4/19 Tax Day protests: Anti-Trump marches planned nationwide to demand tax returns

President tells Bartiromo GOP still working on plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare

Democratic lawmakers and liberal activists plan to ring in Tax Day with nationwide protests this weekend meant to pressure President Trump to release his tax returns -- with organizers hoping for the biggest anti-Trump showing since January's Women's March.

On Saturday, thousands are expected to attend 'Tax Marches' in approximately 150 cities, including several affiliated events overseas.

“Whether people support him or not, [releasing his tax returns] is something that people think he should do. I think there is a chance something like this could move him,” said Lisa Gilbert, vice president of legislative affairs at Public Citizen, one of the groups organizing the marches.

The president's supporters, however, see the marches -- and the persistent tax return focus -- as a waste of time.

In Colorado Springs, Trump backers plan to hold a counter-protest on Saturday. For them, what is in Trump's tax returns pales in comparison to what could be in his tax plan.

"Their whole message is they want to see the president's tax returns. I care far more about his policy than his tax returns," Trevor Dierdorff, El Paso County Republican Party chairman, told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Rep. Jim Renacci, R-Ohio, said during a recent House Ways and Means Committee hearing that the pressure on Trump to release his returns is a "political mission," arguing the kind of bombshells Democrats are seeking wouldn't even be in such documents.

The protests, if nothing else, could make for a rowdy scene in cities across the country, reminiscent of the Women's March on inauguration weekend.

As many as 25,000 are expected to attend the rally in Washington, D.C. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Reps. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and Jamie Raskin, D-Md., will be among the speakers.

Two of the largest events are expected in Seattle, site of the World Trade Organization protests of the 1990s. In addition to the expected 25,000 marching in “Tax March Seattle,” as many as 7,000 Black Lives Matter activists plan to come out for their own rally focusing on Trump's tax returns.

There also is a protest planned in front of Trump Plaza in West Palm Beach, Fla. The protest will move to Bingham Island, directly adjacent to the Mar-a-Lago resort where Trump is staying for the weekend. According to their Facebook page, about 1,000 are expected to attend.

While organic in nature, the marches are being organized under the umbrella of several liberal activists. The partnering labor unions and activist groups range from the well-known -- MoveOn.org and Common Cause -- to more obscure players like the Endangered Species Coalition.


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Police Ordered to Stand Down in Berkeley, Left Trump Supporters Out for The Leftist Wolves

By Andrew West April 16, 2017 Constitution.com


Our great nation has been sporting an ugly black eye for the better part of a year, as leftist agitators continue to run amok in our streets.

In November, Americans sent a crystal clear message to Washington D.C., in which the voting populace turned down the thought of a third term for Barack Obama disguised as Hillary Clinton, and they sent the corrupt career criminal packing back to her mansion in Upstate NY.  Instead, the voters of this country declared that Donald J. Trump would become President, not only for his insistence on “draining the swamp” that is Washington D.C., but also so that he could keep his promise to restore law and order to our nation.

While President Trump has been off to a mind-numbingly swift start in the Oval Office, the left and their lunatic cronies have refused to accept the will of We The People.  Instead of rallying behind our chosen President and working to achieve the goals that he has set forth, these angry leftists have formed mobs, started riots, and incited violence every step of the way.  Now, in a bizarre twist, it seems that the latest clash between angry leftists and the Americans who they despise was allowed to go on without police intervention.  While officers stood idly by, these patriotic Americans were harassed, assaulted, and battered by liberal mobs in Berkeley, California.

“There were numerous reports from those on the scene that Berkeley police largely stayed back as Antifa agitators took pot shots at Donald Trump supporters on Saturday.

“’As the violence escalated police in Berkeley stood down and retreated from the crowds,’ reporter Tim Pool tweeted.

“Mother Jones reporter Shane Bauer saw two officers at a patrol car, not engaged in protecting citizens from violence.

“’Hey, how come you guys are hanging back?’ he asked an officer standing in an open door of the car and another sat in the back seat.

“’That would be a question for the chief of police,’ an officer sitting in the driver’s seat responded.

“’You want a public statement, right?’ the standing officer asked the reporter.

“’I would refer you to our public information officer.’”

As we move closer toward anarchy at the hands of these democratically owned and operated tools, it is disturbing and disgusting to see personal political opinions put the lives of American citizens in danger.  For whatever reason, these police officers were told to stand down and allow this barbaric leftist attack to continue.  As more and more Trump supporters were assaulted, those who have sworn to protect us stood idly by on orders from someone high up in their food chain.

It is despicable to think that, in America, a chief of police could sink so low.  Of course, this did occur in California, a state that is so vehemently anti-conservative that they have threatened to secede from the nation altogether in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency.

do you always use the POTUS' tax returns for your changes on taxes?

Be careful what you wish for, a lot of us wonder how you can do 200k jobs year after year and yet be worth worth millions in 5-6 years.

Maybe the law should be amended to apply to every elected official city, county, state and federal. We could probably have some FUN with that

Yep, .........that's why I view them as criminals.

When Congress is willing to show US their tax returns and make them public  , , , , but We all know that is not going to happen     :) 

What Is Antifa? Anti-Fascist Group Behind Violent Berkeley Protest Against Milo Yiannopoulos

It was the same anti-fascist movement that was behind the “Disrupt J20” protests in Washington, D.C., on the day of Trump’s inauguration, leading to injuries to police officers, who retaliated with pepper spray and stun grenades. On the same day, the man who coined the term alt-right and appeared to give a Nazi salute while celebrating Trump’s election victory, Richard Spencer, was punched in the face in a video that went viral across social media.

“Antifa combines radical left-wing and anarchist politics, revulsion at racists, sexists, homophobes, anti-Semites, and Islamophobes, with the international anti-fascist culture of taking the streets and physically confronting the brownshirts of white supremacy, whoever they may be,” Antifa NYC told The Nation last month.


Antifa Terrorists Trash Their Own City of Berkeley – TRUMP Supporters Clean Up Their Mess

Jim Hoft Apr 16th, 2017 11:02 am 101 Comments

Supporters of President Trump held a rally today in Berkeley, California.

Hundreds of far left Antifa thugs turned out to disrupt the protest and beat heads.

The police were no where in sight.

One Antifa thug insulted a wounded veteran in a wheelchair.
The leftist called the veteran “un-American.”


Start calling Antifa what they really are: radical leftist domestic terrorists. They even dress like ISIS. #Berkeley


Police Unmask Antifa Thugs – Rip Off Their Masks – at Auburn Protest, Fights Break Out (VIDEOS)

Alabama – Police officers forced far-left Antifa thugs to removes their hoodies and masks prior to entering Auburn University in protest of the guest speaker.

Antifa showed up at Auburn University to protest far-right activist, Richard Spencer who was speaking at Foy Hall. Police officers were forcing Antifa protesters to remove their masks prior to entering the University. Listen to these police officers talk to these thugs like they are 5 year olds. Hah!

A little bit of violence did break out leading to a few arrests.


VIDEO of police unmasking Antifa




BREAKING: The Hillary Clinton Investigation
Just Caught Fire


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