The Jew: CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Pushing "Holocaust Denial Laws in America"

 WASHINGTON -- Facebook is making a free speech argument to defend its policy of tolerating Holocaust denial posts on its platform.

 The tech company allows "inaccurate" information to remain on the site that does not cross into the realm of hate speech, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, said earlier this month in an interview with Recode. That policy was underscored by several other Facebook executives in recent days.

 But Paul Packer, chairman of the Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad, confronted the company's leadership last week over the policy, sending the company a pointed letter and receiving Facebook's vice president of global public policy for a contentious meeting.

 Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany and a crime in France– we know its blocked in those countries by Facebook," where they geotag posts, Packer told The Jerusalem Post after the meeting. 

 He questioned why Facebook would not replicate the policy in the United States. "It has no place in America," he added, "to rewrite history."

 The list of countries that the United nations pushed the laws into.

Holocaust deniers complain about their valid, researched, and not at all racist opinions bullsh*** being outlawed in several countries.  Over 179 countries prohibited telling the truth.

 Ok they will push this crap in America, their is to much evidence to support WW2 was because of the greed of banking.

 6 million murdered in the German camps, according to Poland it went from 4 million to 1.5 million.

Now according to a census, there was only 16 million Jewish people in that area.

And 6 million were in the German camps.

 Ok its like this, 6 million Jews murder in the camps this was according to them.

According to Wikipedia, millions of Jews died in the camps from typhus. And Russia used typhus as a biological weapon in WW2.

 This is all based on facts. Wikipedia, million of prisoners from typhus in the German camps.

 Further noted about typhus, according to Wikipedia.

 I am at my wits end dealing with the lies about World War Two, and I will be da****ed it the Jew of Mark Zuckerberg Facebook, is going to school American children over a lie.

 So can anyone file in the blanks on this BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I have a complete list of all the camps, took a hour to build it.

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 And the list of information grows.

 You go Tif...:)-

The historical record is clear... and the fact that Auschwitz .. one of the camps has a plaque dedicated to the memory of the 4million who died in their gas chambers from 1940-45 that is now being challenged is ridiculous...  The historical consensus is that 4 million died "here" ... in Auschwitz... including non-jews. 

The exact number of Jews killed is an estimate based on records, body counts in exhumed mass graves, testimony and the long tedious task of compiling the historical evidence and body count associated with the Jewish Holocaust and Hitler's Nazi Party's 'Final Solution'  for the Jewish Problem... "Genocide"

16 EU Nations have made it illegal to deny the Holocaust occurred or to denigrate its impact on the world and the Jewish people.  Zuckerberg is an anti-semite... there is no such thing as total 'free speech'. 

Speech that is designed to incite a riot, inflame and promote irrational debate, engages the public with the intent to create harm, or otherwise threatens the public's safety, is not permitted by our Constitution and many of the international laws governing or regulating speech.

What a waste of time... the historical record, compiled by the Allies immediately after WW-2 and Germany's own research contains the better record and scholarly research... the consensus is that over 6 Million Jews and others were murdered in the Nazi Death Camps between 1940 and 1945.  

The very fact that 16 EU Nations found it necessary to pass laws which prohibit the denial of that specific record... the Jewish Holocaust and Genocide... speaks volumes about those attempting to erase the historical record... either to mitigate the guilt, avoid reparations or to continue the persecution of Jews without being labeled a criminal.

Since Germany has admitted to the facts:

1) That it and the Nazi Party waged genocide against the Jew.

2) That over 6 million Jews were murdered as part of Hitler's Final Solution for the Jewish people. 

Only, the most staunch neo-Nazi persist in denying the commonly accepted historical record of the Holocaust.

 So they are also saying that there was according to the US and EU census, that there was around 16 million Jewish people, then in another blog they said 16.5 million were executed.

 So 16 million - 16 million = 0

Confused yet?

 Nelson never does read the content unless he writes it.

 Th UN and the EU is forcing a law that does not hold water, if scientist are not allowed to go over the past data, then it makes the Holocaust program protect forum, it makes them look like they are hiding research.

  In other words the Holocaust Laws looks like a Cover Up, and this is being forced into 179 countries.

 Fear is their forum, and the so called 216, 000 Jews that survived the Holocaust, they brought the Star of Remphan into Israel.

 But then Nelson did over look where Wikipedia stated millions died in the German camps form typhus, a biological weapon use by Russia.

 The  listing is 6 million- 1.5 million from 4 million = 2.5 million not listed in the total count. I reflect back to the millions that died in the German camps, from typhus

 There is no specified numbers clearly legible of executed,  if they can not clearly list this, separating the million that died from typhus. And the Polish news release to 1.5 million died.

 Opinion, Holocaust Denial Law, is clearly Noted to Hide Facts vs. their version, or allow people and scientist to research the information.


 I can agree with that Rosie, researching the old information and correcting false or misleading information is not Holocaust Denial.

 Yes, it is true, reaching the history of WW2 is not hate speech.

Got that right...:)

No, Holocaust Denial becomes hate speech when it is used to slander or denigrate the Jewish Race and those who suffered under the Holocaust... 

Accusing or disparaging Holocaust victims, by altering facts... is a form of disrespect and hate. The deniers are effectively claiming the Victims of the Holocaust have falsely accused their captors and murders. That is tantamount to accusing them of perjury, murder, and slander, using the color of law.

Holocaust deniers directly minimize the stigma of genocide... as a tool of political expedience... Their arguments undermine the lawful governments who are attempting to make amends for their role in the Holocaust...   Holocaust denial is in itself a form of hate speech.  That is why 16 EU nations have made Holocaust Denial a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.

No, it is not, and this US Government has a lesson to learn.

Yes , it is a form of Hate Speech.

Holocaust Denial is a criminal offense in 16 EU nations... The US DOJ is considering classifying it as hate speech which would make it a crime in the US.

Holocaust denial and minimization or distortion of the facts of the Holocaust is a form of antisemitism. Holocaust deniers ignore the overwhelming evidence of the event and insist that the Holocaust is a myth invented by the Allies, the Soviet communists, and the Jews for their own ends. According to the deniers’ “logic” the Allies needed the “Holocaust myth” to justify their occupation of Germany in 1945 and the “harsh” persecution of Nazi defendants.

Holocaust deniers assert that if they can discredit one fact about the Holocaust, the whole history of the event can be discredited as well. They ignore the evidence of the historical event and make arguments that they say negate the reality of the Holocaust in its entirety.

Some Holocaust deniers argue that, since there is neither a single document that outlines the Holocaust nor a signed document from Hitler ordering the Holocaust, the Holocaust itself is a hoax.  They ignore the volumes of documents attesting to the "FINAL SOLUTION"... the elimination by murder of the Jewish Race.





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