The NRA Just Sent Obama A BRUTAL Warning That He Will Never Forget

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".... the entertainment-music-movie industry and the indoctrination system, which was once called education system before they took charge somewhere in about 1965. "

Ya know Archie, that is the time in California when Socialist progressives took control of Sacramento Legislature, and two years before It passed a "full-time spending legislature" bill to replace to totally adequate part-time legislature. May Big Daddy Jess Unruh rot in socialist purgatory for it, for that action perversely twisted California.

Yeah, that's just after the left had JFK assassinated, and then in 1965 LBJ unionized the education system with the RED ARMY communist's. Since then the progressive's have used the gov. to destroy the conservative own businesses, the country's industrial machine and now they happen to be the wealthiest and most powerful in the country. They have control of all the country's institutions. They did the same thing in Europe and in (Russia) the Soviet Union too. There they murder approx. 100 million of their own citizens. Real nice people? Do you understand who are behind the intentional decline and over throw of America? I do.

In America we need Muslim control not gun control. Guns DON'T shoot people, the person holding the gun shoots people which is a Muslim or primate.



        LIKED THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good, strong message from the NRA that will undoubtedly be glossed over by the Left.  It doesn't fit in with their totalitarian left-wing agenda.  They keep cramming anti Second Amendment rhetoric down the throats of Americans in the hopes that if we hear it often enough, we'll start believing it.  Well, they can keep beating that dead horse, because I will never submit to the slime that would steal our liberty!!!

They will NEVER take our guns away.  NEVER.  In Germany they think America is nothing but cowboys and Indians.  They gave up their guns freely and now they realize how wrong they were.  Won't happen here.  It would take a Revolutionary War (which the Left would have to win), in order to take our guns away.  I cannot imagine any police officers taking our guns away without cause.  It just won't happen.

I am not a supporter of Hussein Obama and never have been. He was shown to be an unworthy Presidential candidate before he was "elected"! I will never support such a liar and deceiver! As I read some of the comments on this blogger spot I am ashamed of the thoughts and disgusting language  that are written here. Filthy vulgarities  have never been a deciding factor in any crusade against a despot! Why sink to the level of the black lives matter crowd. It's what I think of when I read the nasty language!

James, Please wake up.  I don't see anything wrong with what anyone on here has stated.   Filthy Vulgarities??  What?  Where? and When?  You need to go to another site.  But, you are welcome here as long as you do not try to tear down the Patriot people on this site.  

Leonette, I think most would agree that nothing vulgar has been mentioned & most opinions are "Spot On!" Sometimes the truth offends some but people need to realize that the Whole Muslim agenda here in the U.S. hasn't been fulfilled yet, because their population is only at 2%. Once it hits 10% like in most European countries they ban together, Sharia Law moves in & they (Muslims) are uncontrollable. It's NOT A FLUKE it is happening in every country they migrate to & it's not going to stop until every Christian, Jew & gay person is HISTORY! Check the countries above 50-90%! If you don't own a gun you'll be purchasing a couple when you read the TRUTH about the Muslim-JIHAD goals! VULGAR is what they plan to do with all of us!

What is truly vulgar is what this lying muslim has done to this country




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