As I have said since the Egyptian Revolution, the United States supports a set of core principles, including opposition to violence, protection of universal human rights, and reform that meets the legitimate aspirations of the people.  The United States does not support particular individuals or political parties, but we are committed to the democratic process and respect for the rule of law.  Since the current unrest in Egypt began, we have called on all parties to work together to address the legitimate grievances of the Egyptian people, in accordance with the democratic process, and without recourse to violence or the use of force. 

The United States is monitoring the very fluid situation in Egypt, and we believe that ultimately the future of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people. Nevertheless, we are deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove President Morsy and suspend the Egyptian constitution. I now call on the Egyptian military to move quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to a democratically elected civilian government as soon as possible through an inclusive and transparent process, and to avoid any arbitrary arrests of President Morsy and his supporters. Given today’s developments, I have also directed the relevant departments and agencies to review the implications under U.S. law for our assistance to the Government of Egypt. 

The United States continues to believe firmly that the best foundation for lasting stability in Egypt is a democratic political order with participation from all sides and all political parties —secular and religious, civilian and military. During this uncertain period, we expect the military to ensure that the rights of all Egyptian men and women are protected, including the right to peaceful assembly, due process, and free and fair trials in civilian courts.  Moreover, the goal of any political process should be a government that respects the rights of all people, majority and minority; that institutionalizes the checks and balances upon which democracy depends; and that places the interests of the people above party or faction. The voices of all those who have protested peacefully must be heard – including those who welcomed today’s developments, and those who have supported President Morsy. In the interim, I urge all sides to avoid violence and come together to ensure the lasting restoration of Egypt’s democracy. 

No transition to democracy comes without difficulty, but in the end it must stay true to the will of the people. An honest, capable and representative government is what ordinary Egyptians seek and what they deserve. The longstanding partnership between the United States and Egypt is based on shared interests and values, and we will continue to work with the Egyptian people to ensure that Egypt’s transition to democracy succeeds.

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"called on all parties to work together to address the legitimate grievances of the Egyptian people, in accordance with the democratic process, and without recourse to violence or the use of force. "

Oh, that's what the f-15's are for.

Do not forget the tanks! Obama is an habitual liar that no other elected official has ever been this bad in any of our politics! He is a Hollywood showman, with no honor or integrity that the Liberal media supports without shame! It surely means the Liberal media, also has no honor or real integrity!

and please don't forget the 140,000 tear gas canisters he just sent to Morsi's administration. Hmmmm not taking sides???

Here's what the Egyptian military had to say:  -  6:16 PM – 07/ 3/2013Full Text Of Egyptian Military Chief Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's Statement Announcing Morsi's Ouster:

"The armed forces couldn't plug its ears or close its eyes as the movement and demands of the masses calling for them to play a national role, not a political role as the armed forces themselves will be the first to proclaim that they will stay away from politics.

The armed forces sensed – given their sharp vision – that the people sought their support, not power or rule but for general services and necessary protection of the demands of the revolution. This is the message that the armed forces received from all over urban Egypt, its cities, and its villages; it (the military) recognized the invitation, understood its intentions, appreciated its necessity and got closer to the national scene hoping, willing and abiding by all limits of duty, responsibility and honesty."

Seems like the People there fell for a line of s..t just a pepople here did.  And when they had had enough, they appealed to the Military, who granted at least temporary relief.  How about here?  And ours?

My favorite segment:  " that institutionalizes the checks and balances upon which democracy depends; and that places the interests of the people above party or faction."....   with his admin ignoring our constitution, refusing to prosecute minorities, refusing to arrest and deport illegals... yea.. he has a lot of room to talk... He's just pissed the Brotherhood was removed from office. 

It's that "spay-shul"...It might be nice if that jugeared megalomaniac was 1/2 as willing to work with the American people--or at least Congress.

He's right on top of Egypt, but American citizens who had their rights trampled by his administration are still waiting for the "investigation."...

I can't understand how he got away with that statement about "stand with muslims"... if people are willing to say "he didn't mean it," why believe ANYTHING he says? He they think he did, why believe he'd uphold the Constitution which s an anathema to his vaunted sharia law?  -- he's no more than a narcissistic jerk!

How he got away with it? Liberal media supports the lies of this President. Whatever he does, including reputable charges of treason, they refuse to honor their reporters oath as Obama refuses to honor his support of our rights and his oath!

It is called blackmail. Probably has something on all of them especially the head of the media outlets. Just like he does on Roberts, congress etc etc.


"Liberal media supports the lies of this President."

Or does it?  Granted, they are a bunch of milquetoasts, but what if they have been given the ultimatum:  Print what WE SAY TO PRINT, or your paper will be turned over to someone who will.  Same thing with network radio.  There are DOZENS of networks, many of which follow the 'party line' to a fault.  As many as there are, they are easy to control.  Most are on one channel of one 'C Band' satellite, and all are controled by FCC.  (Federal Communications Commission)  Their uplink licenses can be pulled in a heartbeat.

What made me think of this is the complaint of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Their printer has refused to continue printing their paper since the ouster.  They claim it's illegal.  Could it be that the 'brotherhood' had a gun to the heads of the printers?  (Figuatively, of course)




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Political Cartoons by Pat Cross


New York's Green Light Law - Allows Illegal Aliens To Get Driver’s Licenses

New York passed a law to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses earlier this year but it was held up by challenges.

Now it is set to take effect this week.

In typical leftist fashion, supporters claim this is going to somehow make New York’s roads safer for everyone.

Could it really be about voting?

FOX News reports:

Illegal immigrants to be able to get driver’s licenses in NY after legal challenge fails.

Illegal immigrants in New York will able to obtain driver’s licenses starting next week after a last-minute legal challenge was dismissed — making it the 13th state to allow the practice, but one that critics say is unconstitutional.

The Green Light Law, signed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this year, allows anyone to apply for a driver’s license regardless of immigration status and does not require a Social Security number.

Illegal immigrants can use a combination of documents that include a valid passport from a foreign country and a valid foreign driver’s license, as long as it has been expired for less than two years.

“After waiting 18 years to have their right to drive restored, thanks to our legislature, New York can now officially join 12 other states in making driver’s licenses legally available to all residents,” New York Immigration Coalition Executive Director Steve Choi said in a statement this week, arguing that it will make roads safer and the economy stronger.

County clerks in New York have concerns and are sounding an alarm.

CBS News in Albany reports:

County clerks concerned by loopholes in Green Light law.

Undocumented immigrants now have the green light to get a driver’s license in New York…but several county clerks in the Capital Region are concerned.

Saratoga County Clerk Craig Hayner said, “We found that everything we were concerned about as far as fraud and all sorts of other things are in that bill, in that regulation and we’re very concerned.”

Hayner tells CBS6’s Lynsey Smith there are a few loopholes in the Green Light Law.

Loopholes, such as a person coming in to get their license and not having to provide their social security number.

“That could lead to criminals coming from other states, coming in and use that as a way to defraud by just simply saying they don’t have a social security number…and that’s a very dangerous loophole,” replied Hayner.

Does anyone believe this is going to make New York safer or that this is really about driving?

Delusional Democrats

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