As he struts out of the same door whose glass he mistakenly ran into in 2009, Pretend President Barack Hussein Obama is trying to take credit for being “The Father of the Tea Party”.

“Stop, thief, Stop!” and hear the gales of laughter your 11th-hour claim has unleashed across the fruited plains.

This ‘Father of Abysmally Failed U.S. Marxism’, kissin’ cousin to unrepentant domestic terrorist Billy Ayers, Ace in the Hole for rampaging Islamic terrorists, Hillary Clinton’s election stalled Queen Maker, and Valerie Jarrett protegé,  will be duly history-anointed as the ‘Big Daddy of Racial Discord’.

Save for the signature “ums”, “ers” and “ahs” when being showcased by ABC Correspondent George Stephanopoulos, we would have thought he was just kidding.

“I’m the Father of the Tea Party,” the same president, who allowed the term “tea baggers” for TP members and on whose watch the IRS was sicced on the Tea Party, crowed. A dramatic change from his hissy fit back on Sept. 12, 2009 when he flew over the heads of millions of protesters in Washington, D.C., trying desperately to make it seem they weren’t really there.

“As he left Washington this morning aboard the Marine One helicopter, President Obama flew over the crowds forming near the Capitol. But as the protests continued, President Obama’s own rally was already under way in Minneapolis.” (ABC News, Sept. 12, 2009).

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like hell he is


Hey flush the toilet on POS ),( 

he has got to be out his freaking mind



of course he is the "father" of the Tea Party. That is how he qualifies for the "Distinguished Public Service" medal so recently awarded to him.


In  a sense he is more like a Godfather of the Tea Party. He made so many bad offers we had to refuse.

grassroots of R party...

TeaParty should have NEVER embraced that label. What a huge mistake, doomed itself to fade away into being no more than merely a faction of the republicans.

On the other hand if the Tea Party did not vote with the Republicans, Hillary Clinton would be moving into the WH again on 20 Jan

voting against Hillary and embracing the label republican are two far different things.

TeaParty lowering it's goals to participating only in the election politics arena, and then embracing only one - either of the establishment party labels, lowered itself into being nothing exceptional at all. Merely a faction of the same ole same ole b.s. of relying only on election politics and politicians to provide solutions, which has proven well throughout history just does NOT happen.

NOTHING has worked for you in this office, weasel!  You are damn sure NOT the TEA PARTY's "Daddy".  Go ask Rick Santelli about that!!!  And he STILL can't say who he is in ONE SENTENCE!!!  Follow the d a m n rules!!!  Useless N****R thinks his admin was "scandal free", and race relations are BETTER NOW than 8 years ago!!!  Even Stephanopoulos almost choked on THAT one.

Marxist ideology and rules for Radicals... use tactics which coopt the enemies policies and success ... too, assume them as their own... of course with a liberal twist.  The left will never engage defeat... they simply retell the story with them emerging as victors... Even when the evidence screams defeat.



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