a fight. 


Alinsky plan in progress.

And as had been stated.  Due to the short supply of Ammo, There will be no warning shots.

Juan on the FIVE stated just now, we should rally around this President.  Are you kidding me?  Is Juan that dipped into Socialism.  His own son is smarter than his dad.

Juan has slid off the Left edge of reason.

...A bucket of rocks is smarter than Juan.

Why he plays golf so often and goes on vaca....could care less about America

Exactly. The Leftest-Progressive's are all about control and management, particularly us american's. Now who are the progressive elite rulers? Just look at the old soviet union and who was in charge of it for several decades? They're here in America since WWI, an particularly during and after WWII and if one looks into it, they are the ruling elite anymore, they control every institution in this country along w/the media, the entertainment-music-movie industry and the indoctrination system, which was once called education system before they took charge somewhere in about 1965. The brainwashing condition system they are superior at than any other group on earth.

I say put a freaking round or two in it now before it devours us all. Hollywood should be carpet bombed during a big gathering-while a big event is going on there when all the left are there. That or we could talk to them and ask them nicely to be nicer and while we're at it, ask for our country back...

The Hollywood elite think we're racist morons that don't belong, yet they aren't American in mind, they're the raciest, Europeans in their elitist thinking. I say put a round or two in it.

And Hollywood just gets rich off our money watching their movies.  STOP watching them.  Take their high sales away from them.  They might and I mean Might wake up.

I haven't paid to watch a Hollywood created movie in decades, including tapes and DVD's, although my children have purchased movies and video games from video store. I have been boycotting those criminal communist for years.

I haven't been to a movie since Top Gun came out.  I don't buy DVD's, and I am against them.




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