The Ethanol Boondoggle: But Won't Ethanol Help Stop Global Warming?

"Some are weatherwise, some are otherwise." --Benjamin Franklin (1735)

Here in the mountains of east Tennessee, we distill corn mash to produce a product provincially known as Moonshine -- because it is often produced and transported under cover of darkness. Arguably, it is a more useful and beneficial product than that toxic form of distilled alcohol from corn mandated for fuel blends by the Environmental Protection Agency's so-called "Renewable Fuel" Standard.

Now, the word "corny" is an adjective, akin to trite, banal, hackneyed, tired, stale, cheesy, schmaltzy, mushy and sloppy. Those descriptors would be much too kind if applied to the "science" (read: "political calculus") behind the EPA’s mandate for producing and converting corn into ethanol and mixing it with fuel. However, the EPA may be ratcheting up that mandate to require a higher percentage of ethanol in fuel, citing spurious claims that ethanol is better for the environment than fossil fuels.


The topical answer is that the liberal elite wing of the New Democratic Party, along with a few Corn Belt Republican subsidizers, argue ethanol produces less CO2 after combustion than fossil fuels.

And they are correct.

Combustion of ethanol does produce less CO2 than fossil fuel combustion, which proponents of ethanol claim is the primary factor responsible for anthropogenic global warm ... er, "climate change."

So, if ethanol additives reduce CO2 in the exhaust of automobiles, what's the problem?

The problem is that the overall environmental and human impact of producing corn for conversion into ethanol is devastating. And on top of that, there is little net CO2 reduction from fuel/ethanol blends when one considers the net CO2 increases from cultivation of corn, its distillation into ethanol and its transportation to refineries for fuel blending.

POLL: Is Global Warming junk science with a political agenda or is it real?

In 2008, just before Barack Hussein Obama's election, the decidedly left-of-center Time magazine ran a cover story entitled "The Clean Energy Myth," noting, "Politicians and big business are pushing biofuels like corn-based ethanol as alternatives to oil. All they're doing is driving up food prices and making global warming worse -- and you're paying for it."

That notwithstanding, the Obama administration made implementation of ethanol mandates its first objective in appeasement of their "climate change" constituency, regardless of the fact that the evidence for the net CO2 reduction rationale was dubious.

There were and remain significant collateral consequences of the ethanol mandate, most notably the inflated cost of grain (read: food) across the board caused by the diversion of corn for ethanol production and the dire implications this has for starving Third World children.

More than 90% of our nation's corn crop went toward feeding people and livestock in the year 2000, with less than 5% of the crop going toward ethanol. In 2013, however, a whopping 40% went toward ethanol.

To illustrate this grossly inefficient use of our natural resources, the amount of grain required to fill a 25-gallon automotive fuel tank with ethanol is enough grain to feed one person for an entire year.

If you don't think you're paying for this, you haven't been paying attention to your food bill.

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Before I had to start using ethanol in the fuel, I was getting up to 33 mpg and now it has dropped to 22 to 23 mpg , adding more CO2 due to more fuel used.

The fuel does not possess the energy that straight gasoline has.  Global warming/climate change, is the socialist progressive agenda. IT IS BASED ON JUNK SCIENCE, WITH FAULTY DATA that was added to it.  The temperature readings were being taken on tops of buildings with AC condensing units, and the exhaust fans from bus stations.  The data is a false high added in to the Global mean temperatures.  The olblamea regime is ruining the US!

Your observations are the same as mine. You also pay a hidden road tax by requiring more ethanol fuel to arrive at the same destination as you would have with less "gasoline", and the government will fight removing ethanol all the way because of lost revenue.

The fact that one 25 gallon tank of ethanol would provide enough grain to feed one person  for a year is a shocking statistic. I've always contended that the ethanol debate would be: fuel or food? With modern autos with fuel injected engines operating on pure gasoline getting higher mpg, the ethanol "clean" energy is a myth.

Not to mention depleting precious aquifers by burning our food supply. There is little reserve, if any, of the precious water we have for growing crops and sustaining the growing populations. California is in a severe drought, and food crops will be mostly lost this year, and that is where a large portion of the country's food supply comes from, and they are burning corn in our cars...innnsane!

The federal government is putting the corn syrup in the gas to prevent us from storing it.  After 30 days it is a mess and is really hard on gas engines.

Obamaites flying all over the world for fundraisers, with support personnel. Then Clinton's doing the same. Gore etc. hundreds of planes doing chemtrails, covering sky with chemical created haze. Oops. Oh well with so called solar. All while EPA attacks companies or individuals while they sanction these acts. Wow.
Another one of our dear leader's ploys to destroy America. Drive food prices up, flood our country with illegals, illegal land grabbing and selling of land to the Chinese by the BLM, giving aid and comfort to Islamic terrorists, push to take our guns away, victimize our veterans, give illegals more care than our own poor and veterans, destroy the coal industry, disarm our military, purging our military of fine officers ..... the list grows longer by the day. God help us all.
Money and control,.
Border crossings. A lot of individuals crossing are Chinese and furthermore also when Chinese ships dock, hundreds run off ships into USA. Finding out, vast majority are regular army. Go figure with our 2 lb dumbbell curler prez picking on a Russian bully I wonder what's coming soon.

The public still has their heads buried in sand. Most would rather listen to someone like Obama than research it themselves. The liberals are leading the sheep to slaughter like Hitler did in Germany. Remember what one Russian President said. Russia won't ever fight USA as the country will destroy itself , and Russia can take over without shot being fired. This may sound crazy , but take a minute to look at all things that are going on. Put pieces in order and you will see perfect plan of destruction.

There are a lot of myths in the postings above. 1. The government does NOT put corn syrup in fuel, I've had gasoline with 10% ethanol on the shelf for over a year and my engines started and ran just fine. 2. In 2013 40% of our corn crop went to ethanol production? by whose stat? Where did that information come from. In 2008 the year the largest number of ethanol plants were in production the percentage of corn crop used for ethanol production was 15% since that time several ethanol plants were shuttered and not re-started. I run 10% to 15% ethanol in my two vehicles and notice no more that a 5% drop in mileage. Flex fuel vehicles now have higher compression ratios to allow for higher octane fuel. In the 70's the compression ratios were reduced to allow the pollution control devices to operate properly and to remove lead from our fuels. With today's 10% ethanol fuels boosting the octane levels back to where they were with the lead additives you can run higher compression ratios and burn ethanol added fuels more efficiently. It is also a myth about driving food prices up. The biggest factor in the fuel prices for the farmers and their diesel fuel tractors. Have any of you guys talked to any corn farmers? I live amongst them and they contribute mightily to our economy. No it is not a food or fuel decision with corn based ethanol production as a conservative I'll side with the science on this one. One more thing, if ethanol can reduce our imports 10% from islamonazi's I,m all for it.




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