Ted Cruz and John Kasich Announce Joint “Never Voters Campaign” To Stop Donald Trump…

After the complete Trump New York victory, both Ted Cruz and John Kasich were mathematically eliminated from any possibility of winning through voters.  The #NeverTrump campaign shifted and rebranded itself#NeverVoters.

Last night, facing the looming probability of complete defeat on April 26th in the North East primary states of: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and Delaware, the Ted Cruz and John Kasich campaigns announced publicly their intents to draw their last-hope firewalls in Indiana, New Mexico and Oregon.

The most current polling of Pennsylvania looks like this:

3 candidate Pennsylvania Poll - 4-24-16

(full pdf of results here)… and the Trump campaign has also ramped up the voter information for the unbound PA delegates (SEE HERE) turning the tide of in favor of Team Donald Trump in the Keystone State.

As a direct consequence of the growing support for candidate Trump, and with looming electoral defeat on the horizon, the Ted Cruz campaign now places all its “never voter” efforts on stopping Donald Trump from winning Indiana.  However, Donald Trump is also polling ahead of Cruz in Indiana – so the Cruz campaign approach throws a Hail-Mary.

In an effort to improve fleeting chances, Team Cruz has struck a deal with the Kasich campaign.   Team Kasich is to pull out of Indiana, and Team Cruz will give them free reign in New Mexico and Oregon.

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Included in the Kasich announcement is a request to the Super-PAC’s spending on behalf of both ‘never voter’ candidates:

cruz kasich“We would expect independent third-party groups to do the same and honor the commitments made by the Cruz and Kasich campaigns”.

I gave Cruz more credit for brains then this. If the GOP Goes to a broken convention, neither Trump or Cruz will have a snowballs chance in Hell to be the GOP's Canidate. For those who think that the GOP wouldn't risk loosing the General Election by doing this, keep in mind that changing the System hurts the Establishment much more then loosing a Election. Even the losers get some of the spoils from Us, the Tax Payers.

That is an ABSOLUTE Robert William Metcalf... The GOP and the RNC are the ACTUAL LIARS - [The Liberal Left Socialists /Fascists Idiots Are As Open As A Book]..! GOP Establishment have gone so far LEFT that they are completely off the page! They couldn't care less who wins this election as long as they Lean HEAVY to The LEFT- Which is EXACTLY why they don't wan CRUZ or TRUMP... because they Won't go Left! - Kasich Would though, without a doubt...! Cruz and Trump should lay down the bull shit and join forces if either intends to out do the CORRUPT GOP ESTABLISHMENT..! I have been a Cruz endorser and whole hearted supporter from the beginning- but I fear he is making some very crucial and grave mistakes!!! 

Whoever elected this Kasich into office should take a second look at him. He is everything we despise in a politician. Sneaky conniving, and corrupt. I'm beginning to believe the same about Cruz.

I too am getting VERY CONCERNED about Ted Cruz- He is looking like an Untrustworthy Shifty Politician by the things he is doing in order to [NOT] loose to Trump and to [NOT] have to join forces with him...! Ted is sinking his own ship!!!  ... The CORRUPT GOP ESTABLISHMENT [MUST] GO DOWN - CRUZ/ TRUMP or TRUMP / CRUZ ticket- like it or not- but this is the Only way to Break Down the Lying GOP Mafia..! And to STOP Fascism from the Liberal Left Idiots once and for all..! Very Dangerous!

Dangerous yes, because it throws the door open for Helliary the true Marxist.

Team Cruz and Kasich have shown themselves to be 'Establishment Candidates'... they have resorted to Establishment rules and political maneuvering in an attempt to deny VOTERS their choice for the GOP's Nominee for President.  The Party leadership has stated 'Never Trump'  now team Cruz and Kasich have joined with the Establishment to deny the majority of voters their choice for the GOP's nominee to be President.  This team would rather have the Political Party Power brokers... cut a deal in smoke filed rooms rather than see the candidate with the vast majority of votes become the nominee.  They are championing the corrupt political process as the power to nominate.

Cruz is the stealth Establishment Candidate... he is in the race to ensure that the nominee results from a brokered Convention.... that the nomination goes to a mainstream Establishment Republican... Jeb Bush is still waiting in the wings.  Jeb ran in some of the primaries and the GOP elites may claim that he is a qualified candidate.

It is beginning to look like Cruz is an Est. candidate but he isn't- John Kasich however IS...! Ted is making some very serious mistakes that ARE making him sink his own vessel...! The CORRUPT MAFIA GOP and RNC Frauds don't want Cruz any more than they want Trump! They Want a LEFT LEANING FASCIST like Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan or simply hand it over to Hillary...!!! The Left have made it ABUNDANTLY clear what their agenda is- The GOP Est. are the REAL Deceivers...! TRUMP and CRUZ should team and go over the heads of the CORRUPT GOP Est. !

Wonder how many Cruz supporters will change their minds and think Trump supporters may not be stupid after all?

Who ever heard of such a disconnected campaign election? Everyone expects to be president no matter how the voters feel. The whole GOP party is fighting against itself!! What is wrong with them? They want this one world government so bad that they would lay down and die? May God grant their wish if that's the case.

The GOP and RNC are NOW  LEFTIES...!!! They have been bought off and Replaced by Lefties  disguised as Righties...!!! THE NEW WORLD ORDER HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN...! 





Political Cartoons by Ken CatalinoPolitical Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


TRUMP:  Trump To Give ‘Start Your Engines’ Command At Dayton

President Donald Trump will give the command for drivers to start their engines before the Daytona 500.

Daytona International Speedway officials named Trump the grand marshal for NASCAR’s season opener, meaning he will deliver the most famous four words in auto racing. “Gentleman, start your engines,” has been a staple of races around the country and world for decades.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said Thursday the president plans to attend the race. Track president Chip Wile confirmed the news in a release.

“Daytona International Speedway has been privileged to have hosted several sitting presidents of the United States over our history,” Wile said. “We’re honored that the president of the United States has chosen to experience the pageantry and excitement of ‘The Great American Race.’”

Trump is the third sitting president to attend a race at Daytona, but only the second to attend the Daytona 500. George W. Bush attended in 2004. Trump is the first to be given an honorary role in pre-race ceremonies.

Trump is scheduled to spend part of the Presidents Day weekend at his private club in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a flight restriction for Sunday and the U.S. Secret Service, which is responsible for presidential security, also tweeted to fans that drones are prohibited within 30 miles of the race in Daytona Beach — a restriction put in place for presidential visits.

Trump has hosted previous NASCAR champions at the White House and last October awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to motorsports titan Roger Penske. Last year, Trump also praised retired driver Mario Andretti, the Daytona 500 winner in 1967, reminiscing about a ride Andretti gave him in a race car for his reality show “The Apprentice.”

“I said, ‘Mario, get me out of here. I want to get out of this car,’” Trump recalled. “We went so fast. We literally — we covered four blocks in like a second.”

Tucker: Elizabeth Warren's campaign on its last legs

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