Texas Church Shooter Was Antifa Member Who Vowed To Start Civil War

The gunman who opened fire inside a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, has been identified as Devin Kelley, an Antifa member who vowed to start a civil war by “targeting white conservative churches” and causing anarchy in the United States. Wilson County Commissioner Albert Gamez Jr said that at least 27 people have been killed in the shooting, according to reports by the CNN and the BBC, with the confirmed death toll expected to climb in the coming hours.

Witnesses report they saw Devin Kelley walk into the Baptist Church in the small town 30 miles from San Antonio at 11:30am local time Sunday, according to KSAT-12.

Police have identified Antifa member Devin Patrick Kelley as the Sutherland Springs Church Killer

 Police have identified Antifa member Devin Patrick Kelley as the Sutherland Springs Church Killer

Devin Kelley, who killed at least 27 people and injured many more, was one of two shooters in the church, according to eyewitnesses, who also report Kelley carried an Antifa flag and told the churchgoers “this is a communist revolution” before unloading on the congregation, reloading several times.

Sheriff Joe Tackitt confirmed to Wilson County News that there have been “multiple fatalities” and the shooter has been “taken down.”

Devin Kelley’s Facebook page stated that he was an atheist and his interests included “Civil and social rights” and “Civil rights” as well as endorsements for local Texan Democratic political candidates. His page also featured photos of several high powered weapons.

His Facebook page was taken down without explanation less than an hour after the shooting.

Screenshot of a photo uploaded to Devin Kelly's Facebook profile.Screenshot of a photo uploaded to Devin Kelley’s Facebook profile.

An eyewitness told CBS News that there was a heavy police presence on the road to the church, adding that they had seen severely injured people being airlifted from the area.

antifa-target-whiteyScreenshot of leaked chat between Antifa members threatening to target “whitey” and conservative churches.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott posted to Twitter shortly after the mass shooting, saying: “Our prayers are with all who were harmed by this evil act. Our thanks to law enforcement for their response. More details from DPS soon.”

President Donald Trump has confirmed he is aware of the situation and said he was monitoring it from Japan.

The gunman who shot up a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, is Devin Kelly, an Antifa member who vowed to start a civil war. http://yournewswire.com/texas-church-shooter-antifa/

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 If I may say something, to Mr. Nelson, and Mr. Frankmusic, as I grew older, I became stubborn in my ways. I had to be right all the time, and even though there was a chance I was wrong I was so stubborn I could not admit I was wrong.

 After reading and looking at all the videos and information posted against Devin Kelley’s life, is there a possible of a connection with Antifa Terrorist?

 This is all I am trying to say, these kids, now days, see things different, this does not mean they are not your friends, they just disagree, with what others say.

 I am not a old fool anymore, and I do believe that I can learn something from the kids, here. I have read a lot of statements here within different commentaries blogs, I can share information that most people does not know of, and I will.

 Now, Mr. Frankmusic, I noticed you followed me around in this site, it made me feel un-easy, but after seeing some of your pictures it occurred to me you may be just a kid wanting attention.

 Is there a possibility of a connection bettween Devin Kelley and Antifa Terrorist. Of course there is.

 I just wanted to say what was on my mind. And if you two think about it, you may want to look for the clues also.

Stay safe, there will be more killing until the law has had enough of their stink in my back yard.


You know Tom, if that's your name - you are full of crap too. I think you're too hung up on dead Devin. There's more out there to discern.

Since you've mentioned some of MY Friends - now hear me out on your comments.

Col .Nelson has a genuine intellectual brain in his head and he demonstrates that each time he posts. Unfortunately, you have no clue to what the value of a man like him adds to a Tea Party site. Maybe you ought to read more of his posts. You might actually learn something, instead of saying how much your back yard stinks. Now that's, brilliant. Talk about being a kid asking for attention - WOW - try to re-read your own nonsense. No one else wants to.

AND BTW: No one has attempted followed you anywhere, especially myself. Don't flatter yourself, it's not worth it. Why the hell would I? Sure, I've read your oddball BS. So what? If you don't want people to read your crap - don't write it and LEAVE. My assessment is that you've brought absolutely nothing to the table thus far. My graphics may be a bit over your empty head. Sorry for confusing you so much.

I've been on this site for many years. A lot longer than most people. Got anything else you'd like to offer? If you take the time to read some of the posts of Hank, you'll find he's been very antagonistic to many long standing members. He seems to have most of his unprovoked arguments with the women.

None of that is right TOM, or whatever your name is.

Hey Frank

Your argument is with me, not Tom, and I have also noted that you do follow people around in the site posting comments or immature images.

 Don't like the blogs stay out of them, I find it more peaceful when those who post unneeded and un- warranted images.

 If you do not like or want to be Tif's friend, hell man use the button and remove the friendship.

 As for Mr. Nelson, he is a solder, and does need you to help him, he stands on his own two feet.

 Like it it or not Frank, this blog stands supported in its findings.

Your buddy addressed me, so I addressed him right back. He also mentioned Col. Nelson, (who is not here to defend himself) , so I have his back. Got it? It's just that simple.  Want any other explanation? You'll just have to make one up yourself......you seem to be inclined to do so frequently....

But as is typical - there ya go again, Hank  - you continue to assume strange things that are not there. It is I who should be reminding you of this.... - If you guys don't like my graphics - why do you and TIF copy them and repost them so much?

As far as liking or not liking your blogs - my comments, when I'm not in agreement with the info, are generally posted to keep you honest. 

Image result for reincarnated as toilet paper

Excellent cartoon.. Thanks Marilyn, for the good laugh.  A little levity applied at the right time can work wonders... to clear the air.

Sometimes it is good to take a step backward... to reflect upon the petty arguments which redirect our focus in life. We need to ID the crap and flush it, before it ruins our day.

The idea that bad people associate with bad people and may join their groups is a give me... Albeit, that doesn't mean any particular individual or event is tied to some international conspiracy or group. Let the facts speak for themselves, not the innuendo or the personal point of view of a few.

Unsupported statements, like the following: "Devin Kelley... was one of two shooters in the church, according to eyewitnesses, who also report Kelley carried an Antifa flag and told the churchgoers “this is a communist revolution” before unloading on the congregation, reloading several times."  are totally speculative and unsupported by the official accounts in the media.

Such, unsupported and reactionary rhetoric doesn't help our cause...  Instead these irrational and speculative conspiracy theories often support the oppositions position that ALL of our arguments are reactionary and unreliable.  Let's keep to the facts. We may have our suspicions and may even announce them;  but, let us label it speculation and not fact.

I know of no hard evidence that Devin Kelly was accompanied by a second shooter,  that he was an 'active member' of Antifa or a White Supremacy Group.  There are some who have promoted that point of view, but the evidence doesn't exist, in the mainstream public domain, to support such an argument.  

As to a second shooter in the Church.  That is simply an outlandish speculation, supported by none of the evidence to date. Such irresponsible conspiracy theories serve only to stir up animosity and doubt for local law enforcement; just, more agitation from the left. 

Mr. Ronald Nelson,

 After looking and reviewing Mr. Frankmisic's statements, I disagree, Antifa literature is seen on Devin Kelley’s Facebook page and a 4chan posting.

 The arguments between Mrs. Morgan and Mr. Frankmusic are humorous at best, so I feel that his statements may be bias, because Mrs. Morgan is buff, a challenging young lady that jumps right in a debate.

And yes Mr. Frankmusic my name is Tom. I also agree Mr. Nelson does not need anyone to speak up for him, I noted he also speaks his mind.

Tom, disagree all you'd like. Go for it. The benefits will be such that it will distract you from the events in your backyard. - LOL

So, what arguments occurred between buff TIF that you would consider biased?
Biased how?
Challenged? Where? All your words and observations, not mine
Where was there even a genuine debate? In your imagination, perhaps? 
A debate is a give and take dialog. I don't recall that event actually ever happening.
You brought Col Nelson into the mix. Perhaps it was because he agreed with MY assessment of being wary of biased sources. You do remember him offering his unsolicited agreement with me on that, don't ya Tom? Maybe your objections to HIS input/opinion should be taken up with him. 

And with regards to your comments regarding Col. Nelson speaking his mind; While that acknowledgement happens to be common knowledge with all members on the TPCC site, your decision to interject that fact in this particular case is mostly irrelevant and ambiguous at best. Your obvious confusion in this mundane matter is wearisome, but somewhat entertaining.

Is this the end of TPCC?

Well said, ......and unfortunately quite true.


Tif considers you her friend?

Your point?

Image result for giggling animation

Good morning Marilyn,



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