Teacher: I Don’t Teach Shakespeare Because He’s White

The Washington Post has published a guest article by a California teacher arguing that American high school students shouldn’t read Shakespeare because he’s a dead, white man.

Dana Dusbiber, who teaches English in Sacramento, says she avoids Hamlet and all the rest because her minority students shouldn’t be expected to study a “a long-dead, British guy” (Dusbiber herself is white). And while Shakespeare is widely regarded as the premier writer of the English language, able to timelessly portray themes central to the human experience, Dusbiber says he only is regarded that way because “some white people” ordained it and he can easily be replaced.

“Why not teach the oral tradition out of Africa, which includes an equally relevant commentary on human behavior?” She suggests. “Why not teach translations of early writings or oral storytelling from Latin America or Southeast Asia other parts of the world? Many, many of our students come from these languages and traditions … perhaps we no longer have the time to study the Western canon that so many of us know and hold dear.”

To bolster her case for dumping the Bard, Dusbiber says that minority students, like those who dominate her own classroom, deserve to study their own cultures rather than being exposed to “Eurocentrism.” But at the same time, she takes the exact opposite position for whites, saying school should be a place for them to explore cultures other than their own.

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Well that is fine for her to think that but as a employee she needs to follow the agenda.  Fire her sorry A_s

This Communist Bitch is why our children come out of high school with a twisted view of the world and the roll that America has played to save the world from Communism, if this way of life is so wonderful why is it that Bitch still here ? if this is not discrimination then what is it ?

then if she were a history teacher then she would avoid all references to Obama for his mama is white


She's obviously too mentally ill to be teaching, especially young students.

Worthless trash that she is 

This view is ideological and based upon ignorance. I lived and worked at universities in the Caribbean, Africa and the Pacific Rim for years and they all taught Shakespeare for the simple and obvious reason that it is great literature. African writers themselves acknowledge that fact. 

These culture that she speaks of have contributed nothing to the world just look at their petty societies of which are all third world countries with barely indoor plumbing. The British straddled the world at one time and for that reason it is the most spoken language. The nation of Europe were the creators of most of the nations that exist in the world ,so these third world nations owe their very existence to the nations of Europe.

That is going a bit too far. Obviously, there are enduring classics in Spanish such as Cervantes, Don Quixote, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude, As far as African literature is concerned, however, there are no generally acknowledged classic works of fiction. There was a British publisher called Heinemann, that established the African Writer's Series (AWS) in 1962 and published 250 works mostly by "black" African writers. Initially, they refused to publish the works of "white" Africans thus exposing the claim for the universality of "African literature." The purpose of the series was to counter the so-called European bias in the schools of newly independent African countries. While they produced a handful of popular books such as Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart and Wole Soyinka's The Years of Childhood, ironically, they were written in English and no one now pretends to compare them with Shakespeare. Heinemann has since gone out of business purchased by the University of Leiden's African Studies Center in The Netherlands. 

I guess it's the curriculum according to a liberal.  What writers would she teach with an all-white class?  Get her out of there - move her in with the Bill Ayers types. She's exposing the student to "Ethnocentrism".

One must understand that the teacher's comments are based largely upon the so-called "core curriculum" or politically correct teaching doctrine that is supported by the Democrat Party that for the most part controlled Congress since the 1930s and Department of Education (established in 1971) and many boards of education throughout the country. It has its origins in the civil rights and anti-Vietnam war protest of the 1960s but has fully blossomed with gender equality and gay rights under the aegis of the Obama administration. Not to be outdone, however, the Republican Party leadership also supports common core. Jeb Bush, for example, defends it. It is only the Texas board of education that has openly opposed it.

She and Obama are lovers I guess.




Romney Handed Shock
Defeat By Own State’s GOP

Mitt Romney is back in state politics, this time in Utah instead of Massachusetts. However, conservatives in The Beehive State aren’t exactly warming up to the 2012 Republican standard-bearer quite the way many people expected they would.

After finishing second in votes at the state GOP convention, Romney will now face a primary in his run for the Senate seat being vacated by Orrin Hatch, Fox News reported.

At the convention in West Valley City on Saturday, Romney polled just behind state lawmaker Mike Kennedy.

Kennedy captured 50.18 percent of the delegate vote compared to Romney’s 49.12 percent.

That means the two will face off in a primary on June 26 to determine who will represent the GOP this fall.

Romney, the first Mormon to head a major party ticket, is considered an extremely popular figure in Utah and was widely expected to have an easy path to the upper chamber.

In a hypothetical matchup with Democrat Jenny Wilson, at least one poll showed Romney up by 46 percent. That’s, uh, slightly more than the margin of error.

However, among party loyalists, Romney isn’t exactly viewed with unalloyed fondness.

The 2012 presidential nominee was always known for being decidedly moderate, particularly on issues of immigration and global trade. There was also the fact that he ran a campaign so bumbling that it almost made Michael Dukakis look good.

And then there was Romney’s war of words with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, which likely led many to perceive he secretly wished Hillary Clinton would take the Oval Office.

Trump would later consider Romney as a secretary of state pick, although how serious the president-elect was about appointing him is something we’ll likely never know.

While your average Utah Republican is unlikely to let these slights affect their vote, hardcore party activists probably don’t want another RINO who isn’t exactly known for his rapport with the president in the upper chamber of Congress, no matter how famous he may be.

For his part, Romney tried to put a good spin on the humiliation.

“I’m delighted with the outcome. Did very, very well,” he told KSTU. “On to a good, important primary ahead. This is terrific for the people of Utah.”

Dude, you just lost to a guy nobody has ever heard of. However, Kennedy was happy with the results, and unlike Romney, he had good reason to be.

“I’m a candidate with a compelling life story and a unique set of life circumstances I’d like to use to serve the people of Utah,” Kennedy said.

I have no idea what that story or those circumstances are, but I think the key point here is that he’s not Mitt Romney. If he wants to win, that’s pretty much what he should be focusing on. I can see the billboards now. “Mike Kennedy: Not Mitt Romney.” “Mike Kennedy: He didn’t borrow Ward Cleaver’s haircut.” “Mike Kennedy: Because Utah deserves a senator whose favorite food isn’t buttered noodles.”

Utah’s electorate tends to be less conservative than convention-goers, so it’s unlikely that Romney won’t be the GOP nominee for Senate. However, that’s not a 100 percent certainty — and it wouldn’t be the first time he’s lost to a Kennedy.

What do you think?


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