Strange Injury on Hillary’s Face – What is This?

hillary injury

Everyone knows Hillary isn’t healthy. Between her strange coughing attacks and the unknown man following her around with an Epi Pen, it’s plain as day that there is something wrong with her.

Not to mention when she flat out collapsed at the 9/11 memorial and had to be dragged into her van like a rag doll. Or her history of sustaining severe injuries from inexplicable falls – like when she shattered her elbow or got a blood clot in her brain from falling down.

Now, Matt Drudge noticed something very strange on Hillary’s face at her rally in New Hampshire. Do you see it?

hillary injury

What is going on here? Did she fall? Cut herself?

Here’s what Drudge thinks:

This isn’t the first time Hillary has showed up to an event with strange injuries, either.

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They are both demonic and that is for sure.

They either belong to God or to Satan, it really is that simple.


It's probably STD's from what we read and some that we know. It's a wonder they're still able to walk around.

It's her brain coming out the side of her face.

Probably due to the syphilis that Bill gave her. Heard tell that she contacted it from, "Smooth Bill!" Maybe, it was from her girlfriend?????

Perhaps she has been face planting in her garden again.  It's that time of year you know.

She tried to face plant on the streets of NYC on 9/11 but the Secret Service wouldn't let her.

BTW, my theory for her collapse on 9/11 is that she was haunted by those that fell on 9/11/12, on her watch.   

Personally, it looks like a bad makeup job to me.

Face Planting???  What is that?

@Ruth Webster,

Face planting is a slang expression for when you fall on your face. It was a joke of sorts.

Thanks.  I just had never heard that before.

Image result for face planting animation

She's now having to be sobered up at 4:00 in the afternoon, so in addition to Cocaine, now it's Booze, and if she's in this condition, plus,Heaven Only knows,  how many physical ailments they're covering up, she's not fit to be Dog Catcher.     The woman has disqualified herself as a human being.  The example of Evil walking on this Earth.  I want an intelligent, patriotic American running this ship I'm on, so get out & vote for Donald J. Trump!!!!


X Files had an episode on this, The worm crawled throughout the body, spawning more worms. Pretty soon they came out the eyes and ears. And they kept growing. Keep watching.




Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Angry Dem Impeachment ‘Witness’: Pam Karlan Donated Thousands To Hillary And Was On Clinton’s List For Potential SCOTUS Nomination

Image result for Pam Karlan

The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, kicked off its first impeachment circus Wednesday morning.

The four ‘witnesses’ testifying have never actually witnessed any of Trump’s dealings with Ukraine firsthand — the four witnesses are law professors offering legal analysis.

One of the witnesses the Dems rolled out is an angry Hillary Clinton donor who was on Crooked’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination.

No wonder why this unhinged, dowdy woman is so pissed off!

“Professor Pam Karlan donated thousands of dollars to Democrats and was on Hillary Clinton’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination. So she certainly has no vendetta against President Trump,” GOP Rep. Mark Walker said.

Congressman Walker also pointed out that Noah Feldman, the Dems first partisan witness in Wednesday’s hearing tweeted about impeaching Trump right after he was sworn in.

Rep. Mark Walker   RepMarkWalker

Meet Noah Feldman, House Democrats first partisan witness.

Look at the date of this tweet. He has been trying to get @realDonaldTrump impeached since 46 days into his presidency.

His reason? Trump criticized President Obama.

This is a sham impeachment with sham witnesses. 

Noah Feldman @NoahRFeldman

Trump's wiretap tweets raise risk of impeachment  via @BV

Rep. Mark Walker   RepMarkWalker

The next witness, Karlan, has donated thousands to Democrats and was on Hillary Clinton’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination.

So she certainly has no vendetta against @realDonaldTrump.

These witnesses are as serious as House Democrats impeachment case: not at all.

The entire sham show trial is stacked with partisan hacks who have wanted to impeach Trump from the moment he won in November of 2016.

Norm Eisen, the Democrats’ counsel who is blasting Trump and questioning witnesses in Wednesday’s show trial, tweeted about impeaching Trump before Donald Trump was even sworn into office!

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