WASHINGTON — Senator Charles E. Schumer on Thursday called on Democrats to try to reduce the Tea Party’s political influence by driving a wedge between the movement’s elite leaders and its middle-income followers who depend on popular government programs like Medicare.

In a speech to the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund, Mr. Schumer, a New York Democrat who is highly regarded as a party political strategist, said Democrats have been slow to counter what he acknowledged was an effective antigovernment message by the Tea Party.


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The one thing I get from Schumer's attack on the Tea Party is that the Tea Party is doing something right, and it has most Democrats scared.  Otherwise, why would Schumer pull such a tired old trick out of the closet? 

Winona.......in answer to your question: ''why would Schumer pull such a tired old trick out of the closet?"........because he's targeting the low-informed, who have no clue of the Constitution...which means they aren't capable of realizing we're loosing our freedoms; Chuckie knows that fact....so he resorts to lies and name calling. Considering Cuomo's recent message to all conservatives to leave NY....Chuckie boy is riding on that message. We need to counter that and call his bluff...with the truth of what's really happening. 

You got that one right!  If we are pissing em off and intimidating the eff outta them, then we are on the right track!  Unity, we need to have unity to battle this Beast that has taken dc!

Long live the TEA PARTY...

My dad always said "Where you have a liar, you have a thief. They are one in the same." I wonder how The the Chuckster's bank account looks before office till now?

Hey wimp face it is all about small gov and not what you dumicrats want as directed by the Muslim Maggot

Shummer is just another piece of dog crap that is laying around on the sidewalk in dc, waiting for someone to come along and step in it!

You can call us names , You can throw sticks and stones.. But that only makes us stronger. We are here to stay and will get our country back !

Those who have taken our country down the wrong path will soon only be memories.   UNITED WE STAND   

Hey that is an insult to the real Three Stooges. The three stooges were not Thieves ,Liars and Anti Americans,or Muslims.

the three stooges was smarter than this bunch

Hey Chuckie......don't suppose you remember this quote: ...."In this present crisis, government is NOT the solution to our problem; government IS the problem". ~Ronald Reagan.  Rest assured, Chuckie, we intend to spread that message far and wide......Heck....we'll even connect and expose the absurd content of your message to the actual fact in the quote.




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