Steve Bannon is stepping down from his role as executive chairman at Breitbart News following a backlash for comments he made about President Trump’s campaign. 

Bannon’s exit comes just days after the release of an explosive new book in which Bannon is quoted as having questioned President Trump’s mental health.

RT reports: Bannon, former White House chief strategist under President Donald Trump, had recently come under fire from defenders of the president for comments made in a salacious tell-all book released this month.

In the book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” Bannon is quoted by author Michael Wolff as calling a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between a Russian lawyer and Trump’s son and son-in-law “treasonous.”

Bannon has since apologized and walked back that statement, but not before Trump disavowed his former top adviser.

Last week, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked by the Wall Street Journal if Breitbart should distance itself from Bannon based on his quoted statements.

“I certainly think that it’s something that they should look at and consider,” she answered.

Breitbart CEO Larry Solov called Bannon, who had been executive chair since 2012, “a valued part of our legacy” on Tuesday.

“We will always be grateful for his contributions, and what he has helped us to accomplish,” he added.

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He should of kept his mouth shut.




Newsweek’s Headquarters
Raided By The NYPD

The headquarters of Newsweek was raided by the NYPD Thursday morning. Police reportedly took photos of the magazine’s servers.

New York Post reports:

About two dozen NYPD officers and investigators from the Manhattan district attorney’s office raided the offices of Newsweek and its parent company, IBT Media, on Thursday.

IBT Media was co-founded by Jonathan Davis and Etienne Uzac. The IRS placed a $1.2 million federal tax lien against Uzac in December 2017.

The agents were said to be photographing servers in the offices, but not downloading any files at the offices on 7 Hanover Square, according to sources.

Few details have emerged from the raid.

“Looking into reports that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office @ManhattanDA raided Newsweek/IBT Offices today….sources say police have been there for hours. The DA has declined to comment,” tweeted reporter Avi Asher-Schapiro.

Newsweek is also in the news Thursday after an “insider” told The Wrap editor Jon Levine that the magazine has abandoned journalism for “rage clicks,” in the Trump-era.

“Newsweek was once a premiere media organization and an incredible springboard for young journalists hoping to grow a name for themselves,” the source told Levine.

“The company culture has turned the newsroom into a toxic work environment, while the publication has descended into a content farm for last-resort clickbait,” the source added.


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