Lawlessness. It’s not a pleasant word. While it is an accurate description of how this White House has conducted itself, the word offends the sensibilities of both the president’s supporters and the civility crowd. So let’s abstain from using that word. Instead, let’s settle on discussing thead hoc way in which president views his responsibility to faithfully execute the laws duly passed by a legitimate and coequal legislature. 

Late Thursday night, less than a week before the Christmas holiday, the administration unilaterally delayed a Supreme Court-approved tax for a group of people deemed by unelected officials to be special. It is a violation of law. It may very well violate the equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment. It will create chaos in the insurance industry. It is, as has been widely reported, a maneuver of service to the president’s political goal of ensuring nervous Democrats in the Senate are placated.

Of course, Republicans are objecting to the move. But their objections are being dismissed as a reflexive response to a president they oppose merely attempting to make a law they abhor more stable. Is this a fair accusation? Of course not. Republicans object mightily to the Affordable Care Act, but they are demanding it be enforced by the executive as written because this is his constitutional mandate. That’s called consistency.

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No ones going to do anything. It's time to fight, but no one will. 

WHO, wants to guess nothing will happen?

I read a lot of anger amongst all of you, but what are YOU going to do? Realize, we get to vote on those the PARTY puts on the ballots. Hand selected to run this nation as those running the PARTY want. So if you want to retake control of this nation, it's time to elect an Independent Candidate such as me, Don Cordell as your next president. I'm an 86 year old patriot who knows what is going on, I'll Restore not Change this nation. I'll deport every single Illegal Alien, I'll stop the imports of what we need to make in America to put our people back to work. IF anyone else is elected in 2016 this Republic will become just one more pawn of the United Nations One World Government. You have to study the history of what has been happening since 1908, to understand what we have now it the culmination of the world planners called the TriLateral Commission, or called the Bilderbergers who have collectively engineered this turn off of our nation, to have only ONE Leader for the whole world.

I've lived and studied this treason since 1936 when my stepfather was partners with Walter Reuther and they started the United Autoworkers Union in Detroit. At age 9 I was aware of the future plans of our leaders, and as you study what has happened the last 100 years, you'll realize, we are being screwed. So got the guts to stand up now and stop the treason in Washington DC? This is our last chance, because we are going down for the count. I'm trying my best to educate all of you as to the total Police State we now live in. Daily reports of police abuse, tyranny in every community, The right to lock us up with no charges for life, NO Justice left in this nation. How many arrested are offered Plea Bargain or go to prison for life, so cops don't have to prove to the court, you are really guilty. Threats of Plea of else, treason! How many (10%) of Americans are in prison, on trumped up charges, and not guilty at all? Are you Patriots or Cowards? Now it the time to come to the aid of all, or we will suffer more that Hitler could have ever imagined. Remember those FEMA camps are now  called Public Safety Comlex's with barbed wire surrounding the camp to protect you from invaders.  OK it's up to you, are you ready to fight back to restore America, or are you all talk?


There is much truth in your argument for action... However, in reality what chance is there for an independent candidate to win election to high office in our Republic?  The major parties have rigged the game and are manipulating the electorate thru laws and a system created to keep them in power.

In all honesty your chances of being elected are less than those of being struck by lightening three times in the same day...  Patriots have very few real choices available... peaceful civil disobedience or revolution remain the only true choices, as the electoral system in America is broken... beyond repair.  The people no longer hold a franchise on the ballots of America.  Voter and election fraud, coupled with gerrymandering, electioneering, and the careful management of the election results, by the major parties, return over 85% of the incumbents to office each election... 99.9% of all elected officials come from one of the two major parties, there is little hope that one can brake the political elite and the New World Order's hold on power, thru elections alone.

Hence, one must to think outside the traditional channels to bring reform to our government...  The people need leadership and not just any leadership.  America needs men and women of strong moral fiber and conviction to lead... Individuals, like our founding father's, who were willing to risk their lives and FORTUNES for the common good.  What we have today are leaders who are unwilling to risk their private wealth or lives for anything; including, their children and grand children's heritage and the American way.  We have leaders who are nearsighted, focused on self-aggrandizement, unwilling and unable to see the need for an immediate to the fundamentals of our Constitutional Republic.

Unless, the Patriot movement finds leadership, capable of rallying the people to the cause of liberty, in time to carry the 2014 Election Cycle; our Republic will be lost to a New World Order.  Our Republic will become one more failed attempt at government, by the people, for the people, and of the people... it will join the ash bin of failed governments in the annals of nations. 

The current political class is currently consolidating their hold on power... the people will soon become mere chattel, in a new age feudal system. Whether our government is called socialism (voluntary servitude thru dependency) or fascism (feudal capitalism), the resultant  political and economic system will enslave the general public. A New World Order is vying for the helm of State it is only a matter of time before the competing elements, in that Order, eliminate the opposition and impose either a socialist or fascist State upon the people.

Don, you tried to say a lot in two short paragraphs but I understand and believe everything you said and most of your solutions.  I am not sure you are old enough to handle it all.  If you lived to 91 as your father did and hopefully longer, there aren't enough years left to solve all the problems that have taken at least 100 years to develop.  I associate an "independent" as somewhat that hasn't made up his mind which side of the fence to fall off of.  If you want to define for me more of your economic philosophy, I will better understand you.  You have a gentleman's understanding of the root of our problems today which most of us don't have.  But when you speak of TriLateral Commision you left out a prospective of how they have influenced us.  Is there anyone on the political horizon that you could support as your VP that could take the reins if something happen to you?  Not wishing you ill but being realistic.

Has there ever been a president write a bill, push it thru his friendly congress, then take charge of enforcing the very law he wrote?

Probably not.  Most bills are created in congress and the president signs them in to law and is expected to enforce them.  Most laws aren't needed anyway but are created to justify someones job and to create more jobs for attorneys.

David... I'll second that "Most laws aren't needed anyway but are created to justify someones job and to create more jobs for attorneys."

Nearly every law is passed... results in the loss of liberty.  Laws are generally prohibitive in nature, they are created to regulate (restrict) the actions of individuals or corporations.  As such every new law works too place one more fetter upon liberty's members.

There are too many do-gooders doing this.  There is a law still in some cities/states saying you cannot spit on the sidewalk.  Common sense says this is a bad habit but does it need to be a law.  Too many like that.  And of course there is the extreme laws controlling individuals or corporations.  Most laws cannot be policed anyway.


Execute what?  Action to get principled people elected in 2014.  I hope that is what you met because other meanings of the word might get you in trouble.

The House passed a Budget that funded the ACA... that is hardly CONSISTENT with the GOP's stand against the ACA as unconstitutional. In order to be consistent one must hold to their convictions every time... not just when they believe it expedient.  The GOP is hardly consistent.




Political Cartoons by AF Branco


SICK: Anderson Cooper Says Demographic Decline Of White Americans Is “Exciting”

“It’s an exciting evolution.”

Embedded video

[Click To Watch]

CNN’s Anderson Cooper said during an interview with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos that he found the demographic decline of white people “exciting”.

“The idea that, you know, whites will not be the majority, I mean, that’s — it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and you know, progress of our country in many different ways,” said Cooper.

Ramos agreed that whites becoming a minority in America was inevitable and a positive development.

The Judge@V8POW

Anderson Cooper barely able to contain his excitement about Whites becoming a minority.

Not thrilled about being replaced in the country your ancestors founded: you're a "Supremacist"

Understand White People, you're already in a race war.

“There’s nothing really they can do against this incredible demographic revolution. And in 2044, everyone is going to be a minority,” he said.

The media has repeatedly asserted that even raising the “conspiracy theory” of “the great replacement” or the demographic decline of white people puts you on a par with mass shooters and terrorists.

However, it’s apparently completely fine to talk about the issue so long as you proclaim the demographic decline of whites to be a positive thing.

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