The Far Left Is Planning The Biggest Political Protest In United States History For Inauguration Day

inauguration-day-public-domainWe have seen very large protests in major cities all over America since Donald Trump won the election, but the biggest one of all is being planned for January 20th. Radical leftists are calling for thousands upon thousands of activists to descend upon Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day, and they are planning to disrupt the inauguration festivities as much as they possibly can. And if you doubt that the “Not My President” movement can pull this off, you may want to consider that 25,000 protesters showed up in New York City on Saturday on very short notice. These people are bitter, angry, frustrated and incredibly motivated. At this point they still have more than two months to organize their forces, and many are expecting that this is going to be the most chaotic Inauguration Day in American history.

One of the Facebook pages that is attempting to recruit protesters for Inauguration Day is entitled “Protest at the Inauguration: Stand Against Trump, War, Racism and Inequality”. So far, 7,800 people have indicated that they will be attending on this page alone, and another 26,000 have expressed interest in the protest. The organizers of this particular page are very clear about why they believe that the inauguration of Donald Trump must be protested

Donald Trump is a racist, sexist bigot. We believe that tens of thousands of progressive people will be in the streets on Inauguration Day and in the weeks and months afterward.

How one voted on election day is one thing, but even more important is whether we succeed in building a mass movement that can truly change the country, and the world.

Waiting for the same politicians who led to the rise of Trump to now stop him is a lost cause.

On Facebook and Twitter, the hashtag #DisruptJ20 is already generating an immense amount of buzz. This movement appears to be very well funded, and they have already produced some very slick videos promoting the upcoming inauguration protest.

#DisruptJ20: Call for a bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald #Trump on January 20, 2017

#DisruptJ20 even has an official website now, and they are openly calling for a national strike on January 20th in addition to the chaos that they plan to cause in Washington…

On January 20th, the day of the Presidential Inauguration, protesters will rally to interrupt Trump’s coronation. You can help organize, and you can attend the march. You can also heed calls to strike, wherever you are in the country.

On January 21st, millions of women will converge on Washington DC specifically to oppose the Trump administration’s promised attack on women’s rights and freedoms. Join them.

And on the #DisruptJ20 Facebook page, the organizers are very open about the fact that they plan to bitterly fight against Donald Trump every step of the way…

On Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States. We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over. It must be made clear to the whole world that the vast majority of people in the United States do not support his presidency or consent to his rule.

Trump stands for tyranny, greed, and misogyny. He is the champion of neo-nazis and white Nationalists, of the police who kill the Black, Brown and poor on a daily basis, of racist border agents and sadistic prison guards, of the FBI and NSA who tap your phone and read your email. He is the harbinger of even more climate catastrophe, deportation, discrimination, and endless war. He continues to deny the existence of climate change, in spite of all the evidence, putting the future of the whole human race at stake. The KKK, Vladimir Putin, Golden Dawn, and the Islamic State all cheered his victory. If we let his inauguration go unchallenged, we are opening the door to the future they envision.

Trump’s success confirms the bankruptcy of representative democracy. Rather than using the democratic process as an alibi for inaction, we must show that no election could legitimize his agenda. Neither the Democrats nor any other political party or politician will save us—they just offer a weaker version of the same thing. If there is going to be positive change in this society, we have to make it ourselves, together, through direct action.

From day one, the Trump presidency will be a disaster. #DisruptJ20 will be the start of the resistance. We must take to the streets and protest, blockade, disrupt, intervene, sit in, walk out, rise up, and make more noise and good trouble than the establishment can bear. The parade must be stopped. We must delegitimize Trump and all he represents. It’s time to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and the world that sustains us as if our lives depend on it—because they do.

Some have noted that 2017 will be the 100 year anniversary of the communist revolution in Russia, and many on the radical left are now openly using the word “revolution” to describe what they would like to see here in the United States.

And this call to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration appears to have originated with a Marxist politician out in Seattle

A self-avowed Marxist member of the Seattle City Council who is part of the George Soros-funded Occupy Wall Street movement has called for a “massive protest” against President-elect Donald Trump and a “nationwide shut down” on Inauguration Day.

Kshama Sawant went on an anti-Trump rant following the election that stirred up progressives’ emotions against Trump voters, calling them part of “a racist agenda.”

Sawant held a press conference calling for a mass protest in Seattle. That protest was attended by students, members of Seattle’s LGBTQ community, as well as Occupy members and Muslims.

Many had been hoping that the nationwide protests against Donald Trump would be quieting down by now, but that does not appear to be happening. Instead, they just seem to keep getting more intense. Just check out what took place around the country on Saturday

Seventy-one people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, where crowds threw burning road flares at officers.

Hundreds gathered outside City Hall in Los Angeles to face off against riot police after a daytime march with drew 8,000 people.

Other rallies took place in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Washington DC, and Phoenix, as the anti-Trump backlash continued to grow.

In Indianapolis, crowds chanted ‘kill the police’ as they threw rocks at officers in a separate protest.

At other times, Barack Obama has stepped in and condemned protests when they have gotten violent.

So why is he just sitting back and saying nothing now?

As the president of the United States, shouldn’t he be trying to calm everyone down?

It is easy to see how the “Not My President” movement could continue to grow and reach a crescendo on January 20th, 2017.

Normally Inauguration Day is a day of joy and gladness for the nation, but this time around we may see unprecedented scenes of chaos, rioting and violence.

At this point, there appears to be no possible way that the entire nation is going to unite behind President Trump, and many are wondering if we are now entering four years of the worst civil unrest that the United States has ever experienced.

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We don't need a riot... citizens on both sides fighting in the streets could lead to Martial Law and the end of our Republic as we know it.  Let the law enforcement agencies act now to derail those planning such chaos... as Domestic Terrorist... as that is exactly what these people are.

VERY sound advice!! nobama is chomping at the bit to get in there with Martial Law. We don't need that at all. We need to rise above the childish tactics of the left. 

If the law don't take of it, we the citizens will..

I wrote this open letter intended for the college/high school liberals who may participate in these protests that can become riots. I wonder if it would do any good?  

Open letter to fellow citizens 

In 2014, an army manual was released giving military the power to use lethal force against civilians in certain circumstances. The manual contains methods for the least crowd control methods (non deadly) up to moderate response, finally to lethal force. 

These riots now breaking out among the Left in reaction to Trump's election - is some group setting up these students/demonstrators (many of whom are non violent, but also some who are violent) for a situation where the crowd gets so out of control that Obama will have to declare Martial Law? 

Peaceful protests are a right guaranteed by our Constitution. As I said, many of these Leftist students are peacefully protesting. But there is evidence that some violent ones (New Black Panthers, some in Black Lives Matter movement that WANT to create a violent situation) infiltrate these groups to create destruction like in Oakland, CA, last summer in Houston Texas, where several police officers were assassinated, Ferguson in 2014 (it was found that many in the crowd of demonstrators were bussed in from other parts of the country) where businesses were destroyed. NYC 2014 where the crowd did not become violent but chanted "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!"  

When the Tea Party protested the stimulus spending bill and the proposed health care law "Obamacare" in Washington D.C. on 9/12, 2009, the official count   was 1.9 to 2.1 MILLION of them were there that day.  And not a piece of trash was left behind when they left. They held up signs, did some  slogan chanting and listened to speeches - no violence occurred, and none was intended - the purpose was to use the constitutional right to peaceable protest. 

To those on the Left: Don't let yourself get used to put yourself in a situation where violence may breakout. Stopping traffic on highways is breaking the law! (What if an ambulance gets stuck on the highway?) Making people late for work, etc, will not create sympathy for your cause.  If you are in a protest, and somehow the protesters start going onto a highway/bridge, LEAVE the protest! Someone in that group wants to create a situation where violence can occur! If you leave, the troublemakers won't have a crowd to use to do their agenda- where the intended violence will happen. If these protests keep happening and riots break out, which has already occurred ,  and police can't control the situation, ultimately the army will be brought in to quell the violence..and possible lethal force could be used!  

Bear in mind this army manual was created in 2014, under the Obama administration. Don't let this happen- don't let us become so divided that we can't even talk to each other if we are on opposite sides! This is what some want- I saw that in some of these protests there were pictures of banners showing the communist hammer and sickle - communism thrives on violence! 

Here is the army manual, shown on a site:

If this happens this could be called sedition and the leaders and the violent rioters themselves can be arrested for attempting to overthrow the government.  This could be a capital offense?   I know that Treason is.

The central point to all this is the fact that real Americans are not going to be over run by anyone. It may take awhile, Christians are long suffering, but in the end there are only two cheeks that can be turned, and even though each can be presented for slapping numerous times the purpose of turning them is not to stand there and take a head beating from those whose definition of compromise is surrendering true values to that of their own decadent filth.

Would anyone stand there and let their child be raped, or murdered? Well, your nation is being raped and left for dead, so where do you draw the line?

Clinton is treasonous. So is Obama. Enough is indeed enough. One cannot justify behavior such as this any longer. Winking at it will not make it wither and go away with time. It will only worsen. Evil will increase. Justice will fall in the street. If we let it.

This is why I support Trump.

Image result for amen brother


All the despicable Trump supporters will be too busy working to counter protest.

I personally do not think they will do it. My reason is there are too many Leftists that will be there as well and they are not about to risk their lives. They will make sure George Soros shuts it down. Cut off the money, no protester or paid provocateurs.

All of this still remains to be seen. Interestingly enough, although the corrupt media still hasn't learned their collective lessons from this election backlash, nor have the DEMs - the truth is that they took a huge hit this time that may take them YEARS to recover. They can kick and scream all they'd like. They are hurting more than they would ever admit. As a party, they will continue to shrink down to a level of total irrelevance. (if they aren't already damn close to that right now.)

Soros has the money and the will to keep it going for the next four years. With the protests and the subsequent Property Damage, personal injury, and even one verified death, Soros and all who helped him in any way with the paid riots paid protests are all equally culpable under Federal,State and even some local laws. I cite some of the Federal Laws that apply;

18 U.S. Code § 2101-2,18 USC § 371,18 U.S. Code § 871-9, 18 USC § 371,18 U.S.Code § 2384 


Breaking it down; 


Riot Laws;18 U.S. Code § 2101-2 any property damage or personal injury instigators,promoters,backers legally liable along with participants.
Threats to president,president elect, vice president,vice president elect or their families are E Felonies under U.S.Code § 871-9
Conspiracy to commit crime 18 U.S.Code § 371
Seditious Conspiracy  U.S.Code § 2384 


Even this could be used;  violation of title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights act for intimidation & creating a hostile work place.


For further clarification;Riot Act of 1968, 18 U.S.C. §§ 2101, 2102 (1999), Inciting is a Federal Crime. The act provides for the Federal Indictment of persons using any facility of interstate commerce to incite or participate in a riot.


Soros and his Lieutenants in the various organizations he owns or controls fit the Legal Requirements as defined within the laws cited. As of the date of this posting there has been no indication of FBI investigations nor of any indications the DOJ is even concerned about the violations.


However it would make sense for Indictments to wait until Trump removes the top officers of the FBI, DOJ & IRS and puts someone into their spots that will actually enforce the Constitutional laws, not only those Soros through Obama wants enforced.


Same wait goes for indicting Hillary and Bill and their questionable Charitable Foundation.


If you are interested here are the prescribed punishments for Inciting to riot;


Here is a good source for the average American on;

Inciting and Riot Legal definitions;


Expanded version of definitions and some cases cited;


Information on Threats to a President;


Information on Seditious Conspiracy;


Information on Plain Conspiracy;


Felony Classifications;


If you read through these Legal definitions and requirements you will see here the Enforcement agencies have refused to do their jobs to stop these so called "Spontaneous Protests" and fully investigate them .






Obama Lies Again: – Ignores That The Year After Signing The Stimulus More Than (4) Million Jobs Were Lost

Former President Obama, the only President in US history who had his FBI and other Intel agencies spy on the opposition party candidate, claims that he created the great economy that Americans are enjoying today. The only thing Obama created was debt and massive job losses with his horrible economic recovery.

Yesterday the former President tweeted an effort to take credit for President Trump’s successful economy:

Joe Hoft@joehoft

Of course another @BarackObama lie. He can’t open his mouth without lying. 11 years ago the US lost (4.3) million jobs over the next 12 months. Horrible liar. 

Barack Obama  @BarackObama

Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.

President Obama’s policies were a disgrace and a failure. He doubled the national debt in spite of zero interest rates from the Fed. His recovery was the worst in US history.

Also, Obama’s assertion is just plain false. The ‘Stimulus’ was passed in February 2009 right after Obama took over the Presidency. He promised to not pass any bills for at least a week to allow for the bills to be read by the people but lied as soon as he was sworn in. The Stimulus was hundreds and hundreds of pages of government handouts to Democrat districts and it was close to $1 million. This was not what America needed and it led to the Tea Party.

Far-left Wikipedia has this to say about the Stimulus:

Note that in his infinite wisdom, NYT economist Paul Krugman is credited with arguing that “the stimulus was far smaller than the economic crisis warranted”. (He also said the markets would crash and burn if President Trump was elected President.)

The data shows that the 12 months after Obama’s stimulus, the US lost 4.3 million jobs:

In Obama’s first three years he netted a loss of 1.5 million jobs compared to President Trump who has added more than 6.7 million jobs.

When it comes to the economy, the billionaire schools the community organizer every time.

Tucker: Bloomberg is trying to buy the election

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