The Jewish Pioneers of Sexual Degeneracy LGBT 1919 to 1945

 It is clear that many do not understand what caused WW2, shall we start off with a simple introduction, of how the Khazar how they converted Judaism into a abomination.

 In 1919, Magnus Hirschfeld and Arthur Kronfeld, founded the “Institut für Sexualwissenschaft” (Institute for ‘Sexual Research’) in Berlin. Both were active in the German Communist Party and were prominent members of Berlin’s Jewish community.

A multitude of degenerate services were offered at the institute, including the first surgical sex changes in modern history, abortions, lectures and ‘sex counseling’, room rentals, a large library of pornography and erotic literature on every possible perversion (including bestiality and pedophilia), and a Museum of Sex featuring a wide array of homosexual fetish items, dildos, “masturbation machines”, etc.

The institute hosted tens of thousands of visitors each year, including school class field trips. Hirschfeld was a notorious sodomite, popularly known in the Berlin gay scene by his cross-dresser name Tante Magnesia.

He also founded a committee for gay rights and wrote and published many degenerate books and journals, including Jahrbuch für Sexuelle Zwischenstufen (Yearbook for Intermediate Sexual Types). In fact, he’s the sinister figure that coined the term ‘transvestite’. Hirschfeld campaigned to end the Berlin police department’s arrest of cross-dressers and prostitutes.

In 1921, Hirschfeld organized the First Congress for Sexual Reform, which led to the formation of the World League for Sexual Reform, with conventions held in Copenhagen [1928], London [1929], Vienna [1930], and Brno [1932].

In short, Hirschfeld was the quintessential Hebraic culture-killer who Adolf Hitler explained thus: “And in what mighty doses this poison was manufactured and distributed. Naturally, the lower the moral and intellectual level of such an author of artistic products the more inexhaustible his fecundity.

“Sometimes it went so far that one of these fellows, acting like a sewage pump, would shoot his filth directly in the face of other members of the human race. It was a terrible thought, and yet it could not be avoided, that the greater number of Jews seemed specially designed by Nature to play this shameful part.” — Mein Kampf. ibid. 42. Adolf Hitler referred to Hirschfeld as the most dangerous Jew in Germany.

Hirschfeld’s institute was a monument to moral sickness and represented everything the NSDAP stood against. In May 1933, the Deutsche Studentenschaft (German Students Union) stormed this den of debauchery shouting Brenne Hirschfeld (Burn Hirschfeld) and began beating the staff and smashing the premises. The Institute was permanently closed and its extensive lists of names and addresses were seized.

A few days later the entire library was famously burned in the streets, some 20,000 books and images, along with Marxist literature and other subversive material. Ever since, without background or explanation, corporate media and palace publishers have protested against the German students emptying their swamp.


At the time, Hirschfeld was on an international speaking tour lecturing on sexuality. He never returned to Germany and died in exile two years later. In October 1941, co-founder of the institute, Kronfeld, committed suicide in Moscow at the approach of German troops.

Germany started a investigation against the Russians in Poland, one of the discoveries were crosses where German and Polish Christians were Crucified on the cross, by the Homosexuals of the Russian Khazar.

 A mother in Poland reported she found her child Crucified on the cross.

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You forgot to add this in...:)

Germany released a report that they executed 373,000 Khazar Freemasons, and 1 Rothschild Khazar Jew.


The video is up Humming Bird, 373,484 Freemason executed, and 1.6 million LGBT child molesters.

Cool beans Two Feathers, I will check it out.

Tiffany send me the link.

Interview with the head of Machon Shilo, Rabbi David Bar-Hayim

Homosexuality: Demonizing the Normal- YouTube

 That is a very good video.

 You girls forgot to add in the news from Poland.

 Add this in.

Mr. Nelson has seeing impairment, this is the broken link and image from the same website.

“The Germans came to Alsace In 1940,” he said in the 2000 documentary, Paragraph 175 by Telling Pictures.

  and this is the fixed link, the broken link to the same website and the same images +:

 Then Mr. Nelson wants to discredit the links and the images because they are complaining about their Gays

 And of course now according to Mr. Nelson, all of these pdf documents found are now fake links.

Have a nice day Mr. Nelson...:) LMAO man.

here are their pdf document links...:)

link 1:

link 2:!etd.send_file?accession=ohiou1459596699&a...

 the video link in Rosie's blog had this image;

175 was talked about several times.

There is so much minutia here it is difficult to decide where to start... the Links... to EDT... Education dissertations and Thesis' for university academic publications are not a link to anything near 2000 documents on Jewish Homosexuality... 

In fact, this disingenuous posting is full of extractions taken out of context and twisted in what is meant to be support for various biased and discredited conspiracy theories surrounding the Holocaust and WW-2.... they are the apparent work of Neo-Nazi sympathizers... the entire work should be discredited as just one more exercise in fraud.

I will leave it here as it is not worth my time to repeat previous posts demonstrating the absurdity of the author's bias, poor scholarship and outright attempts to defraud the reader.  I would suggest one review the material at the links provided to get a quick idea of the underhanded techniques the author uses to support her thesis...

 Your way to much, Ronald, I would pray for ya, but, its much more fun studding your Ideology.

It's not 'my ideology' it's history... real history not fake or revisionist history.

 You see Ronald, Holocaust Denial Laws in Europe, pushed by the EU and the UN, it looks like a cover up against their opinions vs. others. So why make law that sounds stupid...:)

 Anyone has the right to, Ahhh, thats not true, I was there, so they say, your property not human, obey or be punished.

 I do not have any masters, sure the hell is not the Khazar Jews of the EU...:)




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