Ted Cruz ‘Apologizes’ to New York in the Best Way Possible…

Tons of thin skinned New Yorkers (some of whom are even masquerading as Republicans) were putting their “faux outrage” on full display for all to see this week. Why? All over Ted Cruz’s “New York values” comment. They demand an apology. The demand it, damn you!

Well, Ted Cruz obliged. And it. Is. Brilliant.

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I give Ted all the credit in the world.

But let's take a look at NY Liberal values.

Who was it that closed all the charter schools, forcing the kids whose parents were paying for their education into the public school system?


Over 800 school kids were thrust back into those public schools, tightening already strained resources for existing public schools.


De Blassio's response?  Too bad. 

And who was it that refused to plow the roads for the 'rich' neighborhoods (who pay the majority of taxes) ... including the Elderly?



And to think, I didn't even 'touch' on NY's attack on the bill of rights, and 2nd amdt rights.

In light of NY's Liberals, Cruz's response to their "FAUX OUTRAGE" was Genius!

No wonder he won the GOP straw poll, and is still holding his own in the polls even now.



@Debra Rae Steinman, 

Let's look back at how the communist De Blasio became mayor of NYC.  The weenie exposing creep Anthony Weiner, who is married to Hitlery Clinton's right hand member of the Muslim Brotherhood was the frontrunner (or so many were led to believe).  Someone with the communist ties of De Blasio might not have stood a chance with the middle income and wealthy voters of NYC.  So they orchestrated a faux candidate in Weiner and the in the midst of distraction of his being "exposed" in the true sense of the word, what were the Demo Rats to do but elect their only alternative, De Blowhard!  The Republican candidate did not stand a chance with the lame stream media running the show ala Soros.

The people of NYC often consider themselves to be savvy enough to avoid being duped but this election proved how wrong they could be!  De Blasio has managed to tick off just about every group of New Yorkers, so it will be interesting to see if they are dumb enough to vote him in a second time. 


You are so right.  Thank you for your insight.

@Debra Rae Steinman,

BTW, I think Cruz's response was brilliant and on the mark!  I too am sorry that NY has been infiltrated by the communists and socialists, such as the baby killing Cuomo who advocates killing full term babies as they are being born and the low life scum De Blasio.  

New York's greatness was built on capitalism and it is capitalism that keeps it afloat. 

Mostly of the New Yorkers are liberals, they (Jews, Puerto Rican, blacks and Latino)vote to democraps all the time,!!! 

Most Jews in New York, but not all ... are indeed liberal.  Most of my relatives in NY are liberal.

They're the ones who disowned me for refusing to vote Jewish (meaning Lieberman and Sanders) 'only' because they were Jewish.

Just remember, not all Jew are libs.  And the ones who aren't have to watch their backs, against the ones who are.

How quick Our New York City leaders forget

How quick Our New York City leaders forget

Gotta love a guy like that!

It was great.  Still he wins in New York  so a big oh no for no reason.  He is a patriot and he proves it daily.

I don't see anything he apologized for connected to what he said! Also it's one thing to say I'M SORRY and another thing in being sorry!




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