Tea Party to Mitch McConnell: 'You Cannot Win Without Us'


A major GOP donor who told Breitbart News Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made disparaging remarks about the Tea Party movement and about Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) continues to stand by his original story after claims that the reports were not accurate.

This individual reported that on the Oct. 30 fundraising call American Crossroads’ Karl Rove and Steven J. Law held with McConnell, “McConnell specifically talked about Mike Lee by name, specifically talked about Ted Cruz by name, and he specifically talked about the Tea Party by name,” the donor told Breitbart News in response to a story Rove’s and McConnell’s teams have purported shows otherwise.

“McConnell did tie it all together with the Senate Conservatives Fund with which McConnell had a major problem,” the donor said. “The Senate Conservatives Fund was just one part of a broader attack.”

Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kremer said it does not matter whether those "bullies" and "punch them in the nose" remarks McConnell made on the call were specifically aimed at Senate Conservatives Fund or whether they were general to the grassroots movement; the conclusion Tea Partiers should take away is the same.

“An attack on SCF or any Tea Party organization or Ted Cruz or Mike Lee is an attack on all of us,” Kremer said in a phone interview Friday afternoon. 

This is nothing new. They continue to attack us and I don’t understand why when Harry Reid just invoked the nuclear option yesterday and Obamacare is crumbling at the seams and we should have them on the run. Why are they now attacking the Tea Party movement? They need to remember that John Boehner and the Republicans would not be in control of the House if it weren’t for the Tea Party movement and the conservative grassroots movement. I know that Leader McConnell is up for re-election but the Tea Party movement is strong in his state. There is already a Tea Party Senator in the state of Kentucky that defeated the establishment candidate in the primary. So it’s silly to go and attack Tea Partiers and conservative grassroots because they’ve already proven themselves strongly there in the state of Kentucky as well as the state of Texas and other places across the country. You cannot win without us. To continue to attack us is like, it’s just ridiculous. At the end of the day, we all know what it’s about: It’s about power, control and money. It’s what makes Washington tick. The grassroots outside is having a huge influence in them losing them, and we all know that Washington doesn’t like to lose control.

Tea Party Patriots national coordinator Jenny Beth Martin concurs. 

“Why would Senator Mitch McConnell want to ‘punch in the nose’ the millions of patriotic moms, grandmoms and veterans who stand up for America through the Tea Party and groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund?” Martin said in an emailed statement to Breitbart News. "The people supporting SCF are the same people going to Tea Party meetings and rallies across the country. We elect our representatives to represent us, not to threaten us with physical violence during secret meetings with Karl Rove’s friends."


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Mitch McConnell is a Democrat wearing Republican clothing.  He in no way represents Conservatism.  He talks a good show, but that's all he does...talk, talk, talk, and then gives in to the Democrats.  As with Obama, don't listed to what he says....watch what he does.

Old Mitch McConnell is nothing but a loud mouth RINO who has voted more times with the Socialist (Oops, Democrats) in the Senate. Oh sure, he does vote with his state when ever he needs to show that he's there to help them (Big Money Unions).

US  COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam, '68-'69; 228th Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Recon 'Scout'  (19D30) Section Leader.

May the Great Spirit watch over you and yours and guide you through all eternity.

What surprises me is that he's from Tennessee. I worked in that state for years and all I found were simple hard working conservatives. Where DID they dig this fossil up??

Republicrats are in cahoots and working desperately to kill off the tea party.

The republicrats and democans are one in the same.

Tea party is not welcome in their kingdom.

Tea party needs to stand strong and return stronger than they were in 2009/2010.

Kentucky, it's your job , now do it.

The problem is that those like Mitch McConnell and McCain are not Republican in the conservative way. They are closer to where the Democrats are. Corrupt and self serving. If they want to win and/or keep their jobs they should not attack the ones that got them a House majority. Tea Party members are patriots. Since when is that radical? If these GOP lifers don't get in step with the grassroots of their party they will once again be the cause for them losing. What McConnell has said makes no sense. Instead of fighting for the people and against a communist Democrat Party, they fight their own Party. It is time for them to step down and let those that have the stomach for this fight do the fighting.

We are in deep trouble with a communist establishment regime elite ruling political class Democrat party ruling with a strong hand. The Ruling Team of Harry Reid the primary ruling kingpin pulling out the stops of evil steps and decisions and Nancy Pelosi in the news supporting Harry, with Barack Hussein Obama passing his laws with no participation by the congress. A single establishment ruling class Democrat ruling party making the decisions and passing the laws without participation by the other branches of the Federal Government. The United States is finished and will collapse due to the Excessive Democrat Spending and Debt. The other big problem is the Republicans are sitting on the side line watching what is happening waiting for a miracle to save them from extinction. They allow or support the bad policies of the Communist Regime thinking they will then allow them to be re-elected. This is easily the best example of why we need term limits to thin out the Establishment Elite Ruling Political Class in the Federal Government in Washington. Oldies are hanging on by being a part of the Elite Ruling Class, People like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Harry Reid, Kevin McCarthy, Nancy Pelosis, Lindsey Graham, Steny Hoyer, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Charlie Rangel, Debbie Schultz, Susan Collins, Elizabeth Warren, Carl Levin, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Al Franken, Claire McCaskill, Benard Sanders, Patrick Leahy, Orrin Hatch, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer.... this group has either been in Power in the Establishment so long they think they own you and your hard earned money or they are so far entrenched in the Socialist Marxist Communist redistribute your wealth to gain votes they will destroy what has made the United States Great and you to remain in office. They have reached a point where they no longer are slowly destroying the Nation but now have switched into high gear and are quickly adding debt and unfunded commitments. They have added over 50% more debt in the last 5 years, the largest debt increase in the history of the world. And the world is suffering because of this unbelievable debt that may never be repaid as it collapses the United States Economy. We must have Term limits and the American people must wake up and pay attention to what is going on and vote these people out of office and others. We will no longer survive these gross errors in governing and theft of the people's money through neglect, ignorance and greed. Communism failed because centralized economic planning doesn't work, yet central banks are assuming increasingly greater roles in planning on the pretext of a mandate for full employment, a mandate they are totally incapable of fulfilling.
Harry Reid has decided he wants to rule from the Senate even more than he has the past 5 years and has passed a rule to allow him to pass anything he wants to pass. And Mitch McConnell says "OK", but when he gets back in power he will change it back and not use the same power to correct the mess Harry is making but will live with it, or make us live with it. What is wrong with these guys..... They just allow the Democrats to destroy our Nation and already are saying when we get back in power we will allow the mess to continue we don't want to fix it. They have to much money, been in office to long, to much power, afraid they will lose their job, and the best wines and lobsters at their favorite best Restaurant in Washington, DC every night as part of the pay off from the lobbyist. We need to make some changes and have a government that will serve the people not themselves or we will be better off moving to China.....
  Socialist Marxist Communist governments have always failed and ended badly and if the American people do not put a stop to the biggest liars in the world soon this one will end badly and you will be the loser.
We must stop ObamaCare, it is the vehicle Obama will use to control the American people and take their money. It will bankrupt the United States very quickly and health care for the common man will be extinct, but the elite political ruling class will keep their lavish healthcare! Get involved and watch several news programs to find the truth. The Main Stream Media is part of the Obama regime and you will not learn much watching ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, PBS. They pride themselves in being Obama's mouth piece and receive their talking points from Harry Reid and Obama every morning. Send your Congressmen one or two letters per week.
It is time to establish the Tea Party and run our candidates against both the Communist Ruling Class and the Stay in Office and hold on Republicans. Put candidates in office that will work for the American People. It is time for them to give the Tea Party Respect when they lose their job and give it to someone that will stop the Lobbyist and Main Stream Media from running the country and Spending and Taxing the Country to extinction. 

 primary him out.. we should also have some people primary out some democrat senators and really disrupt both parties 

I would love to primary out Feinstein in CA. Don't know if it's possible. Give it our best shot though.

Please do.

John Stewart, God ordains everything.  It's all part of His plan.  He has the reason as to why everything happens.  I believe that God has orchestrated the fall of the demoncatic party with the recent moves we've seen with health care and the new Senate rules.  They have shot themselves in the foot and don't even realize it yet.  Once the conservatives take control of the senate in 2014 what do you think is going to happen to the demoncat's agenda?!  IMHO

God is God for a reason...

I really hope you're right but there are still going to be RINO's oiut there that could still bring down conservatism.




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