The US economy continues expanding. Such growth was nonexistent throughout the entire eight years of the Oabma admenstruation.

Growth is good!  It means more people get employed; and less become the burden of the taxpayers (aka welfare).  So, since more revenue is rolling in - lets celebrate!  How about we start rolling back our DEFICIT; and start paying down the DEBT?!  Nope. The deficit for 2019 will continue to rise.  Surprised? I'm sure as hell not!

Excerpts from the Heritage Foundation [1]:

> "The CBO projects that, by 2020, the deficit will grow to more than $1 trillion annually, an increase of $233 billion from the latest projection. By 2028, annual deficits could reach more than $1.5 trillion annually, with no sign of slowing down. The 10-year cumulative deficit is projected to be $12.4 trillion, over $2 trillion higher than last year’s CBO estimates."

> "How Washington handles America’s fiscal problems will, indeed, define the future of the United States as a superpower and as a country. If Americans remain unwilling to control the national debt level, Washington will lose its ability to shape the international system —a situation that would ultimately threaten America’s viability as a nation"

The President continues to call for funding for "the wall" to be included in the 2019 spending bill (I refuse io call it a "budget!).  Lets be totally honest here. What good will that "wall" do if states REFUSE to abide by federal laws w/ their sanctuary policies; and where they refuse to incarcerate, and even protect, criminals - because they are illegal aliens?  And what about the FACT that the US continues to take in the so called "refugees" from the Middle East? (45,000 in 2018 so far) 

A growing economy alone IS NEVER ENOUGH!  NO ONE is resolving a damned thing!  So, bottom line is - the nation is still very much in peril. 



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The Wall, is being built, like it or not.

Trump dumps on NAFTA, a new deal with Mexico, which included Mexico putting in money to build The Wall.

If the Government wants to Balance The Budget,National Debt, Dump The Federal Reserve.

"Budget"? What budget?! Lets be for real. The Fed isn't going anywhere.

Lets address my points, Hank! The OVERspending. And how about the 45,000!

Wait. Let me guess. If it's under Trump's watch - then it's AOK, right?!

 If I was you I would not pick a fight out of Hank, he is more intelligent then he acts. And besides, the Federal Reserve and the Banks connected to it are going somewhere. By the hand of Trump, or by some other means, you do not know all that is taking place.

 And by the way, I did do a check on the National Debit, its much worse then what your pea brain can wrap around.



Behaviorally speaking, quite a few of you here at TPCC are no different than the fanatics on the left.

 If you are so smart,Luis, share the numbers, for the US National Debit.

 Don't show him,Hank, if luis✩USA, is so smart let him figure it out, and those numbers above are not even close...........

What ever Tif, this luis✩USA, write and talks like a girl, but who knows?

(eyeroll) is a girls way, not a man.

BUDGET not in DC vocab

glad it is in ours.  it is up to us the people to vote in or out whom we want.  

the mid terms are coming  and i say do not sit home the Dems surely are not going to

the nation depends on it

the pres and  the country are under attack and we are at war   the economy is doing great and the wall yep coming along.   he cannot do it all CONGRESS has to.  

" the country are under attack and we are at war "

And the Debt fuse continues burning down, Bonnie! But, hey. At least "we" have all 3 branches in our "control", huh. jeez

We have exactly nothing in our control.

You are absolutely right, J9.  And no "one" person can ever change that. But, then again, the Constitution is designed so that no one person could have any authoritarian / dictatorial power. We are a Representative Republic. Many, many, many moving parts.

When last years atrocious spending bill was signed into law by the potus, he said "it's not ganno happen again".  In a few days we'll find out, won't we?  I foresee no changes in the OVERspending at all. There'll be no SocSec reform. The taxpayers $$$$ will be wasted on subsidies that "tea party" used to holler against! The Deficit / Debt will continue soaring. Even if we do gain more seats - we will not be in control. But that comes to no surprise to me.

I see no changes in the plundering of WE the People. 

He could have

vetoed that last atrocity, saying, 

"We will follow the constitution, specifically Article I. We will fund those things. That's it. I promised we would defund pP. And I mean it. Do not ever send me this type of unconstitutional monstrosity again. Congress. Read the Constitution And send me a true budget that defunds unconstitutional agencies and their rules. "

A brief tell off would do the trick. 




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Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson


Joe Biden Talks To The Dead: – He Worked On Paris Climate Deal With Long-Dead Chinese Leader

Former Vice President Joe Biden mistakenly claimed on Monday that he worked on the Paris Climate Accord with former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping — who died more than 20 years before its signing.

Zach Parkinson  

Joe Biden claimed tonight that he worked with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping on the Paris Climate Accord.

Except the current Chinese President is Xi Jinping.

Deng Xiapoing left office in 1992 and has been dead for 23 years.

Biden made the gaffe while citing his accomplishments in President Barack Obama’s administration.

“One of the things I’m proudest of is getting passed, getting moved, getting in control of the Paris Climate Accord,” Biden said in a speech at the College of Charleston. “I’m the guy who came back after meeting with Deng Xiaoping and making the case that I believe China will join if we put pressure on them. We got almost 200 nations to join.”

Xiaoping served as the leader of China from 1978 until his retirement in 1992, and passed away in 1997. Xi Jinping, China’s current president, came to power 2013 and signed the country onto the 2016 agreement.

In June 2017, President Trump announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the agreement, stating that accord will “undermine the economy” and “puts [the United States] at a permanent disadvantage.”

In addition to the Xiaoping gaffe, Biden bizarrely declared in a campaign speech that he is a “candidate for the United States Senate” and that people could “vote for the other Biden” if they prefer one of his rivals.

“My name is Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over, if you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden,” the 77-year-old said at the First in the South Dinner.

Biden’s confusing comments come as Democrat primary candidates are scheduled to debate in Charleston Tuesday evening. The former vice president faces increasing pressure to give a standout performance as his “firewall” in the Palmetto State crumbles in the face of a surging Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The Vermont senator is fresh off a decisive victory in Nevada caucuses on Saturday. Earlier this month, he placed first the New Hampshire primary and won the popular vote in Iowa. In a survey released Monday, the Public Policy Polling outfit said Biden leads South Carolina with 36 percent of support and Sanders is in second at 21 percent.

Hannity: Bernie's beyond gross article

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