The Mysterious Disappearance of Former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman

Image result for eric braverman missingEric Braverman, the Clinton Foundation CEO from 2013 until 2015,  has apparently been missing since October. His absence has fueled speculations in the blogosphere but so far has been ignored by the media. 

Some speculate, with good reason, that Braverman may have gone into hiding after an email mentioning his name was released by Wikileaks on October 22 of this year. In the March 2015 email exchange, Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden told Clinton campaign manager and confidant John Podesta there was a mole within the Clinton Foundation. Podesta in his reply told Tanden the mole was Braverman.

Braverman had abruptly resigned from the Clinton Foundation shortly before this email exchange took place. And then, after the email exchange was made public by Wikileaks, Braverman vanished from the public eye.

This seems like a story that someone might want to report.

The last evidence of Braverman’s public activity was October 12, when he posted his last tweet on Twitter. (Usually he tweets about once a month. His “husband,” Neil Brown, hasn’t tweeted since August, although he rarely tweets.) I left a voicemail on Braverman’s personal phone and sent him an email, but received no response. He is still listed as a lecturer at Yale University and, contrary to some reports, there is a record of his lectures going back several years. I contacted the press office and Braverman’s department at Yale and received no response.

Braverman, the Podesta Leaks and the Clinton Foundation

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, told The Daily Mail that Podesta’s emails were leaked to the organization by a disgruntled insider, not the Russians. Consequently, there are suspicions it may have been Braverman. (Though some of the Podesta emails are dated after Braverman’s tenure with the foundation, if he had Podesta’s password, he could still have accessed his email after leaving.)

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Politico ran a long story about Braverman’s ouster in 2015. Based on email correspondence released by Wikileaks, Braverman was apparently hired by Chelsea Clinton to clean up the corruption in the foundation, but then forced out of the foundation by longtime Clinton loyalists; sources say Podesta made him a target. 

In 2011, Podesta’s leaked emails show that Chelsea was aggressively calling for an internal investigation. For example, former President Bill Clinton had raised over $1 billion though the foundation to rebuild 100 villages in India, but only $53 million was spent on the project. Also, Braverman resigned at the time Hillary was arranging one of her notorious “pay to play” deals with foreign leaders: a $12 million contribution from the king of Morocco in exchange for giving a speech. 

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There's a day coming... They're not getting away with anything. 

Oh, my...  another on bites the dust.  Braverman?  What number would he be on the Hillary hit list?

  Here we go again. Another person who could bring down the Clinton crime family has gone Jimmy Hoffa. Who would have thought it eh my friends ?  I wonder if his last minutes alive were something like Vince Fosters !

I read and posted about this.  I like the theory that he is the leak.  We know it was a liberal that was angry so it could be.  Perhaps the one person that knows isn;t talking.  Hillary Clinton.

Is the police even investigating this?

I have always felt that it was an insider sending out emails to Wikileaks and not the Russians, although they may have been snooping around too. The democrats needed a scapegoat not wanting to leak out it was one of their own. Just maybe they had an idea (knew) it was him and yet didn't want to say anything because they might have put out a contract on Braverman? Whose knowing for sure, Hillary?

Unfortunately, Braverman may have been a "mole" or a "disgruntled insider" who wanted to expose the "Clinton Foundation" but these type of people are just "patsy's" being used by individuals or groups collecting incriminating evidence - they are the lowest echelon of expendables.  They will disappear in the "sands of political intrigue" as an afterthought never to be brought up in any inquiry that could bring justice to their timely demise.    Welcome to the "now time" of political killing fields that people in power use to further their agendas............

IMHO...he is with Hoffa......and we still don't know where he is......

Seems "Murder Incorporated" is still in Business.    This Group obviously has tentacles all over the world. The mention of "cleaning this up" is like trying to sanitize Chernobyl  . International Crime.

They might look for Braverman's DNA at the closest Hog Farm! The Clinton's being the Pigs they are might have eaten him! Can't wait until "OPEN SEASON" starts on these maggots!

Eric Braverman, Neil Brown, and Marc Turi Still Missing – Connecting The Dots – WIKILEAKS And George Webb’s Work. – Investment

There are actually 3 men missing in connection with the Clinton foundation




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In a recent poll a majority of black voters and minority voters say the media is trying to help Democrats impeach President Trump.

And half of FOX News too, by the way.

CNS News reported:

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In the national voter survey, conducted November 12-13, 53% of all voters said most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump:

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