In the movie Patton General George S. Patton relates a story: "For over a thousand years Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of triumph, a tumultuous parade. . . A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting."

The story, likely a bit of poetic license taken by screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola, cannot be attributed directly to Patton. However, he was known to often use the above quote, likely derived from the Latin expression “Sic transit gloria mundi”, which translates as: "Thus passes the glory of the world".

As the GOP basks in the glory of their recent historic victory, one reinforced recently in Louisiana, they need to bear the above words in mind as their victory may be short-lived.

It seems our Democrat friends are always offering the GOP friendly political advice on various issues. The problem with this is the GOP listens to such advice all too often.

Following are a few suggestions for the new majority:

Dance with the one who brung ya’ -- Ronald Reagan is known to have used this Southern idiom, to suggest that one should continue doing that which has assured success. Sound advice in most cases, but not in this one. The Republicans need to remember; this past victory was not based on their strength, but on the weakness of the Democrats. Indeed the election was a repudiation of President Obama and his policies, Obama will not be on the ballot in 2016, though arguably his policies may well be. Winning in 2016 will be dependent, to a large degree, on what the GOP does in the next two years, not what Obama has done in the previous eight.

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If the GOP remains on this course of appeasement (capitulation) with the DEMs, their future as a party in power (or existence) is in absolute jeopardy. Allowing Obama's radical appointees' to stand unchallenged, the lower courts will remained packed with left wing activists. By NOT properly addressing the unconstitutional Obamacare, or Amnesty - this clueless party is DOOMED.

The GOP still don't appear to realize that they won in a landslide because it was a repudiation of Obama. Instead, we hear them falsely harping each day that the HUGE win was a message from the people wanting Congress to work more closely together. Really? We know that message NEVER came from WE the voters. This erroneous mantra came from Karl Rove and the Big Money donors. There wasn't any real Republican message. Sure there were a lot of slick TV ads filled with lies about fully repealing Obamacare and fighting Obama on Amnesty, etc., etc. So? Simply put, we know the GOP won because they're NOT the disastrous DEMs. That aspect will only last for so long. If nothing changes, we'll witness another, McCain disaster....or Romney low turn-out, which is an assured defeat. No more Romneys or Bushes, please!

Besides owning the media, the DEMs maintained their election successes because they embraced their younger base. Any political critic would initially think that to be suicide, based on the lunacy of the core left. However, once bolstered by the media, America was unfortunately influenced enough to give these crack-pots a chance. Well, we saw how well that worked out. The examples of their failures are more than enough to make any red-blooded American lose their lunch.

This is THE golden opportunity to take America back! The DEMs have governed like drunken spend-crazy Socialists, which was ultimately the election gift to the GOP. However, should the Republicans continue to dismiss Conservatives as extremists and govern like the usual timid appeasers, they will re-gift this win and send it on back to the DEMs. This will surely guaranty the end for the GOP, as well as it will be for America.

If the GOP puts up another Boehner, they will lose.  The Dynasty of the Bush Family is dead.  With few exceptions, the leadership in Congress has stepped over the aisle and delivered the GOP to the DNC.

The time has come for the Tea Party to become Certified in all 50 States, and they need to present a clean, American that can garner the power of the People to destroy the Liberal Left, and bring this Country back to it's Glory, and demand respect from those that would destroy it.

The republicans won, you got to be kidding.
you would never know it by the way they act.
What a bunch of loosers, liars, and establishment
uselless garbage.
I thought I was voting for upstanding honest people,
yee gads, was i wrong.  well we will remember..
not get evern, but get ahead. the republican establishment
can go take a flying fornication on a rolling donut.
 they want to run who,  forget it, this family will put all
of its resources to work for  a conservative, real life person
who has a spine and knows how to fight and is willing to
use a baseball bat on the heads of establishment pukes.
Dealing with the republicans, comrade obama will probably
have  his name on the 2016 ballot, as the republican
establishment will probably invite him to run, as they are
bought and paid for by the chicago mob, in typical chicago
Hell, be like the mexican government, take the liars all out
and shoot them, but make them dig their own graves first.
Fitting end for the lying establishment republicans....
We can replace them with turkeys, about the same mentality.

The republican party is dead. It just put a cannon to it's head. I have voted for republicans since Nixon ran for president. I will never vote for a republican ever again. As far as I am concerned - they are stooges of the demon rat party. Baynor & Macdumbo are so used to kissing the arse of Osama - Reeeed & Peloshee that they now see that as their normal behavior. Being a traitor to the country is now a part of their inherent core of being. This is their true self. That so many others just blindly follow them is unbelievable but true. I urge all conservatives to leave the traitors and join the tea party. Campaign for and support tea party candidates. Leave the republicans to die in their own sewer. They are no longer conservatives - they are the party of traitors.

We vote, we wait a couple of years, we vote. Boehner, McConnel, Reid, Pelosi, and Jack Ass have time on their side. We need something like follow-up voting, something like lemon laws for our politicians? We have to overcome our buyer's remorse...Semper Fi Nam 66-67

At this point, it's hard to tell that the GOP achieved a major victory in the recent mid-term elections. "Led" by John Boner and Squish McConnell, it's hard to tell that there's been a shift in power. It's obvious to me that the senior members the GOP are not really interested in restoring constitutional government and rule of law. They are more concerned with their perks, power, and privileges than they are the erosion of freedom and creeping fascism that is overtaking our governments at all levels.

WHAT IS THE difference between the parties,  other than abortion where is the difference???

The GOP won with the help of the Tea Party. What are they doing in Congress as a reward? They continue to fund obummer and insist on including gifts to the financial industry in the spending bill. Niiiiiice.......NOT

Not until all the RINO's are gone.

James C.

You hit the nail on the head with your remark. It is so true that they are a bunch of woos. Or want to be but can't make up their minds because they have been fried on something other that what is important.  







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