The Man Who Just Murdered Two Police Officers In Brooklyn Is A Muslim Jihadist (BE PREPARED FOR MORE MUSLIM VIOLENCE IN AMERICA)


So Ismaaiyl Brinsley the killer of the two cops in Brooklyn, NY, has two Muslim names “Ismaaiyl” and a middle name “Abdullah” (see mugshot bellow) which means “servant of Allah,” is a fan of sheikh Yusuf Estes, who is not only neck deep in the Muslim Da’wa movement (the call to convert westerners to Islam) but Estes meets with both ISIS and Hamas financiers, and Brinsley loved the Koran, specifically Surah 8 on his own Facebook page, which calls for arming for preparation for Jihad war; it says all on what we need for motive as to why Brinsley shot the two officers. That accompanied with Hamas supporters who were proven to have been behind the riots in Ferguson is a complete recipe for killing cops as we present the evidence in this article.

Brinsley is a jihad sympathizer who used the racial turmoil as an excuse to kill Americans. The Ferguson riots as we shall see here were pushed and organized by Muslim fundamentalists in America.

Firstly, the verse he likes to read is:

Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, tostrike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.

Koranic favorite of Ismaaiyl Brinsley which calls for the preparation to kill from Surah 8. Yusuf Estes, from Arabic sources on Al-Jazeera television: "The plan for Dawa" interview on the plan for Dawa and the call to calling Americans to Islam

There are more photos in Qatar here of Estes’s mass activities in the Da’wa, but the most alarming is the one we discovered from Arabic sources is the photo meeting with Raed Salah and Nabil El Awadi is extremely troubling. Salah is one of the most virulent Hamas supporters who was jailed for financing Hamas. Prominent Islamic cleric Dr Nabil al-Awadi (with the red scarf) is president of the Kuwait Scholars’ Union, which has reportedly channelled tens of millions of dollars to the Islamic State (ISIS) and other jihadi groups in Iraq and Syria.

Salah predicted that “Zionism would end in Turkey.” Both Estes, El Awadi and Salah are in the Da’wamovement.

“THE ISLAMIC Movement’s da’wa system and its principles are completely identical to that of Hamas, and derive from the Muslim Brotherhood,” Reuven Paz, director of the Project for the Research of Islamist Movements at the Gloria Center, based at the IDC, said. Anyone can google  Yusuf Estes in Arabic “يوسف إستس” and spend months looking at his activities and connections to Islamists.

Brinsley took advantage of the Ferguson controversy, and is using it as a pretext to carry out Jihad. Its the type of thing has been warning about, since we exposed the ISIS Manifesto in September which calls for Muslims in the US and abroad to kill Americans. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE MANIFESTO) Even an armed cop is not safe and we have been warning about this prior to the events in which Americans were killed. We expect more Americans will be killed not just on the home front but internationally as we had incidents in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates all confirmed to be linked to ISIS sympathizers.

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Now if the major mass media only posted this, WHICH THEY DID NOT AND HAVE NOT YET.

Oh golly ghee wizzzzzzzz,   the media wouldn't try and cover
up the fact that this ambush and murder of two of NYC's
Best was not just an act of racial violence, but part of
islams attack on American's, and this is not just a random
act,  but one that will be repeated time and time again
across the USA, by followers of the peacful cult of islam

It had nothing to do with race as the officers were not white, but it will be labelled as race by the lying treasonous Left media and the Obama Administration. This to cover up the truth that it was radical Muslim; a terrorist! We know they will always play the race card way beyond the point of them being racist!

This is what you get by letting these cave men and there belief  in a cult called Islam how can anyone believes any religion that condones the murder of women and children for no other reason then a belief in God and for this crime they get there heads cut off !.

This cancer call Radical Islam can not be reasoned with they have one mission and that is to control the hold world and will not stop there cowardly action attacking the week and forcing them to convert or die, do you think this is biggest reason Islam is the fastest growing regulation in the world     

OK,OK, it is time to close these 37 muslim trg. camps in Hancock NY (hdqtrs) and there is one in Georgia and did this guy go there or has he ever been there.. This may be an opportunity. In Hancock there is auto fire and explosions as per a friend of mine who lives near there...

Jim, we have 3 or 4 of the training camps here in Ga.
one in commerce,  one down by milliageville, and one
west of macon, off hwy 80,  which used to be known
for training black liberation army clowns.  there are
more that were identified  years ago,  not known if
still active.


Well now imagine if we can find that this guy that shot the officers was at the camp or is a friend of those who go there...It would Be HUGE!

the feds would cover that fact up if it were to be found out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can't have these peaceful peace loving islamic
poliitical cultists  harrased in any way shap
or form by local folks who might feel a bit
alarmed at the threat that is festering in their
back yard.

Masjid Jaamia Muhammadiyya
Masjid Jaamia Muhammadiyya 115 Madinah Rd,
Commerce, GA 30530, USA
General Information: Jaamia Muhammadiya located in Madinah Village near Commerce Georgia,is in the process of building a Jaami'a Masjid and Madraasah. Both the Jaami'a Masjid and Madraasah are near completion. Future plans upon completion of the two facilities are to establish a full time Islamic Academy. The curriculum will include: Ilm ul Qur'an, 'Ilm ul Tafsir, 'Ilm ul Hadith, 'Ilm ul Fiqh (Hanafi), Adaab ul Mu'aasharat, Akhaam ul Tajweed, and 'Ilm ul Aqaaid (Ahl as Sunnah Aqeedah from "Aqeedah Tahawiyyah")
Activities 1: Maghrib-Ishaa: Thursday,Salat 'Alan Nabiyy (SAS),Qasaid, Arabic and english
Activities 2: Maghrib-Ishaa: Daily,Dars ul Qur'an,Recitation and commentary
Activities 3: Fajr-Ishraaq: Daily,Dars ul Hadith,Recitation and Commentary
Activities 4: 2:30-3:30: Friday,Salaatul Jumu'ah,English Waaz, 2 Arabic Khutbah
General Activities: 5 Jamaah Salats daily,
Dars ul Hadith after Salatul Fajr,

Dars ul Qur'an after Maghrib,

Brothers Halqah Sundays after Fajr until Ishraq

Sisters Halqah Sundays 10:00am to 12:am

Prayer Times | Local Weather! | Direction Map | Update it!

This is hypothetically a muslim school for girls
since when does islam want to educate

It has been known for a long time,lthat a couple apartment complexes in the Atlanta area are
safe houses and meeting places for islamic
and radical hispanic groups,  

Oh by the way, way back in 1983/84, the radical
islamic and radical hispanic groups linked up
for future combined operations in the US
and started establishing safe houses, cache's
and lines of communication between the groups.

Oh golly, might the illegal foreign national alien
influx have some connection to all of this.
gotta get the troops on the ground somehow.

lets see, mi13, zetta's, and gang members

Rules of Engagement:

Step 1 - Identify Target(s)

            - Actions:

             Identified - 37 Education/Training Facilities, a number of Safe Houses, and Financial Sources 

Step 2 - Determine Objective -

             Objective - Neutralize all facilities and support identified to date

Step 3 - Determine Action Necessary

             It is necessary to -

             Stop all activities at identified locations, seize all properties and assets, arrest and try all Command and Control structure

             Deport all 'non-command' participants

Step 4 - Determine the appropriate Resources

             The 'appropriate' Agency is the Central Government of the United States of America

             This agency is tasked with Defending and Protecting the Constitution and the Defense of the Nation and its Citizens

Step 5 - Task Appropriate Resources -

             09-11-01 - Central Government tasked with establishing a list of all known specific locations and individuals participating in these unlawful activities 

             Central Government is to prepare a Plan to deal with any foreign and/or domestic terrorists engaged in these activities 

             Central Government is to determine, assign, and finance all necessary military and civilian forces and support personnel to accomplish planned activities 

Step 6 - Review, Discuss, and Revise Plan

              ??? (crickets chirpping) ??? 

              14 years and counting - no plan put forth by Central Governement ,  No Action Taken!  

Step 7 - Reassign Task

             12-21-14 - Task reassigned to the individual State Militias 

             Militias to do recon in their respective AO

             Confirm previously identified facilities are still present and active 

             Militias to determine actions to be taken - dependent on available and/or obtainable resources 

             Miitias authorized to take immediate and effective action on their own authority 

Step 8 - Assess Effectiveness -

             Repeat as Necessary -

I think it's High time that the Congress Brings Back The Committie On Un -American and Un- Constitutional Activeties.     And Obama Want's To disarm Us when To heavely armed Cops couldn't even protect them selves I sure as hell will not Comply !!!!!!!!!!!.

How about resurrecting the 1954 Communist Control Act... it remains operative as public law?




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Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


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According to News965, the ban has the following specifications.

The amendment proposed in the state legislature would ban possession of assault weapons, which are defined as “semiautomatic rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at once, either in fixed or detachable magazine, or any other ammunition feeding device.”

Lemma, an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a first term sheriff who is running for re-election, said this about whether or not he would enforce such a law.

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