Ted Cruz CRUSHES Socialist Bernie Sanders in CNN Obamacare Debate

Constitutional conservative Ted Cruz debating Soviet-style socialist Bernie Sanders on the future of Obamacare on CNN, Feb. 7, 2017It was a debate for the ages, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a constitutional conservative versus Soviet-style socialist Bernie Sanders on CNN Wednesday night over the future of the failed Obamacare debacle.

It was such a bloodbath for Soviet Sanders — so much so that leftist CNN decided not to have a discussion panel after the much-ballyhooed debate event and Twitter decided to downplay by refusing to trend any of the relevant hashtags that normally would go viral.

Bernie Sanders repeatedly referred to the United States as “the wealthiest country in the history of the world,” inadvertently admitting that good old-fashioned American capitalism led to such prosperity — a devastating blow to his argument that more socialism would somehow make things better — while Ted Cruz brilliantly argued that big government caused the current healthcare crisis with the Obamacare disaster, with Sanders painfully unable to argue that he, Obama, and the Democrat Party lied to the American people when they promised that they could “keep their doctor,” “keep their policies,” and that the “average American would see premiums drop by $2,500 per year.”

Sanders refused to address broken Democrat promises, promises that Americans are painfully experiencing today.

As expected, CNN filled the audience with sob stories from people touting Obamacare as the second coming. Although, those plants were handled by Ted Cruz with compassion, grace, and logic in responding to their concerns about the repeal of Obamacare and the replacements being discussed that would not negatively affect their current coverage.

When some in the audience gave specific personal testimonies how their lives were damaged by Obamacare, heartless socialist Sanders treated them like the number they would be under socialized medicine, often turning to his Marxist talking points to bail him out when he had no logical answer to the failed Democrat Party disaster.

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Then tell your sister to grow up, fight her own battles, or get off the adult sites.

Terrence stop being so harsh. 

Thou shalt not LIE Mr. Morgan.

Prove its not true Schneider....?

As a Cuban, I completely get Ted Cruz, he understands what socialism and communism can do to a country. We lived it and warn people about how we cannot go down that path, but people just don’t listen. If we don’t learn from history it shall repeat itself. Learn from other’s mistakes, be smart about it. All the countries that were behind the iron curtain except for East Germany have been struggling with their economy and it has been over 35 years since the wall came down. Cuba has been in trouble for 58 years. Socialism has been tried, and tried and it just does not work! What can’t you people understand that? Why don’t you just move to a socialist country and stop trying to change this country.

Tif   I agree with you. Cruz was not NBC and yet ran for POTUS. He said he would sign Audit the Fed and did not. His wife helped write the implementation of the NAU for America, thereby she/he support globalist agenda.

While he speaks a great game, he deceives. As far as what he says now, he is right to say what he did, but I take it also with the thought that he is also preparing his sound bites for his next run for POTUS in 2020. He does nothing that does not suit himself. He is a one man show.

He never did support TRUMP!, not even when he was given that opportunity at the R. convention. and the American people BOOED him. Those present at that time understood what he was doing.

And compared to Bernie, well, he is an idiot.

Well.....Ted sort of has an advantage over old Bernie...

Image result for if i only had a brain cartoon

I heard that also Marilyn, from a girl, she said Ted Cruz has a small worm size penis, now thats funny.............:)   :0  

Her name is Rose...:)

I read several of your comments, and you are a troll.

There are no Democrats left in America.  Now that the Democratic Party has accepted the Socialist Party platform, all that remains are Communists who are in denial.  They are bent on the total destruction of the American dream, along with the nation that we have known.  In their politically correct, multicultural ethos, they defend an Ideology based on war, that is openly at war with the non-believer..  Idiots, all.

This is why I wanted God to leave Ted Cruz in the congress. He is very knowledgeable and can debate with just about anyone. He should be in Paul Ryan's chair!

  There is no doubt that TED CRUZ would be a 100% improvement over PAUL RYAN as Speaker of the House of Representatives. 




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